They have made something together now, and these two personality creatures seem to help each other develop.

The Ankylosaurus, however, has made a shining ship in the past few hundred years, but it has caused various problems because of the adaptation of the law to the land environment
In addition, the screams of Ankylosaurus echoed, and some Ankylosaurus were forced to the depths of the cabin by the skeleton dragons, but they were smarter …
"hey!" As soon as an Ankylosaurus stepped on the ground, the wall around them suddenly hit, and the scenery outside appeared after hitting the wall.
"Wow!" Several Ankylosaurus immediately jumped out of the wall and fled to the port without looking back after landing.
The captured ship, Ankylosaurus, gave up their own ship. Lin felt that this kind of trip was very bad because they gave the ship to each other.
And not only pygmy skeleton dragons will be interested in the various structures of the ship
However, Ankylosaurus didn’t fail completely. There were more than a dozen ships coming here, and the skeleton dragon attacked the first three ships, and more than a dozen ships behind it had planned to fight back.
"Ga …" An Ankylosaurus looked at the bow of the boat, which was full of gnomes, and then looked at the sky.
"Ga-ah!" Suddenly, it raised its weapon to the sky and shook it from time to time to make the silver weapon shine.
At the moment when the weapon shone, there was a boom on the deck behind it. Two silver metal plates slowly made a wonderful device and rose from it.
This device looks like a ballista with a metal stick about one meter long in it, but in front of the stick is a ball instead of a sharp arrow.
The ballista slowly raised its head and aimed at the middle school.
Bang!’ Weird’ arrows’ landed on the deck of the opposite ship in the form of projectiles. At the moment when the round head hit the deck, a large number of sharp fragments exploded out, and all the dwarfs around them suffered waves. They were pierced by such fragments …
"Wow!" When the gnomes screamed in panic, more crossbows and Ankylosaurus appeared on the deck. They used these devices to launch a fierce attack on the ship ahead, which would explode and the arrows would continue to bombard the three occupied silver ships.
This kind of explosive is not the usual explosive. It seems that it can make other impact fragments hurt the surrounding targets, which has a quite good effect on smaller dwarfs, and even skeleton dragons are hard to avoid.
The bombardment continued, and a large number of dwarfs jumped out of the boat. They landed plants and quickly climbed the surrounding pillars that went straight to Akashi Island.
"They’re crawling!" When Ankylosaurus saw the dwarf, he immediately aimed the crossbow at those columns, but before they were launched …
A wooden claw grabbed the edge of the deck.
"Ga?" Ankylosaurus looked at the deck in amazement and saw a tree clinging to the edge of the deck and climbing from the side of the ship.
A silver ankylosaurus was frightened by this sight. It quickly pulled the giant crossbow machine, and a crossbow suddenly hit the tree.
"Hey?" The tree was slightly shaken-its bark was slightly scratched by several pieces.
But when he raised his hand high and hit hard …
A relatively close to the silver Ankylosaurus was instantly flattened on the deck.
This tree is strong and quite hard, and there is more than one Ankylosaurus. They found that there are more trees coming towards these ships around …
At the same time, gnomes and skeleton dragons also climbed back to the island again and’ attacked’ the Ankylosaurus from the sky. All ships were attacked by them.
The Ankylosaurus invasion seems to be coming to an end …
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Send thoughts
Silver light didn’t shine for long …
It’s been more than ten days and nights since Ankylosaurus invaded the northern mainland. There is no sign of them in this continent except for those bodies and a few prisoners …
The attack of Emerald Dragon and Skeleton Dragon drove them out of this continent. Most of the Ankylosaurus returned to the ship and retreated to the ocean, but they didn’t go too far, but stayed near the sea as if waiting for the shore at any time.
Jade Dragon Port keeps a constant watch on them, and a’ Raider Base’ has been established near the port, which is actually a pterosaur nest to ensure that it can attack each other at any time.
Lin found that they didn’t want to leave yet, and maybe they needed a further blow to escape back to their’ guides’.
And for dragons here, the most important thing is what the silver ankylosaurus left behind …
"What the hell is this?" Researchers who came from the city to the Emerald Dragon first studied the armor exhibition of the Silver Ankylosaurus, but like Lin, they had never seen this material.
But it’s not that Emerald Dragons can’t make metal. At present, they have some metal products. They know how to make high temperature dissolve and make some things, but it’s not very common. They prefer wood or stone.
But this kind of thing can enlighten the Jade Dragon in some way, right?
The same is true of skeleton dragons, which have no special researchers, but they are still interested in all kinds of strange things. Now there are many skeleton dragons abandoned in ships to study the internal structure
Jade Dragon also acquired several ships, which are the Karma Marsh, where the silver Ankylosaurus was killed by Jade Dragon before dismantling the ship, and some of them were captured.
Some jade dragons have the idea of taking them as slaves, while more jade dragons are made of those ship structures.
They are like skeleton dragons. Their hearts are not the material of the ship, but the inner wheel.
It is estimated that these two kinds of dragons are the first to discover that wheels can be so complicated. So far, although they can make some wheels, they have not benefited much from this kind of thing.
These inspired dragons should use this foundation to develop new things.
It’s quite interesting to watch them develop, but there is almost no practical significance. On the contrary, when various cell fungi synthesize nutrients and various substances, they can get more inspiration, including Leviathan, some virtual armor, and Lin observes the synthesis process of some biological substances and finds inspiration.
At the same time, you can also get inspiration from some fungus bodies for subtle protective shells.
The so-called fine protective shell is for the’ cell eyes’ to detect tiny particles, and it is not necessarily the shell. Sometimes, the structural changes inside can prevent those tiny particles from hitting or other situations from producing harmful radiation.
Generally speaking, it is more practical for Lin to observe the changes of cell structure in different organisms.
But even so, Lin likes to watch these dragons constantly combine new things.
Jade dragons generally rely on a few single dragons, usually expensive people. They sometimes study and make a lot of things, but their number is very small. Although they sometimes have ideas, they usually don’t have any leisure time to make hair because of the urgency of life.
Moreover, there is another problem. After some dragons send something, don’t learn it immediately, and then announce first that they sent it themselves to get the name and title.
For this, many expensive people will not disclose their own research process until the moment of release, and at the same time they have customized a new plan, that is, which dragon hair belongs to which dragon is not allowed to possess.
Skeleton dragons don’t have this problem. When a skeleton dragon finds a problem when trying to make something, it will tell other skeletons around and other skeletons will help it find a way.
Because there is no concept of looting, skeleton dragons always have a lot of thoughts, and they send things very fast.
And because there is no noble people, every skeleton dragon has the possibility of hair.