Liu Taiming shouted, "Where’s the doctor?"

Someone next to him was sweating. "The director has already left. It will take at least 20 minutes to get here because of the bad road conditions."
"What do you do to eat? Let the traffic police team immediately arrange a car for me, and clear the surrounding intersections for me. Ensure that the ambulance personnel arrive and the armed police and special police must arrive for me in fifteen minutes." Liu Taiming is really anxious
At this time, a person next to him came over with a mobile phone in his hand and whispered, "Director Liu’s words are worn by the city bureau."
Liu Taiming frowned and looked at Ma Shijun, another deputy director, when he took the words. "You personally urge me to resign with me if a police officer dies in the police station."
At this time, Ma Shijun, the deputy director, was so anxious that he was sweating and kept asking about the situation inside. At this time, someone woke up and said, "Director Ma, isn’t there a doctor on the sixteenth floor? Why don’t you let him come over first?"
Ma Shijun immediately turned red when he heard this. "What time is it now? If I were a doctor now, would you listen to me?"
"Yes, yes …" The cut-throat hand nodded and agreed to the heart and said, find a way for yourself.
There was a gun battle in the police station, and only after listening to their conversation did I know that a man named Sun Zhen was arrested. The prisoner actually held many detained prisoners hostage and the police were injured. Lin Dong shook his head slightly and made people make trouble in his lair!
Everyone else said that, and he didn’t think he was the savior. It is estimated that even if he passed, people can’t let himself in, thinking that Lin Dong has turned to leave.
"Director of bad white captain said JiNa has bleeding symptoms if you don’t hurry up …"
Lin Dong didn’t listen to the following words. When he heard the name Zina, Lin Dong stopped. He remembered the beautiful woman with outstanding charm on the day he came to report for duty.
"The little handsome boy has a girlfriend. If you don’t have a girlfriend, you can consider your sister! !”
The sound is still in the ear of Judah. Lin Dong slowly looks inside. He is used to life and death, but he never drops water regardless of his own time. It’s a bit nonsense to repay the spring, but he must be able to keep in mind even small things for those who have helped him close to him.
Lin Dong didn’t hesitate to rush to the sixteenth floor faster, took his medical kit and rushed directly.
"Who are you …"
"Wait for someone to let you in!"
At this time, it was too messy and Lin Dong was also in a police station. When Lin Dong rushed to the door, someone wanted to intercept him, but it was too late. Lin Dong had already rushed in. At this time, Liu Taiming and Ma Shijun knew it, but it was too late to stop and they couldn’t come.
The atmosphere is different from that of dozens of guns outside, and the tension is different. Push the door and enter the inside, swing around the door not far away, and the place where the original two desks were usually guards has been finished at this time.
The houses built by two rows of steel bars each have a size of more than 10 square meters. Nowadays, at first glance, they are swinging. There are many people gathered in the innermost part. Because of the long distance, even Lin Dong’s eyes can’t see clearly now.
Lin Dong walked to the inside step by step. At this time, he had run the fetal breathing technique to the limit and was covered with mysterious weather strength. This fetal breathing technique was like an engine, and the mysterious weather strength was like the engine. Everything else was running at the same time without any problems, but the best effect would make Lin Dongwu feel the strongest state.
Step by step, Lin Dong secretly wondered that this detention room is a temporary detention place for prisoners. Generally, those things such as administrative detention for 15 days, drunk driving, fighting and petty theft will be sent to the detention center, and even more serious, they will be sent to his special place. How can people in this place rob guns and assault police officers really can’t understand.
"Slow down your breath, don’t worry, don’t be nervous, the doctor will be here soon." The crisp voice is strong, inspiring and gives people a kind of confidence.
Lin Dong looked over and saw a policewoman with short hair and a pistol. She was squatting with her hand over her neck and kept talking to her to keep her calm. Only in this way can she have a chance to live.
And at the end of the distance, more than 30 people, one by one, were shivering and contracting, and their eyes were flushed with fear. People became a semicircle, and they blocked the inside, but Lin Dong could detect that there were a few strong smells inside, especially one that was very strong, which made Lin Dong feel a sense of oppression.
No wonder there are experts. It seems that all the people in these detention rooms are hostages, not because they rioted and grabbed guns, but because they were taken as shields. Just now, it was said that there were four policemen who didn’t run out. One of them was lying against the wall in a cell next to him, and the other two were not seriously injured.
"Live" is low and slightly hoarse. It is the 30-odd detainees who are surrounded by half a month. In the past, Lin Dong saw a gun sticking out of the gap between the two men’s heads side by side and pointing at him.
Chapter IX S-class wanted criminals
No, there are at least three speakers. The speaker is not weak, but he is obviously suppressed. He should be injured. Otherwise, people at this level could not be here with guns. The hands are very calm. In that case, he should be an old hand. He has shot someone and can be shot at any time.
Lin Dong had an understanding and analysis of his environment for the first time, especially when he saw someone pointing a gun at himself. He was too familiar with guns. For the Lin family, guns were as indispensable as gas, and the Lin parents and grandchildren had to make guns as indispensable as rice and water.
Bai Yili turned to look at the past when she heard Sun Zhen speak again, and she was seeing Lin Dong Bai Yili’s face was also very ugly at the moment, and her anxiety could already be seen from her face.
He’s the medical police. How did Bai Yili let him come? When she saw Lin Dong, she frowned at once, but now she can’t care so much. Then she looked at the crowd around. "Sun Zhen, this is our police station. The medical police must let him give first aid to the injured. I have just told you that you must say what you want, but there must be no police to die, otherwise outsiders will immediately rush in. This is a police station surrounded by armed police and special police. If you all rush in, you can’t escape even if you have a big collar."