"What …" The scholar breathed a sigh of relief again. "It’s this …"

The scholar’s mouth shut before he finished speaking because he found a light in the distance of the trench.
That light doesn’t look like a creature. It should be … Atlan’s "rescue" troops.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Detection finished
Bang!’ With the shining light, a huge object appeared a snowfield.
Slowly … It’s all here.
This is the star bus. Lin’s fluffy ball is staring at the sky in white. Every few hundred seconds, a huge warship will appear in front of Lin.
They are all Lin troops. They fly to the virtual people’s delivery point, then send them to the star bus twice, and then slowly stop on the ground.
When the battleship stopped, the fluffy balls swarmed and carried out all kinds of resources to all parts of the star bus. Most of these resources were used to repair the star bus, and some resources were used to strengthen the star bus in addition to repairing it.
Lin has been planning this for a long time, but it can be said that it will not be implemented until the troops can be sent here now
Lin plans to transform the star bus into a multi-story structure. The outermost layer is the ground. Although it is covered with snow and ice, there are still a lot of cracks, but Lin decided to transform it back to its original state.
Let this land be overgrown with jungles again, and let the original star bus inhabit a huge environment again, and Lin wants to find some ways to create an environment full of powerful creatures.
This is the main structure of the outer layer, and the second layer is the surface. Here Lin wants to build many bases and put all kinds of attack things in them so that their keys can be extended at all times. At the same time, these bases can also hold a large number of troops as reserve bases.
The shell of the star bus … that is, the stratum structure is quite strong. It can be said that the star bus is much stronger than the ordinary roller, but Lin also found another way to make it stronger by mixing a lot of other substances into the shell, which makes it able to defend against many attacks, including brain bombing.
And a layer … should be almost to the shelter position.
In this position, Lin plans to put more’ organs’
There are many organs in the star bus, and many of them are damaged. When repairing them, Lin thinks that some organs can be expanded and played more. Lin thinks that they can fill the star bus layer and make this star bus regenerate a complete … arms.
Just as Lin filled her own cells with eaten creatures a long time ago, Lin also wants to turn the star bus into her own arms, and then she can swim in it. It is also a weapon to destroy the brain.
At the same time, it is not only a base, but also a rich living environment. Lin will create a special environment to continuously observe their evolution and growth
Generally speaking, it takes a long time to transform the world, but the existing resources are constantly coming. Lin thinks it will take a short time to complete the transformation, and it will probably take dozens of days and nights.
Lynn watched a large number of pompoms constantly moving, taking out the battleship things and decorating the ground structure, while the pompoms were cleaning up the Atlan shelter.
These shelters … seem to have many stories about Atlan. Lin didn’t destroy them, but put away something in them and set up a’ warehouse’ somewhere to throw them in.
At the same time, Lin also gathered the bodies of various creatures inside, which should all have the possibility of … resurrection, and … Lin found that there are quite a few non-multicellular creatures in the star bus.
Including rock creatures and some very special creatures, which can flourish in the stellar bus layer …
However, it is the fortress here that makes the living creatures in the fortress quite strong. Most living creatures here should have the ability to destroy small mechanical units like Atlan team alone, so that they can be regarded as epidemics to prevent other things from sneaking onto the star bus.
After the transformation, the warships built by the virtual people will almost be built, and they will attack at that time
In this period, Lin is observing the environment around the brain spirit core.
Lin sent a large number of’ observation stones’ around the brain core for detection. Lin recognized that these places are common, but it is not simple to find them at present.
There are six stars around the core of the brain spirit. These star bases all have one characteristic … that is, there are no tumbling people.
Except for a star with a gas tumble, other stars can be said to be composed of a star and a small amount of’ gravel’.
These rubble move around the star like tumblers, but their maximum diameter is only about ten kilometers, and those that are a few meters small, of course, there are many centimeters and finer debris, which are not counted.
These places Lin called them rubble stars. Although I don’t know what these stars look like, they are all places where the brain hides troops.
Lin observed one of these’ rubble stars’ before, where there is a huge amount of micromechanical troops in the rubble area. When the key is estimated, the brain spirit will help them fight because it is too small. This force can form a terrible force, and they may also be defended by the brain spirit warships to prevent the enemy from invading them.
These tiny robots think that they should all be controlled by Naoli, but because there are so many of them, Lin thinks that one Naoli may control a group of them instead of each one being controlled by a single Naoli.
And several other rubble stars are relatively obvious armament sites. Now Lin’s observation stone is flying near these rubble areas, pretending to be an ordinary rubble to observe the surrounding environment …
But generally speaking, you can’t see the brain spirit troops. They all hide stones, but occasionally you can see that these stones’ shells’ will slowly reveal the inside … metal passages.