In the 16th year of the German-British naval arms race, whether Britain is a veteran industrial country or a rising star Germany is somewhat exhausted. In 1914, the British tried to reach a memorandum on the naval race in Germany and came across the sea for a friendly visit to the fleet. It was the British who tried to find a way to throw stones.

The British fleet stayed at the Kiel military port for nearly a week. The two sides agreed not to take the opportunity to spy on each other’s military secrets and never stop the official welcoming ceremony and the exchange of visits between warships. After the high-level talks and exchanges between officers, Lieutenant General David Betty finally took the time to visit Wang Haidi.
Otaku has long since moved out of his illegal building in Kiel District. On the other side of Kiel, facing the sea, there is a row of old and dilapidated cement buildings, including otaku’s new home.
It is not spacious. There is a long table in the center of the living room. On the left side is the fireplace. There is an arty painting. In front of the long table is a portrait with a bust of William’s father. The portrait surface is exquisite and elegant. There are many medals, certificates and certificates on the counter. Some of these medals are Wang Haidi and some are old navy Fresi. Some were awarded the Medal of Meritorious Service and the Second Order Iron Cross by the German or Prussian governments, while others were awarded the Medal of Honor by the Admiralty and the Turkish government. Most of the awards were from Avril Lavigne, the daughter of an otaku, who went to St. Lauren Primary School in Kiel.
"Sir Hill is once again the first secretary of the Navy. It is already intended that General Jellicoe, the main member of the Hill Gang, replace Sir George Callahan, who is old, and the commander of the big fleet is getting louder and louder. In recent months, the high-level turmoil of the Royal Navy and the uncertainty of the flag have little impact on me. Hey, I am a Churchill!" As soon as David Betty sat down, he rushed to ask his friends about their recent situation. "It is said that the main ships of the high seas fleet have come to Kiel this time. Why haven’t you seen Auden?"
"Auden Far East Fleet Battle Patrol Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Captain Shane Horst" After a meal, Betty, an old friend of Wang Haidi’s, made a cup of English-style afternoon tea and narrowed her eyes. She explained that "I just returned from the desolate Istanbul to play the beater for General hippel".
Although Wang Haidi’s words are carefully considered, there is no secret between the German and British navies. Betty can easily infer some information from Wang Haidi’s words.
"Since there is a great talent called bernhard-von Auden serving in the Far East Fleet, the German East Asian Fleet should not be abandoned. It seems that the strength of the Far East Fleet cannot be excessively weakened. Selim has returned from Turkey, which means that the contradiction between Erpitz and him has eased, which is not good news for the Royal Navy."
Betty couldn’t help but look up at Wang Haidi at the thought of this. This young officer with dark skin and wretched skin has a unique and pungent vision before her friendship for more than ten years. He knows clearly that naval technology has not yet reached its peak. In 19 years, the concept of "asymmetric warfare", the fear of ships and battle cruiser’s technical indicators accurately predicted the military route of aircraft airship. Heidi Selim’s strategic talent can be seen.
"Thanks to the stubborn and conservative German Minister of the Navy, Erpitz, if he hadn’t frozen the sharp-edged Selim and turned a blind eye to Selim’s foresight, I’m afraid the world’s number one throne of the Royal Navy would have been conquered by the Germans," Betty said happily.
"Betty Germans and Anglo-Saxons are the best nations in the world, but these two nations are on the battlefield, and the sturm und drang war is almost inevitable …"
Betty seems to be still digesting the news that she just heard, and Haidi didn’t rush to catch up and was silent for a long time before she spoke.
"Suspicion and hostility have become two national habits. It’s as if I heard you say that Jellicoe is about to assume the command of a large fleet, and it will inevitably be associated with the British navy’s conservative strategy after the war broke out. It’s as if you heard that I was transferred back from Turkey by the Admiralty, and it will inevitably be associated with my concept of’ asymmetric warfare’. The ocean fleet has a market."
Otaku’s deafening words pulled Betty back from her meditation, and her confidant Wang Haiditan Chen Hezhi made Betty feel ashamed of herself.
19-year-old otaku Betty’s imperialist invading army met with an ancient and lonely fireworks place in Beijing-Hutong, and then they hit it off. The otaku led Betty to travel around the mountains and play with water. The Beijing embassy district chatted all night and pointed out the development trend of the world navy. Fang Qiu was as talented and talented as the navy. The otaku and Betty forged a profound friendship in eating, drinking, gambling and smoking. Although the otaku and Betty have been alienated by distance, they have never been indifferent to Germany and Britain. Before the war broke out at any time, this nationality position friendship was particularly rare. There was already a Hussein Raouf Albee who worshipped Wang Haidi, and he didn’t want this friendship to be contaminated with too much practical utility, making Betty Raouf the second.
It’s a pity that otaku can’t do this. It’s like Raouf’s fear of alienating Wang Haidi when he becomes the captain of the Rust. Shilaouf is not a mean person by nature, but a result of national interests. It’s like being wrapped in Betty’s royal navy and wearing his German navy hat all the time. He should be alert to leaking national military information.
"I’m sorry …" I used to get drunk, but now I’m prevaricated. Be careful. Even if I treat the other person as a confidant, I have to keep something. This feeling is very strange. Not only Haidi has Betty, but also Betty has passed the age of no doubt. Betty is holding that cup of afternoon tea, and the hot tea keeps rising. It gradually becomes empty in the hot air for a long time before she gives an old and long sigh. "I really want to meet Auden as a friend again! You and I both know the situation in West Lyme. Maybe we will be enemies at the next meeting. Either you die or I live. Maybe the next time we meet, one of us is a pile of loess. All we can do is put a bunch of flowers in each other’s grave … "
The British Admiralty intends to transfer David Betty to the battle cruiser Fleet as the commander, and Selim is the chief of staff of the first battle cruiser Fleet (reconnaissance fleet) of the ocean fleet. This fate confrontation similar to Wagner’s fate opera makes Betty shudder. Betty looks at the bust of Emperor William hanging near the fireplace and bites the word "friend" very hard.
"Betty, if war is a soldier’s fate …" Wang Haidi sat up from the sofa with a determined face. "Even if there is a wrong war with the wrong object when we make a mistake, I will definitely go all out and never be soft on you and your first battle cruiser sub-fleet!"
"Pride is the habit of the empire, and honor is the creed of the Royal Navy!" Betty put the teacup gracefully like a brave knight, waved her hand and said, "God save the king!" "
"Ha ha, then I can wish you good luck …" Wang Haidi couldn’t help laughing.
"And I’ll leave you a life raft …" Betty Haidi didn’t have a broad chest and punched her handsome face with a smile.
After laughing, there was embarrassment and silence. The hands of the wall clock ticked away. It seemed like a long time, but it didn’t seem to pass. Too many soldiers left in the spacious living room could not help sighing.
The door was pushed, and the salty sea breeze blew in, accompanied by the teasing sounds of the old and the young. Betty turned her head and saw Avril wearing a rag dress pushing a wheelchair into the door, and the sheepdog named Danny also jumped in.
"Uncle Lacey …" Fresi got up in a wheelchair and put a blanket on his rheumatic leg. Betty rushed up and said hello to Lacey, who was wearing a sailor’s hat and a navy hat. She bent down and picked up Avril Lavigne, who was as delicate as Barbie, and kissed her red face.
"Did Avril miss her uncle?" Betty bowed his head and his stubble pierced Avril’s little face and winked.
"Uncle Betty is so annoying!" Avril’s Betty dodged in her arms, giggling and waving her little hands to escape Betty’s clutches. "I’m as bad as Lacey every time I come here!"
I heard my daughter call Fresi by her first name. Wang Haidi couldn’t help but frown and pose as a strict father. I rolled up my sleeves and taught my daughter to be old and shy before pretending to be an otaku. "West Lyme didn’t see how you called me dad in those days …"
Betty came out to solve the problem for the otaku. He pinched Avril Lavigne’s lovely nose and said, "Little Helen is not allowed to call her elders directly. It’s not fair …"
Fresi, a stubborn and stubborn sailor, has no bottom line for his granddaughter’s spoil. The otaku has given up on his daughter’s education foundation, watching her daughter’s adolescent rebellion go further and further. There is also a saying that everything has its vanquisher, Lieutenant General Betty. Avril Lavigne’s daughter is like a chicken pecking rice.
"It seems that being handsome and romantic is an advantage …" Avril Lavigne is very active. After a moment of quiet, she became restless again. She struggled to get out of Betty’s arms and rode a sheepdog. Danny stumbled and went out to play in the small garden. The otaku looked at his daughter’s innocent and romantic back and was quite tasty.
"That’s ….. I thought that we were brave enough to break into Beijing Hutong …" Once Betty’s words were opened, it would be like a river flowing from Hutong to Tianjin. The prostitute in Poland-the woman on duty from the Forbidden City went to the mountains and seas day and night, and Wang Haidi’s face was unpredictable with Betty’s passionate or soothing tone. She was the most shy and ashamed to wink at Betty and finally became disheartened.
Betty finally realized that the situation was not good. He could have stopped talking, but it was too late. In an instant, Selim’s ear was caught. The room was full of Anne’s banter. "Is Selim Hutong fun?"
The strategy of Shuang Jie-Heidi-Selim, the three outstanding figures of Kiel Sea School, is afraid of his wife. From the logistics soldiers at Kiel Port Base to the submarine soldiers on Helgolan Island, from the standby officers in William Port to the Marine Corps in Jiaozhou Bay in the Far East, almost everyone knows it.
Love dearly son Fresi intentional stop the fight, but I don’t know from Betty is an outsider, and I don’t know what to do. At this time, there is a quick knock at the door outside.
"Lieutenant Colonel Selim, urgent notification from the Admiralty!"
Wang Haidi seems to have met the rain after a long drought. He cheered and twisted the door and rubbed his swollen ears. He was sweating and panting beside the doorframe. The signalman said in a serious way, "What’s the panic? It’s not like the British fleet entered Helgolan Bay …"
"Staff officer …" The signalman took a complicated look at David Betty in the Royal vice admiral and bowed his head and pulled out a newspaper from the canvas bag. "Lieutenant Colonel Dinan Dagong of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated in the streets of Sarajevo, and the Balkan crisis came again …"
"no, sergeant!" Wang Haidi put away his serious newspaper and glanced at it in a hurry, then turned his head to look at the calendar hanging on the wall. After repeated times, the otaku’s lean and capable body trembled slightly and grabbed the signalman’s arm. "This time it’s not just the Balkan crisis war!"
Snow-white wall German calendar date impressively is June 2, 1914.
The second gun Chapter II Helgolan Bay gun (4)
In the early summer, the exercise of the sunshine in Sarajevo, the capital of Pocina in the Balkans, was just over. Franz Dinan, the king of Habsburg, and his wife Sophia returned from a review in an open jeep. He was proud and relaxed, and he wandered in the jeep.
At 10 o’clock in the afternoon, the convertible entered the downtown Sarajevo, and the Serbian terrorist branch threw a bomb at the jeep. Dinan was slightly injured, but he decided to continue his journey. When the jeep drove into another excuse, Serbian dung Princip jumped out of the crowd and shot at Dinan and his wife. On June 2, 1914, Flantz Dinan, the last legal heir of Habsburg, was assassinated by the Serbian national radical branch. The old Prime Minister Bismarck was worried and the Balkan powder keg was completely detonated.
David Betty, a Balkan gunman, was keenly aware that the situation in Europe would change dramatically. He hurriedly bid farewell to the Selim family and flew back to Kiel Port to visit the fleet rendezvous. At the same time, the German Admiralty ordered all officers and sailors to cancel their vacations, and the left-behind warships were ready to stand by. German Emperor William II also packed his bags and returned to Berlin by special train to deal with the crisis.
"Anne’s war …"
"You soldiers are too sensitive to this kind of thing. It’s not the first time that the Persian crisis and war broke out in 19 years. There was overwhelming speculation in the newspapers about the large-scale European war. In the end, it was not solved peacefully." Annie stuffed a Zhang Jiafu photo album into a suitcase full of luggage, stretched out her hand and smoothed the folds of the otaku army and looked at her husband who was leaving home. "Trust us, Mr. Bateman-Hollwich, he can stop the war!"
In fact, when Dinan Dagong was assassinated, the impact produced by Europe was far less serious than that painstakingly rendered in black and white in the history of Heaven-Korea. If the Humboldt brothers and Germans brought theoretical speculation, then the Germans who inherited frederick the great’s bloody genes were never short of martial spirit! German daughter Anigan is not afraid of war, and even worse, there is the 19-year Bosnian crisis.
In the 19-year Bosnian crisis, the Kaiser of Austria-Hungary supported the forced annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the border troops were one million, which angered the Serbs. They launched a military mobilization, and the Slavism was rampant. The Romanov dynasty also issued a war warning to the Habsburg dynasty that it was ugly to eat. During that time, the European continent was in a state of turmoil, and politicians and black-hearted newspapers vowed that Europe was about to break out. Germany warned Britain to set up a strike and peasant riots in Gaza, and the czar’s throne was in jeopardy. The crisis of "The outside world must be safe first" Russia retreated and ended
"maybe the sarajevo incident can be resolved through diplomatic consultations, but only after the serbs are not stupid."
Wang Haidi picked up Anne’s suitcase, brushed her wife’s hair, shook her head and gnashed her teeth. "Habsburg is waiting for her to sharpen her knife, but the stupid Serbian government is complacent! The Serbs screwed everything up. They-who are they? ! You know, proud, greedy polar bears have stayed away from the Bosnian crisis in 19 years, and you know the range of the truth cannon! They will push the whole of Europe to war! The Serbian government should be hanged! "
The assassination of Dagong Dinan caused an uproar in Austria, and the long-coveted Austria in the Balkans finally found a reason to fight. The street punishment and annexation of Serbia in Vienna were very noisy. Franz, the old emperor of Austria-Hungary, finally stopped hesitating to wage war after hearing Kong Lade, the chief of staff of the Austrian Army, screaming at the top of his lungs and being confident and promising, and received an ambiguous guarantee from Kaiser Wilhelm II. On July 23, 1914, the Austrians imposed extremely harsh conditions on Serbia, limiting the reply to 40 hours.
Serbia’s poor performance after Sarajevo incident was also quite gratifying. The only emperor in Austria-Hungary was Franz Dinan, who strongly advocated the annexation of Bosnia and Montenegro. His words and deeds caused extreme hatred among Serbs. From the assassination of Dagong on June 27 to the ultimatum of war issued by Austria-Hungary on July 23, the Serbian government was very slow to respond in the past month. In addition to showing that they were arrogant and fearful, they almost thanked Dinan for their death. It was only in Habsburg that the old emperor issued a final ultimatum to the Serbian government that the Serbs suddenly realized their humiliation and begged for it, except that Austria sent personnel to hunt down and try the murderer. The Austrians were terrified and the Serbs accepted it all, but it was too late. Once the wheel of war started, it would be the end of the war. The sickle of death never showed any mercy!
Russia was quite unprepared for the Sarajevo incident. Although polar bears have been eyeing the Balkans, in 1914, the Russians were no longer the "European roller" that frightened western Europeans during the 14-year revolution. Since the Russo-Japanese war in 1994, the situation in Russia has been turbulent, and Nicholas II has just suppressed the revolution-life, but he has nothing to hesitate about. The back of the allies has made the weak Russians harder and harder.
In Anne’s eyes, the Sarajevo incident is just a copy of the Fashoda crisis in Britain, France and Sudan in 19 years, the Bosnian crisis in 19 years, and the Agadir crisis in 1911. Although the situation in Europe is getting more and more dangerous, it has been going on for many years after all. Anne is full of her husband’s warning, which makes him doubt the strategic talent of Selim, but the naval community is well-known
Anne couldn’t help but look at the path where she sat in the garden grass outside the small building with Danny’s daughter Helen hanging her head and crossing her mouth. "Honey, do you mean this time the war can be avoided?"
Seeing that his wife has realized the seriousness of the situation, Wang Haidi held Anne’s locked brow and gently pushed Anne’s forehead to ramble, "I don’t take good care of Lacey and Avril Lavigne; I have a few gold bars hidden in my closet. No matter how difficult it is, I can’t take them out. They are our life-saving money. Don’t worry, fighting is the glory of military personnel and belongs to Germany! "
"Take good care of yourself. Don’t try to be brave in everything. Try to transfer to the Admiralty office even if you have the chance." frederick the great Sun is not afraid of war, but this doesn’t mean that Anne is willing to let her husband face the seven seas and the legendary swordsman for hundreds of years. Anne, the Royal Navy of the British Empire, has not been so broad-shouldered and hesitant. "Aren’t you always clamoring to immigrate to the United States? Why don’t you go through the retirement formalities now?"
"If you don’t want me to be hanged by a military court for treason …"
The otaku has been mumbling about the matter of emigrating to the United States since 194, but in the past 20 years, Wang Haidi has not only failed to make a trip, but more and more otaku are full of bitterness when he says this.