"Officer Goofy, although I’m sorry, I have to get Terrigan back."

Black Bolt firmly express his views.
Gao Fei and his friends listened to Black Bolt’s statement quietly and understood Black Bolt’s position.
He did come for Terrigan, and he won’t let it go until he gets it.
But out of morality, Black Bolt didn’t make a surprise attack-he chose to tell Goofy about the situation first and then negotiate amicably, which means things are not without room for change.
Goofy nodded and then calmed down.
"I don’t know what you mean, Black Bolt. I also thank you for not rashly waging war and achieving your goal by brutal means …"
"I don’t deny that Teregan is alien property, and I know that Teregan is important to you aliens, but I want to ask, how are you going to make these Teregans?"
"Are you going to it to make more humans mutate into makes to build a recapture Atlantis army? Then can I understand that this is a kind of compulsory conscription against people’s will? "
"There are many humans with alien ancestry on the earth, but they don’t all want to mutate into aliens. They have their own quiet and stable lives. They may not want to be involved in the war. Do you want to force them to change their lives?"
"In addition, as far as I know, at present, there is a price when I have this batch of Teregan to promote human mutation-people with alien descent can indeed mutate through Teregan fog, but people without Teregan descent will fossilize and die through fog …"
"If you rush Terrigan, a lot of people will die!"
"Black Bolt, you have taken Terrigan back, but I also refused to return it to you. I won’t give Terrigan to you until you make it clear what you have done to Terrigan."
Goofy’s tough attitude theory
Black Bolt shook his head and continued to gesticulate.
Medusa translated, "We in Atlan have mastered a technology that can properly handle Teregen and make it form a mist, which will make people with alien blood mutate into aliens without hurting ordinary people without alien blood …"
"I will wake up the earth without mutating aliens in Terry’s way, but I won’t force it. I will ask their opinions in advance …"
"Actually, I have a definite plan. We will look for a natural warrior with alien ancestry and ask him if he is willing to fight for his own people. If they are willing, then I will turn him into an elite team of aliens …"
"When the formation of the team is completed, I will take them back to Atlan and take these makes to live with me. Atlan will never return to earth again …"
"Actually, I’m going to bring all the aliens on earth to Atlan and let them live in Atlan. After all, the story of our ancestors tells us that aliens and human beings are in total …"
Black Bolt said.
Goofy listened to Black Bolt’s narrative and didn’t respond in a hurry.
Black Bolt was a little impatient and insisted, "Please give Terrigan back to us."
Goofy shook his head. "I’m not alone in this matter. I need to discuss it with my friends."
After that, Goofy turned to Tony Stark, Fantastic Four and Steve Rogers and asked, "Everyone heard the Black Bolt Plan. What do you think?"
Tony Stark shrugged. "This can’t be called a plan. At best, it’s an idea … to form an alien team, to transform the earth people into aliens and then take them to the moon … It’s a bit nonsense. I don’t agree!"
Susan storm did agree that "if Black Bolt can really respect the wishes of dissidents and Terrigan mutation will not hurt ordinary people, then I think his idea is not impossible."
Johnny and his sister have the same idea. "I also think the Black Bolt plan is acceptable-the boss might as well look at this problem from another angle. Teregan means whether aliens can wake up is that they have changed from ordinary people to haunters keys, and these ordinary people with alien ancestry have the right to decide their own destiny. They have the right to decide whether to remain mediocre or to mutate into aliens!"
Johnny’s idea was supported by Steve, who nodded, "That’s right. Aliens on earth have the advantage of knowing their own identity and helping them decide their future destiny."
However, the "Stone Man" shook his head and denied that "this will cause great chaos. How can you ensure that no one has ulterior motives to do bad things for his alien identity and power?"
Johnny retorted, "but you can’t kill them for having power!" The power is to write what is in their genes. It is their natural gift! "
"Oh, it’s the same cliche again …" Tony Stark pinched his forehead. "What people, what freedom … do you know how to take and keep fighting for your own interests, but have you ever thought about what consequences this will bring?"
Then Tony looked at Reid. "Hey, Reid, aren’t you very wise?" What do you think of this? "
Reed, who has always been radical, is very conservative in this matter.
"I agree with Tony that the awakening of a large number of aliens is by no means a good thing for the earth. On the contrary, it may become a disaster that threatens humanity …"
It’s not surprising that Reid said this. It’s because the three giants of Illuminati made a unanimous decision
"Hey, Reid, I’m so disappointed by what you said," Johnny refused to say. "Don’t forget how beautiful we are after we got the power! I think more people enjoy this life. "
"But don’t forget those people in Ravencraft prison. Don’t forget the bad guys after gaining power, the poor people who can’t control their power and regret it …"
Reed sink a way
"If you don’t believe me, ask Dr. Banner if he wants to be an ordinary genius scientist for a generation or a big man who always breaks his clothes?"
"That is he didn’t have a choice! But Terrigan has a choice! " Johnny said, "Black Bolt will ask their opinions in advance."
"Is there a choice in mutation?" Reed retorted, "Can an alien predict his abilities before he mutates?"
"This ….." Johnny was speechless and Susan followed.
Then Skye came over and patted Johnny on the shoulder and shook his head. "I’ve been there before. Can I talk about my opinion?"
Johnny nodded gently and Reed listened carefully.
Skye said, "My mutation process is not painful, and I am satisfied with my ability. But I just mutated, and my ability almost caused a magnitude earthquake in Puerto Rico …"
"But fortunately, there was a goofy police officer by my side who successfully stopped me and prevented the disaster …"
"Later, Officer Goofy took me to an island and patiently trained me for a week. Two days before this week, I made earthquakes on the island every day …"
"Island cottages collapsed, and many mountains collapsed, so I kept the damage to a minimum with the guidance of Officer Goofy …"
"I can’t imagine what would happen if I were thrown into a densely populated city without Mr. Stark’s isolated island …"
"I am lucky that I have always been protected by officer Gao Fei, and I have not caused irreparable damage. I can even come to new york to become a super policeman."
"But I want to ask, there are so many potential aliens in the Terrigan world, but how many goofy police officers do we have? How many aliens can be carefully cared for when they mutate? "
"Black Bolt want to form a team, want to recapture Atlantis, which is doomed that he can’t wait too long. He won’t slowly cultivate new variation makes one by one …"
"When the time comes, once makes a lot of awakening, you can’t come to anything if you want to make a temporary remedy …"
Chapter 32 Challenges
Skye, a new stranger, has a strong point of view.