Ye Han tried to think about the evil thing and didn’t notice that Xiao Han’s mouth mumbled a blush. It seems that eating her at this moment has become the biggest question in Ye Han’s heart.

"Why? Do you really want to eat me? "
Seems to finally have the consciousness slight cold in the heart a panic busy ashamed mouth asked.
"Yes, you don’t want me to eat you? How? Back out now? Know that you are afraid? "
Ye Han nodded seriously, but his eyes were never serious. His eyes were still staring at Xiao Han’s breasts, and he seemed to enjoy it.
"I … I’m not afraid. If you really dare to do anything to me, I’ll haunt you all my life!"
Slight cold smell speech first some startled, but soon can’t help but charming smile and then blunt Ye Han threatened.
"Bound my life? Aren’t you afraid that I will eat you all my life? "
Hear this slight chill Ye Han heart can’t help but move this girl really want to entangle her life? Well, in that case, I will eat her slowly all my life …
"I …"
Ye Han’s words are always flirting, which makes Xiao Han feel a little frustrated. Now this cannibal says that she has thought of herself in vain. If she really lets Ye Han eat it all her life, I’m afraid she will be completely defeated!
"Why? Finally scared? "
See slight cold dare not say what Ye Han is busy trying to test the way without giving up this opportunity.
"Hum, anyway, it’s no big deal. Miss decides to eat if you want. Anyway, Miss depends on you. Big deal … I’ll marry you!"
Ye Han was about to reap the fruits of victory, but he didn’t want Xiao Han to suddenly say such a strong word, which made Ye Han almost sit on the ground.
Boy, this girl seems to have been pestering her whole life for a long time. She’s going to marry herself. Doesn’t that mean she’s going to pester herself all her life?
"Hum pesters you to death!"
Look at this Ye Han a face of startled appearance slight cold also don’t give up continue to stimulate way
"I am greedy to death? Hey, hey, are you sure you can let me in? Believe it or not, I will give myself a solution now? "
After listening to the slight cold, which is full of serious words, did Ye Han unconsciously think of the evil place and greedy himself? She’s not afraid to use that food-robbing method herself. No, can’t she rob it in secret?
Hum, I’ll see how you can let me help me eat whatever I want … If I really become my own woman, it will be even better. It’s very cold to eat without hiding. They can also help me properly …
Hear Ye Han said to solve the slight cold immediately one leng solution? What the hell is this guy talking about? What’s the solution? Oh, I get it. He must have misheard him and mistook his entanglement for greed!
Slight cold soon knew that Ye Han’s bad mind was strange again, so he secretly defeated this guy again, so evil that he really got the enemy. Everything would become extremely evil when he got there.
"Well, I can not continue to bicker? Go and take me home. Everything is up to you after you go home! "
Since it’s evil, let’s be evil together. Xiao Han is determined to fight with Ye Han to see who kills who first!
Whatever you want when you get home?
Ye Han heard this slight cold, and it was a burst of evil. Is this girl tired of living? When you get home, everything is up to you? Unless you doubt your ability and dare not do anything to her?
Hum, when I get home, everything will follow me. When I get to my own place, can I still follow you? Reality is not as good as you can’t really do anything to you, but if you really want to get home, the situation will be reversed. When the time comes, you can’t be beaten. We can let Linger go out and husband and wife Qi Xin will be able to drop you …
"All right, go home, go home and give you a good rest!"
Ye Han smiled and nodded at Xiao Han. The words naturally revealed evil breath, but at the end of the words, he lowered his consciousness and refused to really tell Xiao Han.
But even so, this slight cold, after all, Ye Han is close together, how can he not hear him? Knowing that Ye Han’s heart was beating her evil thoughts again, she thought that she might take it seriously when she got back. As Ye Han said, her heart was in a panic and her cheeks became blushing again.