It means that all the mud is dead, and the plan has failed.

In the end, the form responded like this … "There are still many … many" without failure.
At that moment, Lin saw a lot of mud.
This mud is really a lot … There may be hundreds of thousands of them suddenly appearing around the body and floating over here.
"There are … so many?"
Walsh was … surprised by this.
This is mainly contrary to the previous cognition … because the body should not hide so much mud.
Most mud creatures are made by getting some split organs from red pulp.
Walsh believes that most troops will not have so much to transfer miracles when dealing with red pulp.
Transferring miracle mud is different from those encountered before to attack red mud. Those are not keeping nerve structure … monitoring mud.
Here, however, these miracles that are used to transfer have kept the neural structure. Walsh thinks that there are not so many of them … Maybe they woke up before and were eaten up by the black ball. That’s the limit.
But … If you think about it carefully, you really don’t know how much you have prepared to transfer the miracle mud.
It’s just that the number is far greater than it was originally recognized.
And because of the shape signal, those solidified creatures no longer attack the mud, although they don’t know anything
"In that case, wake them up again."
At this time, Walsh floated to hundreds of thousands of flying mud and sent out a miracle biological language signal again.
But this time … Nothing.
"This is …"
The signal doesn’t seem to have reached these mud bodies, and they continue to fly this way
And Lin also noticed that … Walsh had been flying in the direction of this group of mud, but now it suddenly stopped and seemed unable to move.
And I can’t move, not only the body of Ershi, but also the fluffy ball of Lin … which is also restricted.
Lin feels that there seems to be a great pressure around her … The pressure is so heavy that the pompoms can’t move.
"You won’t cause any more interference" then said, "You will witness miracles … miracles will show the world."
It seems that Lin is a threat and Lin’s pompoms can’t move, but now there seems to be no good way to break free and watch a lot of mud fly past Walsh and the pompoms.
"Kill me"
Look at this group of mud constantly entering the entrance to Walsh world. Walsh suddenly said this to Lynn
Actually, it didn’t talk to Lin Rongqiu because it was fixed and the signal was also reached at that time.
But it can still talk to those micro-arms sent by Lin Qian.
"Kill me … let my body wake up."
Chapter two thousand six hundred and sixty-one Miracle steps
"If this consciousness dies … the body will recover."
That’s what Walsh said … Although it has some other parts of consciousness, if the consciousness in this body dies, then its body …
That is, the Walsh world should wake up.
At present, the part of gender consciousness cannot be connected with the body because it is too far away or … too little.
Only by this method can we stop this crisis-a lot of mud is pouring into the world of Walsh.
If we don’t do something, a miracle may really appear there.
In that case … then kill it.
Although the pompoms and the Walsh bodies can’t move at present, the miniature arms of the body can move.
It is very simple to kill the body, just let the micro-arms attack and destroy the body structure everywhere.
When Lin initiated this idea, the micro-arms attacked.
Lin made this group of arms grow all kinds of weapons similar to drills or circular saws … The body is attacking everywhere, and this effect is very good because of the large number of these arms.
Soon the body was twisted into a mess by Lin’s micro-arms, and various structural tissues were sawed and drilled into smaller pieces.
During the attack, Lin can also find that the body’s consciousness … that is, those subtleties are rapidly dissipating.
Whether they are really’ dead’ or floating somewhere else is unknown.
When most of the body structure is destroyed, Walsh’s consciousness is completely dissipated … The trace is rarely detected.
There is no special reaction to the distant shape of body death. I don’t know whether it is no matter or not
At the same time, Lin also turned her attention to the world of Walsh
The world of Walsh can see a spectacular scene, and a lot of mud falls from it like raindrops, and it keeps falling to a city in Walsh.