"drop! At the beginning of the name, the camp judged kindness! Personnel code S41 "

Asia, Africa, America …
Similar to a scene ball, the code names of various places observe people in various ways through the modern network and classify some special characters.
And the sea wolf
"Report that the captain’s scheduled goal has reached a total of 1 person, and another large-scale disaster documentary’ The End of Man ()’ has been recorded!" Code name reporting to Yun Nie.
"well! Good, then I announce the exercise … "Yun Nie smiled with satisfaction and just wanted to announce the end of the exercise.
"Didi!" His com suddenly sounded and Yun Nie saw that Chu was raining!
"Uh …" NieYunXian leng first and then forehead sweat.
It suddenly occurred to him that he had just told Chu Xiaoxiao that the bomb was just a main line of the "world-beating" game, and as a result, the plan could not be changed. He just went to dismantle the bomb and had a brainwave, which led to a "doomsday exercise"
He completely ignored that if Chu Xiaoxiao heard the news and compared the key words of "bomb" with each other, then she would be as angry as a dragon …
Yun Nie mind blink thousands of times and then nai a sigh to answer the words!
"hey!" Yun Nie tone some heavy.
"… NieYun in the bomb … is there anything else you want to say to me! ?” After a silence, Chu was raining and unexpectedly asked this question.
"alas! Do you know? " Yun Nie sighed.
"It should be said that the world knows! Do you still want to hide it from me after making such a big noise? " Chu xiaoxiao tone slightly sad.
She doesn’t blame Yun Nie for keeping secrets from her. From the first meeting, Chu Xiaoxiao knew that Nie Yun was full of countless secrets! One secret can’t be solved one by one, and Yun Nie is shrouded in a layer of fog. Often, before the secret is solved, another bigger secret will follow.
For this kind of concealment, she has never blamed Yun Nie Yun Nie before. After all, she is a member of a super secret organization.
She thinks that maybe these confidential things are not allowed to be leaked in Yun Nie due to organizational regulations or Yun Nie, and she considers it a kind of protection to hide them.
But now … The bomb will explode soon! Man is dying. Can’t you confess to yourself?
"Come on, now it doesn’t matter … Yun Nie bomb horse will explode. Where are you? Ann? " Yun Nie didn’t answer Chu raining and asked again.
Nie Yun heard that Chu was a little touched by his generosity, which surprised him. At this time, he felt a little guilty about hiding Chu’s raining.
But … If the Ministry confesses, it is bound to tell her that she is the truth of ghost captain, and then Yun Nie will make up a little bit of brain, and then the curious baby Chu Xiaoxiao and the honest little husband Yun Nie will have a conversation.
Chu Xiao Xiao! So you are ghost captain. So where did all those super technologies come from?
Yun Nie, um … actually, I have acquired a magical mechanical worm, which can barabara …
Chu xiaoxiao wow, the robot bug is so cute and great! So how do you control them?
Yun Nie, this … Are you sure you want to know?
Chu xiaoxiao of course! Tell me quickly!
Nie Yun OK … Look, this is where I control them!
Then Nie Yun started the transformation skills!
Chu xiaoxiao …
So according to the soap opera, Yun Nie is bound to tell her a cruel truth in the end, that is, your boyfriend is really a "robot" or … "bug man"?
Although Yun Nie’s normal state can keep all the biological characteristics as ordinary people, God knows how Chu Xiaoxiao will react when he hears it!
Do you know how Xu Xian died? Yeah, that’s right. I was scared to death by my wife!
Learn from the past and learn from the future!
Whether it’s scared silly or scared away, it’s not what Yun Nie wants to see! It was because of the unexpected Chu raining reaction that Nie Yuncai chose to hide it, although … It was selfish.
But he had to admit that he really liked Chu Xiaoxiao!
I like her purity and kindness. Although some big ladies are not good at expressing their feelings, they treat themselves sincerely.
In retrospect, it turned out that two people in different worlds had experienced arrogance and prejudice at first sight because of their father’s friendship, and it was also a coincidence that the hero saved the United States and reunited again, followed by a series of happy daily life …
Unconsciously, the two had a tacit understanding with each other and the first budding heart or … "first love"!
In fact, when Yun Nie merged with the mechanical worm, although his body was sublimated by the evolution of life forms, his feelings of belonging to human beings faded!
The perfect fusion of mechanical worms is not a simple matter. There are too many unknowns and dangers in the process. Yun Nie didn’t know what kind of "things" he would become before the fusion.
At the early stage of the integration of mechanical worms, whenever Nie Yunli made the mechanical worms capable, he found that he would enter a cold state, and his biological feelings were suppressed to the limit. The whole person was like a machine with high efficiency, precision and a trace of life.
At that time, the gun shot and killed the middle child of "Desperate Saburo", but he did not feel strange for the first time. Later, in the yacht incident, Yun Nie even killed those mercenaries, and his eyebrows did not knit.
The original Yun Nie felt that he was cruel, but later it became white. Perhaps this is somewhat influenced by mechanical worms. Maybe under normal circumstances, he will kill and kill and become more and more indifferent to life …