This Guangjiaojiao also said, "Lingling, do you know Pi two dog?"

"Sister Guang, he is my dog brother. He saved my sister’s life and my life. I can’t help you. Bye!" With a wave of his hand, Jiang Juling ran away with the oil on the soles of his feet.
Guang Jiao Jiao just knew that she was wrong about Pi two dog. This ya got into the car with a long face and ran away.
Pi two dog went to the street after paying the bill. At this time, it was already late, and the bustling nine planets city was full of traffic. The lights were connected into strips of fire dragons, and the five million people’s congress city was full of vitality.
It’s too much trouble to go back to xiaohe village so late. He had to go to a star-rated hotel and ask for a luxury suite. Before he was poor, he thought that one day he would have to experience the feeling of sleeping in a luxury suite when he was developed.
The first feeling when he punched in the door of his suite building was resplendent and comfortable. After a few rolls of Simmons big bed, he curled his mouth and said, "What luxury suite is like this? There is no mud tile roof!"
This guy is sometimes crazy. He didn’t even walk to the bathroom, took a shower, fell asleep with his head tilted …
By midnight, Pi two dog slept like a pig. Suddenly, he creaked and stumbled into a young woman.
The young woman’s cheeks are full of red, which means she is drunk. She staggered in and slammed the door, threw the high heels off, and threw the bag on the floor. two dog slept in a big bed and felt very hot for a while. This young woman just removed herself and screamed as soon as she got into the quilt!
Early the next morning, Pi two dog suddenly opened his dog’s eyes, huh? I found someone in my arms!
He just looked stupid and fixed his eyes on a woman he didn’t know!
Pi two dog was frightened and sat up. Three, five, divided by two, she was going to dress.
At this time, the young woman woke up and found another man in the room. She just looked stupid and said, "Who are you?" How do you live in my room? "
Pi two dog is a little confused. Am I in the wrong room? This guy slipped out of the bed and looked at the room number. As soon as he looked at the room number, this guy was happy. "Beauty, it’s not that I’m in the wrong room, it’s that you’re in the wrong room!"
"ah? Shit! " The young woman’s pretty face was red when she brushed it, but she got up and dressed. Suddenly, she realized that she couldn’t touch the inch. Suddenly, she was shy and said, "You! You are not a person when you rob in troubled waters! "
The young woman knew that she was indefensible. After all, it was she who broke into Pi two dog’s room without authorization, which led to her virginity.
Considering the reality, she dare not open it.
"Shrimp? I didn’t rob you! " Pi two dog is busy arguing that his heart says that he meowed for a while. How can I rob when I sleep until dawn?
"You see my clothes are gone, and you said no? After eating a mouthful, don’t admit that it is a person! " The young woman spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Beauty, I really didn’t mean to. Why don’t I give you some financial compensation and give you 30 thousand to end the matter?" Pi two dog said that Niang Xipi also said that he would experience luxury sets. This unfortunate urgency is to coax this woman into offending her, and the consequences are terrible
"I’m worth 30 thousand if my soul is weak?" Young women glared at him.
"Fifty thousand, then fifty thousand!" Pi two dog’s heart says that if you meow for a minute, you will not be a yellow flower. I will give you 50 thousand to count my conscience.
"Five of your head I am worth fifty thousand? Who wants your money? " The young woman quickly dressed and picked up the bag, which was cruel and white. He walked to the door at a glance and returned to the way, "Just pretend that nothing happened in your rotten stomach! If you dare to let your aunt Zhang eat you! "
Said the young woman and glanced at him to act quickly.
Lost skin two dog room touched the dog’s head and said that Niang Sipic was strange. What happened? Or nothing happened? I don’t remember anything!
Until the building left the room, he still looked stupid.
At nine o’clock in the afternoon, Pi two dog made another trip to the drug market, and four kinds of medicinal materials, such as Panax notoginseng, Lysimachia christinae and Paris, were put into two large snakeskin bags with a total weight of 200 Jin. This guy is as strong as Niu Yi, carrying one on his shoulder, walking to the car and preparing to take the bus back to the village.
He just put two bags of medicinal herbs in front of the shuttle bus and found a seat.
At this time, a car drove into the car and saw Huang Wei pointing to the bus bound for xiaohe village. He turned back to the car and sat down on the road. "Brother Benya, who is carrying a snakeskin bag and hanging hair, wants you to interrupt one leg of this bus and I will give you 100,000!"
Dabanya said he was the owner of tungsten mine, but in recent years, the price of tungsten has been falling all the way. He can’t make much money by mining, so he goes back to his old job and makes money by helping others.
This time, Huang Wei offered a commission of 100,000 yuan, and the big tooth collapsed and came with a few younger brothers.
"Carrying sacks, right? Want a leg, right? Good to know! " The big tooth-breaking gave a jump car and took the younger brother straight to the shuttle bus, then pointed to the driver and said, "Who are these sacks?"
The driver saw the big tooth bust was full of scary tattoos, as fierce as suddenly frightened, pointing to the back row of two dog’s way "it’s him! That is wearing white short sleeves! "
Chapter 44 wang hong’s sleeve
"Martin, you two tow that guy and let him know what pain is!" Big tooth collapse never dreamed that it was Pi two dog who glared at his opponent and gave orders.
Because there were many people in the car, two younger brothers squeezed through the crowded aisle, and one set up Pi two dog and left.
Pi two dog is picking up the words. A look at the two people looks familiar, and then he throws them off. "Aren’t you two a big tooth breaker?" Why are you arresting me? "
As soon as the two younger brothers heard the sound, they knew it was Pi Er Gou Pi two dog, but the boss was dumbfounded at once, frightened out of my wits and ran away to find the big broken tooth and reported, "Is the boss a dog brother!"
"ah? Huang Wei, this king egg, pits me! "
Suddenly, the big tooth collapsed and squeezed into the face of Pi two dog respectfully. "Boss Dashui rushed to the Longwang Temple and didn’t know a family. I’m sorry, it’s Huang Wei, the king. I want to know that you didn’t dare to kill him?"
"Come on, don’t scare people with this car, you go!" Pi two dog suddenly lost his temper when he learned that the big tooth collapse was not intentional.
After the car crashed, a group of people dragged Huang Wei, a loser, out of the car and beat him black and blue like a pig.
Pi two dog saw that Huang Wei was unlucky and couldn’t help it. Suddenly, a fragrant wind blew on his face and a familiar voice came. "two dog, is that you?"
He looked up at the goods and saw that it was none other than Huang Yan, a pretty daughter-in-law in the village. When he saw that it was Huang Yan two dog, he got up and said, "Sister Huang Yan, what a coincidence! Sit down!"
"Or you sit me for a while!" Huang Yannong Taoyan Li pressed him back to his seat and leaned against him.
Pi two dog is a little budding. Suddenly, the shuttle bus started and soared forward. Huang Yan sat on his cargo leg when he was unstable.
I didn’t know that Huang Yan didn’t want to move as soon as she sat down. "two dog, do you mind if I just sit for a while?"
"ah? I don’t mind if you sit casually! "
The shuttle bus sped all the way for half an hour and then stopped at the entrance of xiaohe village village.
When Pi two dog came carrying two big sacks, Huang Yan suddenly said, "two dog, you have so much money!" With this little shyness, he twisted a swallow butterfly and walked quickly.
"Huang Yanjie’s house will sit for a while!"
"I’ll play with you another day!" Huang Yanchong waved at him and the bamboo forest disappeared.
When Pi two dog hippies are happy, they have to bang home and enter the door to see Ding Qing’s thick peaches and plums coming out excitedly. "Brother Dog, the proprietress is here. She is looking for you?"