The progress is much faster than Bai Yujin estimated. She looked up at Liu Qingyun’s cold pool and water dragon, and immediately asked, "Is there enough water for disciple?"

Liu Qingyun took a look at the Shuifu, only to find that the pity star also transported the star power to help deliver water and said, "Fortunately, it dropped by one third!"
The consumption rate of cold spring is faster than Bai Yujin thought. Bai Yujin suspects that if the normal refining steps are followed, there may be no cold spring in the end, and it is really necessary to speed up the refining steps.
"I know!"
Speaking, she threw in a lot of materials again, and her forehead sweated for the first time.
Five or six thousand kilograms of heavy materials were thrown in again. Now these materials have a high rank. It takes three fires to gather and forge for a while to dissolve into silver liquid, and each has its own defensive scope. Even if Bai Yujin lives and fires, he still keeps an eye on his own territory.
Mei Lansi said, "Sister Bai, I’ve done it!"
A spiritual fire flashed through the original stubborn silver liquid, and now it has become indistinguishable from each other. It is tapiscia sinensis’s sword that vibrates and may disintegrate at any time. Bai Yujin said loudly, "Qingyun has a cold flame and Yangquan!"
Liu Qingyun immediately took out the cold flame Yangquan from Shuishui Mansion, and it was really immediate from the middle stage of gas refining to the late stage of gas refining. Liu Qingyun found that she was more likely to drive the cold flame Yangquan than when refining the frost sword.
However, it is still quite difficult to drive the cold flame Yangquan smoothly with his strength in the later stage of gas refining. Mei Lansi slapped her back and the spirit flooded in, and the pity star also made great efforts to help, which made the cold flame Yangquan successfully fly to the gathering place of three fires.
The cold flame is more powerful than the gathering of three fires, and every drop of tapiscia sinensis sword in Yangquan is stabilized. Bai Yujin is forced not to throw the five elements of spiritual objects in there. It is these five elements of spiritual objects. This new tapiscia sinensis sword bone refuses to honestly bend four fireworks, but it is still beating.
"Cold flame is directly forged!"
Bai Yujin controls the cold flame and burns the five elements of spirit little by little. It’s a water mill. It took a long time for the five elements of spirit to finally infiltrate the tapiscia sinensis sword Liu Qingyun and shouted, "I don’t have much Yangquan left here …"
Give him a spiritual input. Mei Lansi also felt exhausted. Bai Yujin dared not careless and immediately threw the last sword eye, that is, the barren Chaoyang stone. The silver liquid was put in the sword eye, and the silver finch sword in tapiscia sinensis sword churned violently, but it was not controlled by Bai Yujin.
"damn it! It’s going to explode! " Bai Yujin’s pink face is white and desperately controls the spiritual output "Qingyun all Yangquan! All! "
Liu Qingyun is also exhausted, but when she hears Bai Yujin’s words, she is lazy and tries her best to output cold flame Yangquan, but cold flame Yangquan has a shaky feeling.
Just when everyone was close to despair, Zhu Er suddenly blew out a spiritual fire to wither the whole body, but the silver sword gave out an explosion and the blade changed greatly, but Bai Yujin cried, "Lance, collect your sword quickly …"
Half an hour later, Bai Yujin had put away the tapiscia sinensis sword. Liu Qingyun looked at the new tapiscia sinensis sword and could not help but blurt out, "Is this a success or a failure?"
There is a big gap between the original tapiscia sinensis sword and the original tapiscia sinensis sword, but now this tapiscia sinensis sword root is a giant sword, with a height almost the same as that of Liu Qingyun. The giant sword is more than a foot wide, and the silver light shines.
Bai Yujin was dumbfounded when she put away this new tapiscia sinensis sword. Her old sword was handy. This new sword is not too huge. "I don’t know if this sword should be a very clever sword, but it’s hard to say whether it can reach the level of quasi-magic weapon!"
Finally, the great change of the blade made her confused. This new tapiscia sinensis sword seems to be a giant sword with two hands. She tried it with both hands holding the hilt.
A sword is half of Bai Yujin’s life. She dances beautifully. As the saying goes, "who, dancing with her dagger, drew from all four quarters, an audience like mountains lost among themselves, Heaven and Earth are long and low, which were bright as when the Archer shot the nine suns down the sky, and rapid as angels before the wings of dragons, she began like a thunderbolt, venting its anger and and ended like the shining calm of rivers and the sea", Bai Yujin dances more smoothly.
She couldn’t help but cry, "This is the sword. I won’t change my spirit sword when I am a baby!"
Liu Qingyun couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The 50,000 Lingshi Sword was finally refined successfully. He asked, "Master, what is the power of this sword!"
Over there, Bai Yujin ignored his question and waved a few times. Suddenly, the dance was more beautiful and smoother with one hand. "It turned out that the two-handed giant sword was more comfortable with one hand. It’s strange that such a giant sword is not effective at all, and it is even more convenient than tapiscia sinensis’s sword!"
Tapiscia sinensis sword is a long sword, but the weight is not heavy. It is normal for Bai Yujin to dance easily. However, this new tapiscia sinensis sword looks like a two-handed giant sword. Bai Yujin wields it, but it is as easy as watching the grain, but it is even easier than the old tapiscia sinensis sword.
Bai Yujin finally found out where his problem was. "This is not a magic sword, it is a quasi-magic weapon … and it is not a quasi-magic weapon!"
Chapter 143 Lan Yun Silver Sparrow Sword
Melanie couldn’t help but blurt out, "Is it a magic weapon?"
It is their lifelong dream for a refiner to refine a magic weapon. Mei Lansi planned to concentrate on preparing for refining the first magic weapon after she was officially promoted to the then stage in another 30 or 40 years, but I didn’t expect this dream to come true decades ago.
The magic weapon is always the worst. There are hundreds of lingshi, so you can take some lingshi. It is very important to have two digits, but the lowest level of the magic weapon is 9 thousand lingshi. Generally, the magic weapon needs 20 thousand to 30 thousand lingshi, and there are many more.
In the extremely spiritual sword, such as Li Liu Frost Sword, the power of the extremely spiritual sword exceeds that of the ordinary magic weapon, and catching up with the magic weapon can be regarded as one of the hundreds of thousands of spiritual weapons in the odd number.
The biggest gap between the magic weapon and the magic weapon is that although there is a word "spirit" hung on the magic weapon, there is no real magic weapon, but each magic weapon has its own magic weapon. Some magic weapons have their own fighting capacity.
Bai Yujin waved this re-refined tapiscia sinensis sword and said happily, "Yes, it is a magic weapon! It’s a magic weapon. It’s absolutely no problem to be promoted to the peak magic weapon every day! "
This is also a major feature of the magic weapon, the ability to upgrade the spirit weapon, but some magic weapons have been upgraded directly after decades of warm cultivation by their owners, which has become a magic weapon among the magic weapons.
Bai Yujin waved a few swords over there and felt that the more comfortable it was, "Yes, it is a magic weapon! Although it’s a magic weapon, the power is far beyond the ordinary magic weapon. It’s stronger than the frost sword. No, I spent fifty thousand lingshi … "
This 50,000 Lingshi is only the purchase price. If it is calculated at the market price, it is at least 70,000 Lingshi plus cold flame Yangquan, two fake Dan monks, Zhu Er and Xiao Mountain hare. Unexpectedly, Bai Yujin Meilansi refined the first magic weapon in life decades ago.
Don’t underestimate this magic weapon, but Liu Qingyun can’t even lift this sword. "Master, this sword is so heavy …"
Bai Yujin over there smiled, "Magic elixir has been synonymous for a long time. If it is not just promoted to the false elixir realm, some elixir leaders will not be able to dance. By the way, I am determined to call this sword Lanyun Yinque Sword!"
Lan is Mei Lan Siyun and Liu Qingyun. She decided to name the spirit sword after the two swordsmen, so Liu Qingyun immediately agreed, "Good name, master, this name, good master, let’s try this Lanyun Silver Sparrow Sword again!"
One of the magic weapons of Lanyun Silver Sparrow Sword is extremely white jade Jin, which only drives a part of the power, but even this part of the power can make him walk sideways in the early days of then, and dare to compete for the high position in the middle of then.
First of all, this Lanyun Silver Sparrow Sword is the spirit of Fang Chaoyang’s stone body. To put it bluntly, it is four words: "Lightweight". Bai Yujin is carrying this giant sword that weighs more than 100 kilograms, which is much lighter than the original tapiscia sinensis sword. However, the attack weight of this sword is actually the same. When the sword is cut off, the monks will have to remove half their lives in the early days.
What’s more, this Chaoyang stone will also give feedback to Bai Yujin on his mental strength and physical strength in sports. This is similar to the paid sword. In other words, Bai Yujin wields this giant sword of several hundred kilograms, which not only has little strength, but also becomes more and more powerful due to the strengthening of mental strength and physical strength.
In particular, this sword will directly transform a part of the vitality and spiritual strength of the other side into Bai Yujin’s body light, which will make Bai Yujin’s war stronger and stronger than the ordinary magic weapon.
And the power of this blue cloud and silver sparrow sword is not limited to this one. Bai Yujin, a magic weapon with five elements, has already played a part of the power that makes Mei Lansi feel jealous, and it is enough for Bai Yujin to hold the sword with both hands to play these powers.
Yes, you need to hold the sword with both hands. Although Bai Yujin can wield this orchid and silver finch sword with one hand, you must hold the sword with both hands to exert her power.
Part of the earth, Bai Yujin’s feet on the earth can be as steady as Mount Tai’s Lan Yun’s tapiscia sinensis sword, which makes her have a perfect defense. Even if she meets this inflammatory dumpling again, Bai Yujin doesn’t have to worry about it. Instead, she welcomes it to a melee.
Water makes up for the fact that Bai Yujin is good at melee and unfavorable attack from far away. Ling Shock Wave is extremely lethal. Although it is a bit slow to display, it is a big killer to defeat the enemy at will.
Jin’s participation in the Golden Thunder Stone is equally powerful. Bai Yujin blasted out a Taiyi Golden Thunder with a sword in both hands. It can be said that this Taiyi Golden Thunder is a golden thunder method. Even the monks of Tsukiji Dacheng will be directly killed after a golden thunder.
The fire part is also due to the addition of cold-phlogistic iron crystal Bai Yujin, who also holds the sword in both hands, and can take turns to make icebergs fall easily, inflammation and sky tilt, which are two completely different kinds of Daoism.
Muweineng is Du Tian Yu Mu tactic. After it is put into use, Bai Yujin is not only as stable as Mount Tai, but also rooted in the earth, drawing spiritual power from the foot land at any time and continuously replenishing spiritual power. What’s more, Du Tian Yu Mu tactic will automatically form a heavy spiritual power net to cope with the sneak attack.
All these powers of Lanyun Yinque are simply satisfied with Bai Yujin’s tailor-made Bai Yujin. "We are going to eat dumplings here!"
Liu Qingyun over there smiled, "Master, you’d better eat some dumplings first to make up your strength!"
Bai Yujin found himself this refiner is five days and five nights without rest. For five days, he didn’t enter a grain of rice and drop water, and he couldn’t take care of it. "Why don’t you pick up this dumpling after dinner?" Jules, is this a promotion? "
Liuqingyun discovered that Zhu Er’s refining device was hard-working, but he also completed a small prestige, which jumped from a three-pole medium-order spiritual pet to a three-pole spiritual pet. The combat power rose a lot.
A look at LiuQingYun note her around LiuQingYun thigh kept LiuQingYun quickly understand her meaning "want to yangquan? Ok! Let me see if there are any more? "
This time, although Zhu Er absorbed the accumulated inflammatory force of Yangquan, the refiner also consumed a lot of Yangquan power to be promoted from the tripolar intermediate stage to the tripolar stage without rushing all the way to the tripolar peak.
Liu Qingyun looked at the Shuifu. This time, the cold flame Yangquan was badly hurt. Without a month or two, the roots couldn’t recover. But considering that Zhu Er really worked hard, Liu Qingyun specially took a drop from the seven drops of Yangquan and gave it to Zhu Er.
This time, Zhu Er didn’t have any big problems. After all, she enjoyed Yangquan for the second time or the second peak, but now it’s a three-pole stage. After the fire, she has been promoted to a three-pole peak smoothly, and she has also saved a lot of Yangquan inflammation enough for her to get promoted to a four-level spirit pet.
All this makes everyone very happy. With the blue cloud and silver sparrow sword, Bai Yujin has the money for the first world war, and Zhu Er’s prestige has not reached the fourth level, but it has also gained a fighting power close to the later stage of the foundation.