What happens if Moss information is put into the brain of a manufactured creature?

It’s hard to say whether this dream creature is alive or not, but if it succeeds, it means …
Always give it a try first. If it succeeds, then Lin can really create a creature.
Thinking about Lin, I let the jade dragon return to the dream and then broke its ancient dragon association.
Later, Lin studied all the things in this field, and Lin first worked out the method of making emerald dragons enter from a distance to make biological thoughts. This is actually quite simple.
Then Lynn made a new creature.
This creature is not an existing creature, but a creature that has never appeared before, just like the devil imagined by Moss. This creature needs to integrate nuclear information of different organisms because of its strange shape.
But on the whole, it is a normal creature.
After some days and nights, this creature has been placed in front of Lin. It has double horns and wings and is exactly the same as ordinary demons.
When it is built, Lin will continue to observe the signs of its life activities and adjust everything to the normal range. At first, there will always be some problems in the dirt, but it is easy to adjust.
After finishing, Lin will connect the front tentacles into this creature’s head.
Although the Jade Dragon can be connected without contact now, this connection should be carefully connected directly for testing.
Lin is not a brave message at first, but another Moss message.
Lynn will export this information and put it into the brain of this manufacturing creature …
Gollum!’ Just as the Emerald Dragon reacted at that time, the creature twitched, and after a while, it got up with its eyes open.
It really worked?
Looking at the creature in front of me, Lin felt a little surprised. If the jade dragon is so easy to understand, but the creatures in the dream have no actual brains, but they can make this creature move …
The devil got up. First, he looked around and cried out in surprise when he saw his horns and wings.
It seems that it is surprised at what it has become a demon … So its mind really belongs to a Moss.
This is an interesting phenomenon. Although dream brain cells belong to Lynn, the information inside is free. They form a consciousness of their own and become a real creature?
That is to say,’ consciousness’ and’ cells’ are actually divided?
No, it should be produced by cells, but after it is produced, it has some freedom to transfer to other cells.
Generally speaking, this is an interesting phenomenon. Lin needs to record all this to solve the mystery.
But now it has been successful. Knowing this method, Lin can create her own species, no matter what kind of creatures are made, but …
Although their nuclear information is not produced, it is not because of the biological richness that Lin can integrate the nuclear information of other organisms to produce organisms.
At the same time, Lin also tried to create a complete nuclear information …
But how to synthesize it in detail has not been fully understood yet.
Always create a new race first. Think about Lin and let this demon brain moss return to the dream …
Lin originally thought that those moss were gone and wanted to directly eliminate all their information, but in this case, maybe they still have some points.
After that, Lin went on to do a lot of tests, including the information of thoughts in the dream brain. Lin found that these thoughts could not activate the creature if they were randomly created and then put into the brain of the manufacturing creature, but those moss could.
Later, Lin found that this kind of thinking takes a period of time, and it must be a normal creature in the dream, and it needs less learning period for the young.
That is to say, this thought and dream’ grows’. It can only become a real thought when it grows to a certain extent …
Everything is some brain waves, but only after a period of’ growth’ can it become a real thought? Lynn thinks this question may be what happened during their growth …
Chapter two hundred and one Changes
"What’s that? General Haas? "
This is the boundary of the sea of light and dark clouds. There are many white skeleton dragons who have set up control towers. They are always observing the outside situation to prevent large atmospheric creatures from attacking and other things from invading.
When Lin was doing research on manufactured biology, something happened here slightly.
"Let me see." A white skeleton dragon called General picked up a metal cylinder tower and looked at the distance.
"That’s …" Look at the dark sea of clouds at that moment, its expression suddenly became panic, and it hurriedly shouted "Ga! Hide quickly! "
The general rushed from the tower, crawling and jumping. Almost it rushed out of the tower. Suddenly there was a loud noise behind it. He turned his head to see that the tower had completely disappeared. A huge spaceship rushed past the tower and left a huge mark in the sea of clouds.
"The third ship …" General wait for a while looked at the ship that rushed to the distance. It took a long time to remember, "You must contact the college immediately!"
"In order to commemorate that ship, we have to dance to forget our grief!" At the same time, all kinds of white skeleton dragons gathered in front of the college gate to watch the dean of Gaotai.
It seems that going out to explore the news of the ship crash has become a celebration for the white skeleton dragons, who are looking forward to the ship crash so that they can cheer and dance all day and night without studying!
Two of them have crashed, and all the dragons are expecting the third one to crash.
But this one they would never expect if they knew the truth.
"Ga, oh, oh!" There have been some white skeleton dragons singing with the imam in the square in front of the college, but some white skeleton dragons have noticed the situation behind them.
"honk! What is that! " I saw a ship appear in the distance of the sea of clouds plain and hit them at a very fast speed!
"Ga ah ah!" Seeing this scene, the white skeleton dragons quickly fled the ship and rushed to the front of the college gate in a few seconds …
"I will protect my apprentice!" The imam jumped from the high platform and jumped in front of the boat. It opened its hands and shouted, "Stop!" "
It’s a pity that it was crushed to the sea of clouds by the spaceship in a second.
The ship crashed all the way, and a group of white skeleton dragons didn’t come to escape. Finally, there was a loud noise and the whole gate of the college fell backwards, but the ship stopped.
The white skeleton dragons looked at the ship. They were all in shock. They slowly gathered around the ship.