Usually there is a response at this time.

What is it?
Maya decided to discuss with her peers that this situation might be improved.
But before that, Maya didn’t know how to get there. Maybe we should continue to cross the submarine boat or …
"Maya!" Thinking about it, Maya suddenly heard a sound from outside, as if something she was familiar with came near it.
That thing is …
The moment it turned around, it saw it.
Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Action
Gollum!’ Accompanied by bubble sounds, a creature moves quickly in the water.
"You have to go back to it … it’s coming!"
The famous scholar adjusted the speed of body armor to the highest, and there was a group of dense creatures behind it.
These creatures are the ancient squid that it observed before, and they seem to want to kill scholars and gather in a huge group to swim over.
Some ancient squid have adhered to the scholar’s armor, and their suction cups tightly absorb its armor. Although it has not caused any harm to scholars, they have become more and more attached, and at the same time, they have blocked the scholar’s armor spout, which has stopped the scholars from moving forward in the water.
"Ah ah! Go quickly! " Scholars tried to scrape them from the vicinity of the water spout, but the ancient squid kept sticking off.
Scholars don’t care about these ancient squid because they can’t hurt themselves, but they care about the creatures that those ancient squid bring …
The ancient squid is good at taming some creatures in the sea in various ways. This group of ancient squid raises some similar creatures.
This kind of creature is called’ red squid’, which is a kind of squid almost three meters long. They have been attacked by a group of ancient squid.
Seeing these dangerous creatures approaching, scholars immediately opened its emergency system.
Boom!’ After a violent roar, the scholar rushed to the sea like a warhead. When it flew out of the sea, the scholar saw the sky covered by aurora.
….. and transportation to pick it up.
That’s a ship-type aircraft.
The scholar climbed its aircraft, and it immediately ran into the cabin, speeding it to the maximum speed and driving it to the sky.
After flying to Tianhou, the scholar thought about what happened in the sea just now, and it felt really dangerous …
But why are these ancient squid like this? Scholars looked at it and saw that there were many ancient squid sticky noodles on it, and they kept changing color as if expressing their offensive emotions.
However, they can’t do harm to scholars, who found a transparent pot from behind the door of the operating room.
This jar is to collect samples. It pulls out the ancient squid and throws it into the jar, and then fills the jar with seawater.
"Are they … crazy, too?" Looking at the ancient squid in the jar, the scholar covered the lid of the jar. Generally speaking, these ancient squid should find a way to escape, but they will keep hitting the wall of the jar after they finish.
Really crazy.
Scholars remembered what they saw in front of it. At that time, there was a … very violent explosion in the trench of the ancient squid city.
After the explosion, scholars saw a strange thing, which looked like an obelisk, but it seemed to be stone, but it slowly floated out of the water, obviously not made by ancient squid.
It was after seeing this obelisk that the group of ancient squid had an abnormality. At first, they kept changing all kinds of colors. Scholars also studied ancient squid. They knew that ancient squid changed when communicating.
But this time, seeing the change doesn’t seem like communication, it just seems to change at will.
Then they looked at the position of the scholar and immediately decided to attack it …