"Those people are practitioners!" Although Hess School’s security level is not very high, it is not too low. He still knows that there are few practitioners, but those who look like ordinary church volunteers are actually practitioners, which he did not expect.

"Their cause of death is the same as before, which was shattered by a more powerful expert." Is it a discovery that the old saying of Ma Li’s specialty makes Gao He otherwise pie his mouth?
"Today, I carefully observed that before they died, it seemed that their physical training was abolished!" There’s a quote ahead, and that’s what Ma Li’s specialty is always about. His words immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
"To be exact, it’s not wasted, but it’s absorbed by something similar to the solution of mining and repairing." Ma Li’s specialty is always amazing. "It should be similar to the kind of special manpower-absorbing kung fu in your oriental culture called …"
"Star-sucking Dafa!" Gao He blurted out after reading some martial arts novels.
Chapter one hundred and three Ambush failed
A few people fell silent again because of this news, absorbing other people’s skills, which means that it is self-evident. Maybe Hess University doesn’t know this as deeply as others, but Gao He is afraid of it.
Absorb capability Gao He suddenly remembered the black spar, a piece of black spar that he had never seen before, but it sucked up Gao He’s few five lines of breath at that time.
Crystal! Gao He’s mind flashed again, and the iceberg, which has been puzzling Gao He’s problem for a long time, also showed its head slightly, so it’s no wonder that he has been feeling the movement of giant spar for the past two days. Is it really spar?
Combined with the news of the star-sucking solution and the characteristics of the black spar, Gao He can now be sure that the murderer must have it with the black spar, and the accurate calibration of the murder position twice tonight also confirmed that Gao He felt that there was no mistake.
So it seems that there is only one person who can have a relationship with the black spar and be a practitioner-General Gesak Kent Zhao Qi. They judged that Gesak Kent was not dead, but there has been no direct evidence to draw a conclusion from various signs. Now the evidence may have increased by another one.
Presumably, Gassakant didn’t know how to absorb the black spar or the spar absorbed him, but in any case, the spar should not be able to move with kinetic energy, which can also remind people of the time when the five elements of breath were absorbed, and Gao He still had some chills. At that time, although he was not very concerned about that breath, it was still a pity to lose it.
Now that Gassa Kent has this ability, it must be even more powerful. I don’t know why he wants to kill those dignitaries. Is it just because he is jealous of the five super organizations?
There is nothing in the church to deal with this opponent who comes and goes like the wind. At present, there is no particularly good way to deal with this guerrilla warfare master. Besides, although the church is a master like a cloud, it is also a church, not a government, and it is unlikely that there will be religious persecution in this society. It is impossible to encircle the roots in a big way and rely on the government.
However, it is impossible for ordinary police and troops to encircle such a super master unless a large number of troops are dispatched, and even if they know, they can take him.
At present, the army is faced with such a situation. The crane can lock the position of Gassakent to a certain extent, but it is still run out to estimate Gassakent only by two elders and two young masters.
Mr. Charles will continue to visit and meet with the high-level church, and I don’t know how long it will last. Moreover, even if this place is over, there are still several major religions to visit. If we don’t catch Gassakant as soon as possible, Mr. Charles’s safety will not be guaranteed
No one knows why Gesak Kent would kill religious people so crazily, but Elder Mu made a guess. Of course, the two elders don’t know his identity yet. It should be only recently that he got the ability to absorb other people’s skills. His training should be very low and can deal with ordinary people. This can also explain why those politicians will be killed by him. His purpose is not those politicians but their bodyguards.
It should be very difficult to find a master who can suit you. It should be the quickest way to find a few dignitaries bodyguards directly. Later, what will kill the church people should be that after a period of absorption and refining, the murderer has developed a certain height and can deal with some ordinary masters. Those religious people in remote areas were attacked first.
These religious practitioners have been able to satisfy his greed by practicing higher. Alpha Planet, the headquarters of the church, has become his goal. Of course, at present, he is only in the position of an ordinary master, and he dares to deal with some ordinary church practitioners. However, this is a church practice. If the murderer is not found in a short time, it will make the murderer practice higher and higher. At that time, the sacrifice master will be another level.
If that’s the case, it’s temporarily certain that the killer didn’t come for Mr. Charles, so it’s much easier to protect Mr. Charles’ trade union, but it’s also a guess that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Besides, who can guarantee that the guy who is not interested in Mr. Charles will suddenly act on a whim?
If you want to control the murderer, it is obvious that you can’t find the fastest way to solve the problem by relying solely on the army and the four masters of the two major associations, or is it a bit too much to join the church because you just refused the priest’s request in a military secret? In any case, it is necessary to rely on others’ strength.
In addition, it is decided that the two elders can make decisions on behalf of their association, but Hess University dare not draw a conclusion casually. After several people discuss it for half a day, Major General, who is directly responsible for Mr. Charles’ safety, is invited here.
Gaohefang seems to have become the temporary headquarters of the army. Two commanders are here after listening to the inference of the wooden elders and their suggestions. Major General did not give a direct reply, but asked about Gaohe.
After reporting the late events to Major General, Major General’s face also piled up a rare smile. These two days, Mr. Charles negotiated with them at a critical moment, and the two sides disagreed because of some requirements. At this moment, Gao He has such ability. It is a great advantage for Mr. Charles to send a pillow to him.
Judging from the priest’s strong demand to know the whereabouts of the murderer and his willingness to practice methods in some churches in exchange for the old support of Ma Li, they should be more anxious than the army and can do some articles.
Major-General left to report to Mr. Charles, but Gao He looked at the other side with a face that met the horsepower specialty. The elder really made an extraordinary move to ask others to practice the method and even let him succeed. It seems that the church is really worried about this, but he is actually able to gain benefits from Gao He, which makes Gao He somewhat depressed.
The cultivation method Gao He has never practiced in a unified way, and he doesn’t know what the difference is between the so-called advanced and low-level methods, but he doesn’t care about it. There should be nothing too big in Gao He’s mind to cultivate and practice the methods. It’s not because he works hard and wants to get something for nothing, or it’s not available among ordinary people. Is it that simple among practitioners?
Looking at Ma Li’s specialty, he always seems to be very kind, and the wooden elder next to him still has some envious expressions. In Gao He’s heart, it’s still something that makes him so happy. This so-called foreign affairs elder seems to have never seen much of the world. I don’t know what he will become if I leave the ice evil spirit to him.
Gaohe is wrong about this. Ma Li is old. Whether it’s the Oriental psychic association or the Western psychic association, they are all a group of practitioners at the bottom. They have neither the great achievements of those big organizers nor the accumulation of those big families from generation to generation. It can be summed up that some achievement levels can be a little higher than when they didn’t gather.
Now that a church has given the promotion of authentic cultivation techniques, the whole association will have a step forward. How can we not let the elders of Ma Li’s specialty always be envious, but they have not shown any particular jealousy? He should have a share in this technique, otherwise, Zhong Gaohe would not meet here.
According to Gao He’s idea, even if the church wants to give it, it won’t take out the best things, maybe it’s the most basic kind of extra achievement. Look at the expressions of the two elders, and there is still a slight sigh in their hearts that the two associations are really too poor, which can be seen from the fact that they are busy looking for those two not-so-good earth spar after the earthquake.
Major-General came back excitedly and personally took them to Mr. Charles. Mr. Charles may have been awakened by the general in the middle of his sleep, and he was still wearing a robe, but his face was very energetic and he was not sleepy at all.
"Great camel, you can exchange this ability with them for a lot of money. It’s great to negotiate with them!" Of course, Mr. Charles is happy to swallow the pie when it suddenly falls on this day.