"Because their source of strength comes from the fear of intelligent creatures."

"So they will scatter themselves in a large number of places in the world they perceive."
"Once the right opportunity appears, they will completely harvest the wonderful things bred in this world and turn them into their own body nutrients."
"and this process is devastating for most of the world."
"Most mythical creatures are disgusted with Sanzhushen."
"Because they tend to destroy the world that its mythical creatures have finally cultivated."
"Anyone who has three pillars in two places in the world will be surrounded by his mythical biological power."
"That’s what I remember the world tree family doing."
"And master, the world you are in now is a place where the ancient gods, Sen Black Goat, are two places at once."
It’s almost white to hear these Liu Yuan.
"Isn’t this black goat egg very dangerous?"
"That won’t happen."
"Three-pillar gods are stronger than their almost immortal characteristics."
"Black goat eggs like this don’t know how many black goats have differentiated. You may get a little mental pollution at most if you hold it."
"After all, no divine black goat egg can be regarded as a piece of meat that can limit evolution."
"More than many intelligent creatures will benefit from this and create all kinds of magical creatures."
"You mean this black goat egg in my hand can be cultivated?"
"Yes! As far as I can remember "
"One of the world’s tree families once cultivated a demigod-level doppelganger from the eggs of a black goat."
"The so-called demigod level is the master. You are the strong one in the world now."
Hearing this Liu Yuan was completely shocked.
This weird meatball in your hand
Actually can cultivate a level said the strong.
Suddenly Liu Yuan had an epiphany in his mind.
"Xiaoshu, can I cultivate specific organs with this black Xiangyang egg in my hand?"
"Cultivate specific organs?"
The young tree was stupefied and then the consciousness replied, "It’s not impossible, but few people will do it."
"Because the most common place for divine black goat eggs is to make exclusive substitute avatars."
"After all, a single organ is a wave compared with a person who can take care of his life."
"Master, what do you want it to do?"
After a moment’s meditation, Lu Yuan smiled and said, "… make it a key that makes it possible for me to break through to the level of myth."
"Well …"
Liu Yuan’s words in the clouds and fog
Let Xiao Su be completely stupid.
Relying on an organ can break through to the myth level, which is even the myth level.
This is somewhat related to the blind spot of young tree knowledge.
What organs are so awesome!
It’s not strange that Xiaoshu couldn’t think of it.
After all, Xiaoshu is not clear about sharingan’s terrorist potential.
It is even less clear that the kaleidoscope sharingan evolved by devouring its sharingan.
You know, if you want to raise kaleidoscope sharingan to eternal kaleidoscope sharingan,
Need two kaleidoscopes sharingan fusion.
And Lu yuan is now in this world.
No one has sharingan except Little Blue Cat.
This also made Lu Yuan very upset at that time.
Because it means that he sharingan.
Up to the kaleidoscope sharingan.
After all, he can’t let himself sharingan evolve into eternal kaleidoscope sharingan.
Just dig up the little blue cat sharingan.
But with the appearance of this black goat egg in front of me
Lu Yuan instantly thought of an excellent method to evolve kaleidoscope sharingan.
That is, the black goat eggs produce organs like this … and sharingan is artificially cultivated!
And in this world, there is a special spirit like Red Crescent Force.
This means that Lu Yuan does not need to cultivate himself into sharingan,