Suddenly, in the distance, the dark clouds surged and there was a terrible strong arrival.

This is a big black tripod, and the mouth of the tripod bursts with a whine that is more attractive than terror. The breathing party will let many strong people die and absorb all the essence of life.
The tripod mouth is filled with an irresistible feeling that is more thrilling than the terrible breath.
When there was chaos here, there was a white figure rushing in the distance at a faster speed than terrible. Wearing ancient long hair, it covered the face, and there was a sharp and harsh smile in the mouth. You Sen rushed directly towards here.
Chapter one thousand and fifty-seven The white devil
That strange white figure came straight at me at a faster speed than terrible, and it was almost unresponsive, and dozens of strong people were blown to pieces and killed.
The white figure paused with a grimace of a grin and a big breath.
Suddenly, all the blood and fog rushed towards his mouth, sucking all the blood and fog into his mouth like a whale.
Not only that, but the life essence left by so many strong people who died earlier is being dragged towards the mouth of the white figure at the moment.
He is like a terrible ghost devouring everything here!
The whole body is full of yin and qi, and the marginal ratio is terrible.
Such a scene is very terrible. The people are fighting a big war. They are all more horrified than feeling scalp pins and needles. They are called and rushed towards the distance.
"Damn it, it’s him."
"The devil, he is the devil!"
"Let’s go!" qR1
"I have seen him crush the immortal master with one hand!"
"The blood spirit is dead, and he is the top ten experts in the blood prison. Run away!"
Many people’s faces are twisted and they are extremely afraid of this white figure.
Obviously, this white figure has killed many strong people during this period.
It’s a mess here. Several monks fled for their lives.
There are also some masters who take advantage of the chaos to eradicate their opponents as much as possible, and blood-filled corpses explode.
The fat monk fled hastily in the crowd without considering whether Xiao Yu was still alive or not, and his face was shocked. This place is in chaos, and staying here is a dead end.
He fled to the distance with a streamer.
In a dark tripod upside down, but also crazy fierce to absorb the essence of life here.
Suddenly, the white figure stopped devouring her eyes and stared at the mouth of the cauldron. The grinning body flashed into the cauldron.
He thundered away with one punch, and the horror was unpredictable, like a terrible meteor crossing and hitting the cauldron, which directly tore it apart.
In several fragments, the life essence that was swallowed up by the cauldron was released again, rolling and rushing towards all directions.
Hundreds of miles away, a monk covered in black fog opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. The black fog collapsed and his face was pale, and his eyes were full of horror and disbelief. "It’s the smell of dead city. How is it possible that he smells of dead city?"
He turned and hurried away into the distance.
After the white figure smashed the black cauldron, his mouth swallowed wildly. Suddenly, the essence of life here rushed towards his mouth again.
He made a penetrating laugh, which was sharper than terror, like metal friction. After all the life breath here was swallowed up, he turned into a divine light and rushed directly to kill the emperor.
Killing the emperor was wrapped in a terrible black fog and rushed all the way to let go. I don’t know how many people broke their bodies.
At the moment, that white figure rushed in and was filled with terrible breath, which immediately surprised his face. Obviously, he was terrified of this white devil.
He whistled with a sword in his hand, and in a flash, he cut out several sword lights. Every sword light was like a terrible meteor, and the universe evolved towards a white figure and tried to strangle him directly.
As soon as the white devil rushes past, all the firm but gentle waves fall on his body, and they automatically melt and make a scoffing sound, just like the snow and ice meet the fierce sun and break away.
He rushed directly to kill the emperor without invading the horizontal.
When the emperor’s face changed, a black shadow flashed back and forth, getting rid of the traces of cause and effect. The body was mysterious and unpredictable, like the reincarnation of the five elements was no longer irregular and moved away in the distance.
But the root is not as terrible as the white devil. Almost instantly, he jumped to kill the emperor. Immediately, he killed the emperor and sent out a piercing scream.
Than the terrible scene, the white devil appeared, like a firmly grown body that killed the emperor, sneering at the czar’s pain, twisting his face and rolling in light, and all the essence rushed at the devil’s body.
Almost in a short moment, killing the emperor left a piece of human skin floating in the air.
The white devil sucked up and killed the emperor. A streamer of light once again rushed to the crowd, and everyone was horrified. The fear in the heart was hard to express.
A generation of warlocks, the strange characters in the shadow alone, died like this!
This is simply a fantasy.
Everyone fled in panic.
Even the strong men who have been sent here before are scared in their scalp, and they are more frightened than turning around and leaving.
During this period, the white devil is almost invincible here.
At first, fortunately, someone encountered a white devil, and it was inextricably linked. Launching the forbidden art can also hit hard.
But the second time we met, we found that the strength of the white devil was more than ten times higher than before, which was simply appalling. Gradually, everyone has discovered that the white devil can become stronger and stronger by constantly absorbing the essence of everyone’s life to improve himself.
Although their monks also rely on absorbing the essence of life to consolidate their practice, they are far less rapid than this white devil.
With the white devil constantly haunting, he is almost more than ten times stronger every time he appears.
He seems to regard this place as a game and treat everyone as a mouse. Every time he appears, several experts will be killed.
It happened that everyone knew little about this white devil, and he didn’t know his origin at all.
Broken imaginary golden light surging Xiao Yu body reorganization corners of the mouth bleeding looking at the chaotic area that terrible white figure heart shock without continuing to hide directly into the distance.
He turned the golden light away faster than terrible, and surpassed many strong people from a high stroke.
Those strong people all exclaimed with eyelid jump.
"It’s him!"
"He is the second immortal of the Emperor. He is not dead!"
"How is that possible? He just faked his death! "
Everyone exclaimed in Xiao Yu body instantly disappear.
The white devil raged here, and his sharp, piercing smile made his mind crack, and he was horrified and inexplicable. In the end, his body was broken in a burst of screams and he died.
The white devil opened his mouth and sucked all the essence of life into his mouth. A pair of eyes stared directly at Xiao Yu’s escape direction. They grinned grimly and chased him directly in that direction.
Xiao Yu ran all the way, didn’t know how far he escaped, and finally stopped at a mountain, panting heavily, and his face was frightened. He was just about to rest for a moment when his face suddenly changed.
The evil wind whistling behind him, the white devil appeared directly behind him with a grimace of a grin, and the green light flashing in his eyes scanned Xiao Yu.
Chapter one thousand and fifty Coffins
The gloomy white figure is filled with a more terrible sinister breath. Wearing ancient long hair, the face is wrinkled and pale.
Only a pair of eyes are flickering, which makes people feel scared.
This is the first time Xiao Yu has watched each other so closely.
The other party actually chased him all the way!
This white devil is simply invincible!