If he didn’t leave now, he would want to take a floating city with an ectopic surface to shock the universe and swim around the universe to rob him of alien language technology

After all, there is no shortage of alien languages, but if you miss the race mother, the loss is a golden box.
For example, this time, although there was no random sub-volume, he made a fortune by coming out of the territory sublimation volume
"One of the heirs in the latest information of the master’s race mother is likely to be the Moon Stone Elf Queen." The black hand in the magic net sent a document to Qin Mu Ye.
"Moon stone elf queen … this thing is dead. I don’t know how many years, but the ashes are gone."
Qin Mu Ye looked through this information and simply searched the fairy queen in her mind, which must be tens of thousands of years ago at least.
Moreover, in this issue, the elf queen doesn’t know how many changes have taken place, and the elf family has experienced ups and downs, and many documents have disappeared
"Is it possible that it is suspended animation? The tree of wisdom can live for so long, and the offspring of the same race can’t be so short-lived. "The black hand simply said and then brought up a record to probably find the burial ground of the Moon Stone Elf Queen."
It is not a big secret, and it is recorded in many documents. It is said that this Moonstone Elf Queen was the first Elf and led the Elf to draw up its present status.
In addition, there are similar figures, such as the Golden King of the Dwarves.
"It’s not unreasonable. This kind of immortal seed may really be able to live for such a long time, but if it’s really suspended animation, it’s unlikely to be buried."
Qin Mu Ye pondered a question. After all, who wants to bury himself underground for so long? Most people really can’t stand it.
"If you talk like this, will those ancestors of his race also be the descendants of his race …"
A flash of light flashed in my mind. Why can’t the moon stone elf queen be the golden king?
If these people are still alive, could it be that they are too old in their race to live in seclusion behind the scenes, but they control everything remotely and have powerful handles?
"In this way, the death of the tree of knowledge may have spooked him." Qin Mu Ye couldn’t help but take a deep breath in a gasp. If it is really urgent, wouldn’t it be necessary to have a group of 7-order alien strong men?
"You’re going to lose …"
Qin Mu Ye is pessimistic about this, but after careful thinking, it’s all this unlucky situation anyway. It’s better to kill some ethnic mothers first and exchange some gold boxes for blood.
"Does the master want to do it?" The black hand in the magic net asked again
"If you start work, you must start work. In this situation, you can kill one and earn one. If you dig the moon stone fairy queen’s grave first, it will be easy. If you don’t, you can destroy the elves."
Qin Mu Ye is naturally a dead friend who never dies being original. Anyway, the current situation is completely hopeless, and he naturally wants to run away.
"It was the master and my horse who arranged it." The black hand naturally means Bai Qin and Mu Ye. If the queen of Lunatone had not died, she would not have really buried herself in the grave.
It is unrealistic to live in solitude after feign death, and it is more likely to be reintegrated into the Elves, and it is still in a high position, and holding the handle can also affect the Elves. Otherwise, the ancient gods vaccine and the ancient gods’ specific drugs will not suffer from Waterloo.
"Do it quickly, accurately and ruthlessly, and never let his race find out about it. At present, the matter of the tree of wisdom should have been fermented, but it has not been said that he is still waiting to see. Once they break through to the seventh order, we will have no advantage."
Qin Mu Ye charged that he could deal with the seventh order, so he couldn’t help it. He finally gave up the idea because he couldn’t see clearly the power of the race mother because of the current situation. A careless estimate of the order would fold here.
Race mother, the ancient god, is definitely a ninth order+not a simple ordinary god. If it were an ordinary god, it would not have caused this situation.
"If you can, it seems that you can catch a god experiment …" Qin Mu Ye thought of this matter. After all, he hasn’t studied the race god, but he can take this opportunity to fish in troubled waters, especially one who was beaten to the door and never left the elf god.
Chapter 215 The demise of Wang Ting the Elf
"It was a fake grave. The Queen of Lunatone didn’t die." Qin Mu Ye saw an elf skeleton in the tomb of the Queen of Lunatone through remote video, but according to the test, it was definitely not Queen Lunatone who could analyze it from the residual elements and magic of the skeleton.
Soon Qin Mu Ye took people to kill the elf Wang Ting.
Haven’t wait until the elves mouth ask directly is a lot of firepower to cover each other’s magic barrier to play the whole Wang Ting is a cry.
He didn’t even finish this work, but it was a whim. How could the Elves be prepared?
"Red wind lords, how dare you start work? Aren’t you afraid …"
Bang ~
The sound of grief and indignation was covered by a large number of explosions before it was finished.
Qin Mu Ye has suffered for so long. Just hit the crushing bureau. The elf just came out. It may be a sixth-order hero unit, but its bones may not be so hard and it was killed on the spot.
Probably a mage or an archer.
Then a wave of terror kept rising, and his energy radar showed that the transition from the sixth order to the seventh order was very smooth.
I don’t want everyone to know that the queen of Lunatone was forced out by him
The bombing of the whole elf Wang Ting has already turned into ruins, unless it seems to be able to compete with the enemy in the sixth order, then the root method is to resist such a large-scale fire attack
"Lock the source of energy fluctuation and start a secondary fire strike"
For example, the normal fire coverage just now was level 1, and most of them were conventional weapons.
In the face of more difficult enemies, such as the Queen of Lunatone, who is heading for the 7 th order, she has to go to a higher level of weapons and equipment
Now he also has three levels, the highest level is to face the seventh-order enemy, but it is not clear that the overload operation can not beat Qin Mu Ye.
He has paper data but no actual data.
With the continuous fire of level 2 firepower, the fluctuation of the other side’s original level and steady rise was disordered.
Who is being hit Qin Mu Ye can’t see all kinds of ammunition rising at random, all kinds of energy bursting, decay and so on. This visibility can be one centimeter, which is his small firepower coverage.
It’s a war. You have to kill each other in hand-to-hand combat.
After about three minutes, Qin Mu Ye found that Queen Lunatone’s energy fluctuation disappeared.
"Dead? Unlikely. The settlement of the Lord’s Era hasn’t come out yet. "
"Won’t be escaped …"
Qin Mu Ye always monitors to see if there are fluctuations. The whole elf Wang Ting has been blocked by him. By normal means, he can forcibly break the blockade of Qin and Mu Ye.
However, his blockade is not a general blockade, but it is overtime to send the channel core and the exotic mystery lock to assist. Even if you want to go, it will attract Qin Mu Ye’s attention. It is absolutely impossible to leave unless he is in the seventh order, but unfortunately the other party is in the sixth order
In the process of being hit by fire, the queen of Lunatone has no spare capacity to be promoted to the seventh order, even if the protagonist is upgraded in battle … Oh, the protagonist can do it, but Qin Mu Ye denies that the queen of Lunatone has the leading role.