However, Song Yuanyuan was diagnosed with minor bleeding and was hospitalized.

"I want to stay in the hospital with Yuanyuan." She can’t let Yuanyuan go to the hospital alone. She understands that what happened just now can’t hurt Yuanyuan at all. She is just comforting herself.
"Well, I’ll give you another room. You and Yuanyuan sleep next door, okay? I will accompany you to the hospital tonight. "Cheng Dongyang had expected that she would be like this and said.
Meng Yudong nodded, "Thank you, Dongyang", and he carried her back to the sick side. He told her to lie down by herself and lie beside her carefully.
"I’m sorry Dongdong" Cheng Dongyang gently circled her arms. "I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let you get hurt again, but today I’m sorry for letting you face this situation."
"Fools don’t care about you," Meng Yudong caressed his face. "And didn’t you come to save me?"
Cheng Dongyang kissed her forehead "Dongdong you always this is the case, you don’t blame anything I speak? I don’t know what to do if you are like this? "
Meng Yudong’s heart tightened and she leaned against his arms. "After Dongyang, you will still encounter such a thing, right?"
Cheng Dongyang couldn’t answer, but there might be something more terrible. He panicked and said, "I’m sorry, Dongdong, I’m sorry."
"Dongyang, let’s divide it!" Meng Yudong said quietly in his arms, "Don’t go like this. I don’t want to go like this."
Finally say it out Cheng Dongyang heart desolate "I’m sorry Dongdong"
"Dongyang, do you know what harm Yuanyuan has suffered?" Meng Yudong’s mouth is still smiling, but her eyes are already moist. "She can’t forget that she still hurts her heart, so she won’t go back to Binhai or go home and float with me."
This is a scar that Cheng Dongyang doesn’t want to talk about. When he saw Song Yuanyuan, he was not sorry, but he would force himself not to think about this injury and tear it. He had to face it.
"Dongyang, I have a friend Yuanyuan who lost her. I have paid a lot. I can’t let her get hurt." Meng Yudong said that the more sad she was. "This time she was because of me. Although she didn’t succeed, Yuanyuan must be very afraid in her heart. She is used to being strong and used to saying that she is not true. She must be very afraid."
"I will find out who those people are? If it’s really a silk tong, I won’t let her go, "said Cheng Dongyang as if determined, but holding Meng Yudong tighter."
"I know you can but now I think we still points? I can’t let Yuanyuan fall into that danger again. Once again, it must be unbearable for Dongyang. "Meng Yudong calmly pushed him." Dongyang, I have completely closed my school now. I want to move back to Jixian Military Region and live there in peace. Yuanyuan also quit her job two days ago. She can go with me. "
What else can Cheng Dongyang say? Shi Dongdong’s decision is also right. He is also very worried about her safety. If this kind of thing comes again, he will be crazy and live in the military area command. Instead, she is safer.
"Good yuan can be released from the hospital, I’ll send someone to send you in the past" Cheng Dongyang thought so and agreed.
Meng Yudong didn’t refuse, she said, "Will you help me to see Yuanyuan? I’m still worried about her. "
"Good" Cheng Dongyang let her go to bed reluctantly "You have a good rest Dongdong promise me one thing, don’t make any decision now? I’ll take care of things and then I’ll pick you up. Your progress must be justified. "
Meng Yudong light smile now she doesn’t value these is she also force with dongyang chapter 51, like sister, like brother.
When Cheng Dongyang went to see Song Yuanyuan, Song Yuanyuan was lying in bed with his eyes wide open and saw him come in. She sat up. "Is Dongyang’s brother Dongdong okay!"
"She’s all right. Don’t move. Lie down well." Cheng Dongyang sat down on the bed and couldn’t help saying, "Yuanyuan, thank you today. Brother Dongyang, thank you."
"I’m not the only one who did this. You don’t thank me." Song Yuanyuan lay back and said lightly, "If you really want to thank me, you can find out the person behind it. It’s the Meng Xiaodong car accident case. You owe Dongdong a hand over to treat this matter tonight."
Cheng Dongyang breath Song Yuanyuan said that he owed Dongdong a confession.
"My intuition is that Sitong does it. Of course, Brother Dongyang, you don’t believe me," Song Yuanyuan said. "And it’s not like a coincidence that the wind appears here."
"What do you think Sitong made it?" Cheng Dongyang seems to have some not letter asked.
"Because the truth that night was that Si Tong told me that Brother Dongyang was not as simple as you said, and that girl was very young and clever." Song Yuanyuan replied.
Cheng Dongyang fell silent about what happened that night, knowing that there were too few people, even the mother and Yu Yu knew about some Tong Tong.
Anyway, there are a lot of questions. Cheng Dongyang didn’t answer directly. Song Yuanyuan also suspected that "Yuanyuan, you should rest early next door to Dongdong and me."
Song Yuanyuan nodded. She didn’t know if Cheng Dongyang believed it, but it also made her determined that she must find evidence to show Silk Tong’s true colors.
But when everything returned to calm, her expression became hollow, and she should have forgotten the nightmare three years ago. When the man tore her clothes to the ground, she was really afraid to tremble.
She couldn’t help hugging herself. She seemed to hear men laughing. She sat up suddenly only to find that there was a man sitting by the bed. The wind was sitting by her bed in black.
When will he come? She never fell asleep and didn’t hear any movement. She looked at him with vigilance. "What can I do for the Chief of Staff to come to see me so late?"
"I want to advise you that enough is enough." The expression of the wind remains the same, and the voice is even colder. "Your eyes tell me that you are restless and enough is enough, otherwise your father will not be able to keep you, and you will be taught a lesson."
"what do you mean?" Song Yuanyuan is not afraid of being threatened. Raise the bar and look him in the eye.
"You looked for my sister every time. After you looked for her, she became negative, world-weary and finally committed suicide." The wind said lightly, accusing me of coldness.
Song Yuanyuan sneered, "Ha, your sister will get rid of the world because of my words. If that’s the case, I should find her more often, so that the world will be less of a scourge."
Feng’s eyes darkened, but he remained motionless and said, "If you tell my sister Hu again, I won’t let you go."
"Chief of Staff, do you know your sister?" Song Yuanyuan asked.
Keep your eyes on her and keep listening to her.
"If you knew who your sister was, you wouldn’t say these words to me now. It’s pathetic that a chief of staff was fooled around by a little girl." Song Yuanyuan sneered at his eyes.
"You really have a lot of nerve." The wind will definitely look at her. He can’t help but think of how many girls have such courage in the dark alley just now!
"Thank you for your compliment" Song Yuanyuan Gherardini.
The wind flashed his eyes. It was the first time he saw a woman like Song Yuanyuan. She was unruly and bold, and she didn’t lose her strength. But the eyebrows showed that women were charming. The women around him were either arrogant and arrogant or weak. Those female soldiers in innocent girl military camp would not treat them as women.
The first time I met Song Yuanyuan, his heart jumped.
"Staff, I’m going to rest in the lesbian ward here. Please go out," Song Yuanyuan said, changing to be closed for a rest
The wind got up and he came to go, but he went over and touched her face. "Are you swollen with medicine?" Such a red and swollen face should have no sense of beauty, which is what makes him feel amazing when he looks at it.
"What do you do?" She ran away and looked at him in horror. "It’s hospital wind here. If you dare to mess around, I’ll shout."