There is a job!

The island was floating around. The bomber suddenly found a skeleton and climbed out of a lizard!
This lizard seems to be the same species as the sound lizard. It is lying on the ground now. It seems that its physical strength has reached its limit but it is still alive.
I wish I hadn’t died.
The bomber immediately flew over to the joint and picked it up and flew back to the original island quickly.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Wandering plague
"The fragile brain is about to end its life. Read the memory and extract the essence."
Almost dying lizard is in front of the head worm. This precious brain is precious information. It will show all doubts … It’s no problem to be dead without Takuya, but it’s better to be alive.
Generally, species with small brains can still know a lot of information, although it seems that their memory is not clear.
There used to be a lot of creatures living on this island, but it didn’t last long. They had a habit that lasted for a long time, that is, they arrived at a giant creature’ Swimmer’.
Swimmers usually go back and forth to several islands. In addition, some larger island creatures rely on the back of swimmers to go to other areas.
So far, it’s just as Lin thought, but this island has enough resources for their lives. Why should they take the Swimmer?
In addition, it seems that there are more than one swimmer, and there are some other swimmers who have been here before, but Lin saw that the creatures who died for no reason were trapped and eventually died
It is difficult to find out the cause of death of swimmers. Did Lin find any traces of wounds? The cells seem to stop running slowly. Perhaps it is the time to live. This giant creature usually has a very long life and has no life.
It can be said that the fate of the creatures riding it is not very good …
And that reason why they escape to the swimmer is to avoid something.
The brainworm said that it left a deep fear on the lizard’s memory, and it would sweep all the creatures on the island, leaving nothing behind …
The brainworm said that he didn’t find these lizards if he knew that this’ thing’ would come to the island. Lin speculated that maybe it would come at regular intervals. Some creatures escaped by swimmers, and then they came back to breed after they were fine, so that their descendants would remember to avoid it.
The lizard’s memory of’ it’ seems to be very vague. The lizard has never seen it directly, but the brain worm found that this memory area contains strong fear.
All the head worms will be called’ wandering plague’
It seems that after communicating with Lin for a long time, brain worms will like names as much as Lin …
Plague usually refers to some very powerful bacteria or viruses, which can kill living things quickly and occasionally become more terrible disasters than storms or earthquakes, but such things have a great weakness in dealing with species-rich environments.
If an environmental species is relatively simple, it will be quickly destroyed by the plague, but if the species are rich, the plague will be quite fragile. Their roots can’t infect many different organisms, such as twisting the jungle, and there can’t be any plague in the roots.
Suolin thinks this’ thing’ is not as simple as a plague, but it’s a good name, so it’s applauded.
So before speaking, the face of "Skull Island" that Lin met was very open. Did it seem that it was not because of dense fog but because it was attacked by "wandering plague"?
There is a great possibility, so the creatures there may also be dangerous.
However, if the’ plague’ is a creature, it will not repeatedly attack the places it has visited, but should look for areas rich in species, such as here.
It is not too much for brain worms to gain memories. It is said that this island creature will help swimmers avoid some dangers, but the details are not clear.
But linke can infer what happened to the stone-knocking lizard on the island …
All the islands that Lin met along the way were quite deserted, but some islands had traces of living creatures and each island had some’ echo eggs’.
Maybe echo eggs are a kind of record. The wandering plague will record the islands they have attacked, that is, when the sound of eggs stops, they will go back to attack the islands again.
Did the lizard beat stones to imitate the sound of eggs so that the wandering plague could go around the island?
It’s really possible … although I don’t know how lizards learn about eggs and plague, the head worm found that the brain of the sound lizard was so big that it almost drove out the ancient squid, and this is Lin’s guess, which may be deeper or not.
But it is certain that there may be any attack here next.
It’s not an earthquake or a lava eruption. It’s hard to predict that there is a biological attack, and it’s strange to have this wandering plague action route. If they had attacked all the way according to Lin’s route, they would have reached the island long ago, but they didn’t appear and Lin didn’t meet them halfway.
And if you take another route, why are there many islands that have laid eggs on the way?
Generally speaking, it is necessary to be prepared. This "plague" may not only destroy animals, but also destroy plants and islands. However, it is unlikely that ordinary creatures will be destroyed. If not, there will be no food to eat them. When the eggs are placed on the islands and the nutrients are exhausted, it may be when the islands return to normal environment.
Although it is too short to say that eggs should last for about two years … there are still many questions …
But now Lin is ready for the’ wandering plague’, which may be a plague with a huge number of creatures leaving nothing everywhere …
There are many questions about this biological ecology. Maybe it is a division of labor species, or maybe it is not. They should have a certain relationship with the huge pile of corpses on the seabed. At present, it is confirmed that they can swim in the sea, but they have never approached the northern continent, otherwise Lin will definitely find this kind of creature.
It must be crazy if they eat up all the plants and animals. There are few creatures and the power of war is strong, but Lin thinks it is almost impossible to meet a species stronger than the Inca swarm.
Maybe we should hide? Lin doesn’t think so. If this is a war, Lin intends to face it directly. Besides, Lin doesn’t like this kind of creatures that are destroyed everywhere, and the head worms don’t want to hide and recognize them. "Without the sense of sustainable development, madness and disorder will be extinct."
Lin is not sure in which direction they will approach the island at present. Just put observation arms on the edge of the island.
Of course, it would be better to set up forts, but it feels too rough. After all, the resources are 30 kilometers islands.
At the same time, Lin also asked the reapers to search the nearby waters to see if they could find the wandering plague or traces of their movement
The smell in water will stay longer than in air, but the flow of water is not good, so it is better to rely on eyesight.
At the same time, Lin asked some troops to go back and find the islands with’ echo eggs’. At that time, these islands were deserted and did not study them in detail to see what they might find.