Soon there was a population drinking and questioning.

"They’re all dead. I’m desperate to escape. I’m coming to tell you that you’re going to all the ancient temples. Brothers have passed. If we let that man escape, all of us will be put to death by the devil." Xiao Yu shouted bitterly.
In a word, he seemed to have touched the wound, suddenly spouted blood, and his body stumbled and fell directly from the middle.
"Kill the past!"
These shining golden ares roared towards the forbidden area and rushed over there without looking at Xiao Yu’s roots.
A group of humanized golden lights flashed by.
Xiao Yu was covered in blood and fell to the ground until this group of people completely left, and a breeze rushed towards the treasure house door.
But just as he was approaching the treasure house gate, a slow sound suddenly rang behind him.
"When the devil goes out, there will always be some outsiders who want to break into the treasure house and steal something. Sometimes when they are old, they can’t manage it, but they still have to be reluctant to do it."
Xiao Yu’s heart is still a shining golden statue of God.
He didn’t reveal himself. He was really afraid of being spied on.
Now Xiao Yu turned to see an old man in a black robe, with a gray head and long hair behind him and his eyes staring at him quietly.
Xiao Yu’s eyelids suddenly gave a slight smile. "Is the elder responsible for guarding this treasure house?"
The black-robed old man stared at Xiao Yu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and suddenly nodded. "Yes, it’s no wonder that I was able to mix here. I used to be proficient in Daozong Jiuchan, but I didn’t dare to break in here. The old man has a dead end, little brother. Have you figured out how to die?"
Xiao Yu laughed. "Is the younger generation ready? Is the older generation ready?"
"oh? Do you want to fight with the old man? "
The black-robed old man’s heart seemed to have heard the biggest joke.
Xiao Yu word and suddenly broke out in a blazing golden flame golden light harsh burning ascended like an ancient volcano erupted directly.
Bloody and harsh, he was like an incarnation of a generation of ancient war immortals, and all his blood burned up.
Xiao Yu folded roar a direct blow to black old man smashed in the past.
"golden blood!"
The black-robed old man’s face changed suddenly and violently, and he roared all his magic powers at once, and a black vortex whined like a dead world towards Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu blasted the golden flesh and blood through with one punch, and everything was shattered, such as volcanic magma rolling, which exploded the dead world on the spot.
The black-robed old man snorted miserably and spouted a mouthful of blood. The black vortex fried his two arms and directly turned into blood fog. His body flew out with horror.
However, before he could react, dozens of causal lines had rushed out in a flash, and his body was penetrated on the spot, and then he was sucked into the human body.
Xiao Yu directly shook the body of the black-robed old man into dust, and the body turned into a breeze and rushed towards the treasure house.
He pushed a crack in the whole treasure house and the whole person disappeared directly into the treasure house.
As soon as he entered the treasure house, all kinds of treasures came into his eyes, and there were countless runes and dazzling array of things.
Xiao Yugen will not look closely and directly include these treasures in the oven of heaven and earth.
He was like a locust passing by, and at the end of the day, the whole oven of heaven and earth was directly stuffed, so you can imagine how many of these treasures there are.
Xiao Yu’s mind strafe found nothing missing, and then turned into a breeze, which swept directly out of the treasure house towards the island.
This time, he gained a great deal, which is definitely the most abundant one when he entered the Yin and Xian realms.
The crack day Devil has collected treasures for several years, and he has taken them away!
"This is a real disaster. I swept away these treasures. The Lord of crack day will be furious when he knows it, but what’s wrong with me? I’m still digging in the back. I don’t know anything. "
Xiao Yu light say with smile
Far away, in a fairyland, the misty law of purple gas fills the air, and more than a dozen powerful magic masters talk about the crossing, the golden lotus pouring out, and the charm pouring out. When it comes to the subtleties, the heavens and the earth are full of lotus flowers, and the virtual shadows of ancient fairies and beasts are dancing with them.
Fang, a group of monks, listened with ecstasy and entered a profound enlightenment.
Suddenly, crack day, the demon Lord, gave him a lecture, and all the refining and chemical industries around him fell, and the virtual shadows of ancient immortals and beasts also collapsed.
His Lord looked puzzled at crack day Lord with his face Zheng.
"What happened to crack day Daoyou?"
An old population asked.
Crack day’s demon Lord pinched his fingers and counted for a moment, and then his face changed dramatically. "It’s not good for my treasure!"
He didn’t want to rush away from here and roll up a few younger brothers to say, "Dear friends, forgive the backyard fire and apologize another day!"
"Fire in the backyard?"