So after thousands of seconds … Lin found that they were still floating there and didn’t move …

And the small and medium-sized arms in the sea of clouds also found nothing special.
Lin in the sea of clouds did see a lot of crystalline organisms, all of which are trilobites and some other multicellular organisms, and they were all infected with crystalline samples
This feeling is wonderful because it is the first time that crystalline organisms have been found in the sea of clouds, and Lin found that it seems that crystalline organisms can infect multicellular organisms but not atmospheric organisms.
Although they are interesting, they can’t be informative
Lin thinks that since we have already fought, we should just "go too far".
This crystallized island looks rather suspicious. It must have been created by the’ creator’. Lin decided to call it and have a look.
Since they attacked those jet crystals, Lin also destroyed them in the same way
In the dark fog of distant ships, some large arms-Styx cannons have been built on the Lin deck!
This is mainly to defend against some attacks, but now the giant gun has been different from before, with many liters
A giant cannon has aimed its muzzle at the location of Crystal Island.
Roar: A bomb explodes and shoots towards the target.
Even if it is 100 kilometers away, the bomb can still fly that far, where the flier keeps observing the movement of the atmospheric creatures.
Lin is not a concealed bomb, so they should find the bomb and try to stop it.
But things don’t seem to be the same as Lin’s.
After a short time, the flyer can see the explosive bomb rushing in the distance.
But the atmospheric creatures on Crystal Island didn’t respond. They didn’t seem to know that danger was approaching …
They didn’t react until the bomb hit the island.
Boom!’ Explosives hit the island, and the crystal debris scattered everywhere, and the island’s atmospheric creatures fled this place in panic.
Looking at their performance, Lin feels that this group of atmospheric creatures is like a group of wild species.
However, they are indeed creatures that attacked the Inca swarm before, so Lin felt very strange. What is even more strange is that this crystalline island …
The flier who came out of the pit didn’t see anything special in it. It seemed to be a simple piece of crystallization.
What ordinary crystal meets this place? This is not the main problem, but the moment Lin bombed it, there was a reaction somewhere.
Here is a sound that shocked the hearing organs in the ship, and the whole area is constantly echoing.
This is the Inca swarm that has not yet reached the position, but Lin’s’ floating soul’ entered here in advance to observe the state of the golden structure here.
This kind of sound has been echoing here since Lin was blasted into the outside …
Is this a coincidence? Or is it really a reaction to being beaten outside the island?
There are a lot of structures running around in a hurry, although they were panicked before. Most of the structures here can’t fight. The detection box Lin followed a group of structures into a room.
This room is where the sound is sounded.
And here Lynn seems to see something special.
Most of the houses that were attacked by insects on the ship’s surface were either to catch the biological room Lin or to see so many things in the ship’s room for the first time.