Hearing the wolf god say this, Han Mao nodded and looked at the nine grandfathers with his eyes. "What do you say?"

"Seeing Hung-chun" is the ancestral way of Taiping Sect
"Kunlun Terran has long been out of work. Is this Kunlun Mountain where you come and go whenever you want? It’s too hard to look at my dragon." Brocade scales are sullen and cold, and it’s not cold, and it’s already denounced.
Everyone outside Kunlun Mountain is wrangling in Kunlun Mountain. At this time, Jade Duxiu is melting the regular wheel. The regular wheel has reached the key moment. See the regular wheel. The HarmonyOS ancestral gas is getting closer and closer, and the two are slowly merging. The HarmonyOS purple gas catalyst is constantly merging with the regular wheel.
"Give me some time. When I smelt this rule wheel, the rule wheel will quietly abscond from Kunlun Mountain. It is bound to call you fiend gens. The demon race will suffer retribution. It is said that the ancestors always have the opportunity to slowly concoct it." Jade Duxiu sneered and closed their eyes, constantly sensing the magic power of the rule wheel in front of him, forging a brand and falling into the rule wheel. The mighty rule of heaven and earth kept falling into the rule wheel. A mysterious message entered Jade Duxiu’s mind at this time.
"Is this the true meaning of the law wheel?" Jade Duxiu’s eyes closed, feeling the fusion of the two Falun Gong and various heaven and earth secrets, and jade Duxiu’s eyes suddenly lit up, ignoring the external struggle, running God’s will like a knife, constantly absorbing the law wheel, rules wheel and heaven secrets for all kinds of verification and deduction.
The ancestors of the outside world looked gloomy and said, "Long Jun, don’t joke. This Kunlun Mountain belongs to my Terran. You can’t deny it."
Grandfather Taiyi looked at all the demon gods and all the Long Jun with a pair of eyes. "I’m going to have a fight."
"It’s a difficult thing to do. Now there are many contradictions among various forces. It’s really troublesome." Taizu frowned.
"Hum, although our Terran has retired to the sidelines, its fighting power has not weakened. If the four seas dragons can challenge our Terran hegemony, they will teach us to be like dragons today, and keep respect for our Terran. In ancient times, these old things always took advantage of the fish in troubled waters to eat on both sides. I have long been fed up with it. Today, it is just a good time for the dragons to fight and vent their depression in the past."
It’s hard to imagine that in the past, it was always too easy for the ancestors to gnash their teeth so easily. It was too easy for the ancestors to say, "I’m interested in Jin Li, and it’s okay for you guys to jointly suppress those four old guys."
"No problem, just give it to us seven. Even if this is the intersection of the four seas, it will be enough to pin down these two old deathlessly. After all, there are three detached strong people here." The Taiping ancestor smiled confidently.
That’s too easy to see to the SIRS fiend "ladies and gentlemen! Do you have any objection to the seat? The elephant god, the fox god and the tiger god are beyond the strong. Can you twelve handle it? "
"Here is Kunlun Mountain. I want you Terran to be able to pin down the dragon. Although we can exert our strength, we can also compete with these three detached strong people." Wolf God said coldly.
"What about the cold and the ice monster?" Nae shinto
"It has solved the problem that many people in the demon clan naturally recognize the general trend".
Looking at SIRS, the strong are eyeing up more and more, and suddenly they are sullen and come to the back channels. "It’s too easy for this old deathlessly to find something that shouldn’t be found. It’s really a bloody fool. It’s the first person to get the cat out of the bag. This old thing is simply boring to live. Today, I’ll teach you that it’s a powerful and detached state. Are you really the first person in all worlds? But what about Hongjun? You can’t really call Hung-chun successful. "
Chapter 194 Brocade scales peep at the secrets of the flesh
"Jin scale! Have you crossed the line? " Tai Yi’s ancestor looked at Brocade with a smile.
Jin Li smiled coldly. "Since you want to die yourself, it’s no wonder you’re sitting there."
Talking, Jin Li grabbed the tear and instantly came to the front of Tai Yi’s ancestor to break his belly.
"the limit of fate has rebounded"
Brocade scales lost control in the middle of a claw, and its claws inexplicably turned towards Brocade scales’ chest when it was near Taiyi’s ancestor.
"What a weird avatar."
Jin Li’s eyes sparkled with extraordinary splendour, and the palm of his hand instantly recovered and the whole body was filled with chaos. He took a step towards Tai Yi’s ancestor’s forehead and grabbed the past. The dark and deep African claws seemed to contain one side of the universe. When Gan Kun locked up the division of Yin and Yang, he split the universe from Tai Yi’s ancestor’s palm.
"It’s amazing. The avatar understands the profound laws."
Father Taiyi’s eyes are dignified, and the turtle shell in his hand keeps spinning. "Fate judges that you will be dismembered."
Burst leather stereo, tearing leather stereo all over, but I can’t resist the brocade scale. Seeing the chaos of brocade scale all over, all the pulling forces collapse and break into pieces. "Destiny returns to chaos."
All the forces of fate fell into the chaos near the moment, and the trace disappeared, which was melted by the chaotic force of Brocade Scale.
At this moment, the shocking war broke out in the four seas, and only the cold ice monster looked at the distance in situ and was at a loss.
"Empress! Which side should we help? " Ice monster puzzled and scratched his ugly head.
"It’s not a good thing. Let’s not help each other." Cold and cold way.
Countless heaven and earth morality, law meaning and rule meaning in Kunlun Mountain are continuously absorbed by Jade Duxiu, then melted into providence like a knife, melted like a knife that day and poured into violet again.
The secret meaning of the heavens and the earth fell into the violet. With the pouring of the secret meaning of the laws and rules of the heavens and the earth, the power of the heavens and the earth continued to flourish, and the nutrients were absorbed by the violet. In the three thousand chaos, countless true violets were constantly derived and covered by chaotic gas.
Jade Duxiu corners of the mouth with a smile, "God’s will is like a knife. I didn’t expect that with this number of rules, the strength of the rules can prove that God’s will is like a knife, and the progress is still as good as God’s help. It’s really amazing to deduce the changes in the meaning of heaven and earth. I don’t know if this rule wheel can completely melt the back seat. Can God’s will be promoted to the ninth floor?"