It is equipped with 20 guiders, and each guider can carry six to nine nuclear heads, each with a capacity of 100,000 tons.

These missiles have a range of more than 1,000 kilometers and can easily cover the whole country.
As a huge deep-sea monster, the typhoon-class guided nuclear submarine has built six, and at present, there are three left in service due to insufficient funds such as maintenance.
"This can catch a big" ZhuoJiang excited again.
Because this is a Soviet submarine in the waters of the United States, even if something happens, it will not be known to everyone in the world. On the contrary, they may deliberately conceal the news and cause dissatisfaction and anger in the United States.
But Zhuo Qiang has another assistant who can keep himself out of it.
This typhoon-class guided nuclear submarine has an American attack nuclear submarine more than ten nautical miles away.
The old rivals, the United States and the Soviet Union, who have been dealing with each other for decades, often compete in the seabed.
Both sides want to send their own guided nuclear submarines to each other’s doorstep, and at the same time, they attack nuclear submarines and always guard against and look for each other’s guided nuclear submarines
The eye is an excellent example. The Soviet Union sent its own guided nuclear submarine to the coast of the United States, while the United States attacked the nuclear submarine but guarded the door to keep the Soviet nuclear submarine out.
Zhuo Qiang found that America, the attacking nuclear submarine, seemed to be looking for something, but he did not find the Soviet nuclear submarine.
Although Soviet submarines are slightly inferior to American and submarines in stealth, it is not so easy to find them when American attacks nuclear submarines in the deep sea.
There may be a reason why the two nuclear submarines of the United States and the Soviet Union are so close together.
It may be that the U.S. attacked the nuclear submarine and once discovered the Soviet submarine, but lost the trace of the other side during the tracking process. I wandered around here trying to find out the hidden location of the other side
The Soviet nuclear submarine is quietly moored behind an underwater reef, and the surrounding environment is perfectly combined. It seems that it is not a short time for the American submarine to find it.
If Zhuo Qiang wants to launch an attack on this Soviet submarine, he can put the attack on the head of this attacking nuclear submarine in the United States.
America’s attack submarine is the most advanced sea wolf-class attack submarine, and its performance is extremely advanced and its noise is extremely low. It is difficult for the enemy to search for its trace.
Due to the high cost of sea wolf-class nuclear submarines, it is reported that the average price of the first two submarines reached 2 billion yuan, so the original budget for building 30 submarines was changed to the final three.
The United States still attaches great importance to this sea area, and actually sent their most expensive attack nuclear submarines to patrol here to drive away Soviet nuclear submarines.
"The horse sailed to the sea wolf class submarine in the United States." Zhuo Qiang ordered the Long Yun horse to act
Zhuo Qiang is going to plant a frame-up and let Su Guo go to the United States for trouble.
The displacement of the US Sea Wolf-class attack nuclear submarine is 9,000 tons, which is a little smaller than that of the Long Yun. At this time, it is cruising around looking for all suspicious targets around it.
But can these ordinary submarines find the invisibility of Long Yun water?
Long Yun quietly came to the sea wolf-class attack nuclear submarine, and the square sea wolf-class submarine followed it closely at the same speed.
Zhuo Qiang looked at the screen and ordered the torpedo to prepare for the typhoon-class nuclear submarine of the Soviet Union.
"Launch" as Zhuo Qiang ordered two torpedoes to ignite and start, they broke away from the launch tube and sped away to the typhoon-class submarine of the Soviet Union.
At this time, the American sea wolf attacked the nuclear submarine, and a soldier looked at the screen and rushed to the front of two torpedoes with wide eyes.
"This this is how did that happen? Is it a mistake? " Na Bing sent a surprise question and then reported to the captain.
The captain, Lieutenant Colonel Sikes, rushed over after receiving the report. He didn’t panic after seeing this situation. He glanced at it roughly and said without hesitation, "This is definitely not that we launched these two torpedoes too slowly and too small. What the hell is going on?"
The sea wolf-class nuclear submarine is equipped with torpedoes with a diameter of 65 mm, while the Long Yun torpedo has an experience of 533 mm. Lieutenant Colonel Sikes can see it at a glance.
No one knows what these two torpedoes came from or what targets they attacked, and everyone has a small eye on these two torpedoes to see what will happen.
However, the captain, Lieutenant Colonel Sikes, was wary of his horse ordering others to prepare for the battle and searching for other submarines around him.
Although these two torpedoes are not attacking their own submarine, since there is a submarine hiding in the dark and they don’t know the other side, this submarine is theoretically classified as the "enemy" at present.
However, there is no suspicious object on the screen except the two torpedoes, which makes the officers and men of the boat fall into doubt.
At the same time, the officers and men of the typhoon-class guided nuclear submarine in the Soviet Union also found two torpedoes.
"The enemy attack quickly started to escape" cried Ivanov, the captain.
However, it seems a bit too late to restart the nuclear submarine temporarily because it has been shut down for a long time.
"Immediately launch jamming" Ivanov was surprised but did not completely lose his temper.
This typhoon-class nuclear submarine is still very lucky. Although it just started up and quickly turned to avoid interference, it finally escaped two torpedo attacks.
Zhuo Qiang saw the Long Yun launch two torpedoes, one typhoon-class submarine passed by and the other hit a disturbance, and a large splash bubble burst out in the water, so he slapped his thigh with hate.
"Ouch, why are you patting my thigh so hard?" Christie said angrily, rubbing the place where Zhuo Qiang was slapped.
"Oh, it’s wrong? It’s okay to photograph your wife’s body, and it’s not to photograph others calling out what’s the matter." Zhuojiang deadpan tunnel
"That let me beat you? Pat your husband, not someone else’s husband. "Christie will play when she finishes raising her hand.
Zhuo Qiang jumped hurriedly. Isn’t this a joke? If Christie patted him hard, he was afraid that his whole leg would be scrapped.
These two men are going crazy here, and two submarines outside the Long Yun are going crazy at this time.
Miguohai Wolf-class attack nuclear submarine