Yuan Ying’s poisoning injuries are priced according to different degrees.

More than 10% of Yuanying’s injuries were treated with a fairy sword and a fairy armor.
Price is an initial measure, depending on the injury, and the final explanation belongs to Dr. Wen at Shuxin Clinic.
"What a joke …"
"This is a doctor. This is crazy. Who is he?"
"At this price, who can afford to come to see you with such good things?"
When I heard an uproar, Wen Tao didn’t even pay attention to Xia chong’s marriage. How can Bing tell them that there are rich people in this world, just like ordinary people will never spend billions on a plane for a rich man to play with?
Even they have no feelings for these roots, or they will measure them by their own standards, just as they do now.
Wen Tao simply wrote this price table, which is actually based on Jin Mang’s introduction some time ago. Those people have set a low price because he has met more than a dozen people who can afford this price. The consultation office will not be the same as the consultation office in the secular world.
Take the profit-based route. Wentao directly raises the level of the consultation room to the highest and most cattle, or the sentence "You can set the price at will".
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Fix true ask consulting room industry (3)
Luo Zhenfeng pointed to the price list behind her and flew to her heart. "Is it clear this time? What did our boss say about your brain? It’s easy to get out of the clinic if you want to treat a disease!"
"Hum …" Heart fly cold hum a.
"Young players die …" People who come with Xin Fei naturally have his confidant, and one of them directly flies his sword to kill Luo Zhenfeng.
All this is naturally clear to Wentao, but he didn’t pay attention to it because someone would naturally take care of it.
"When …" A crisp hit the heart and the flying sword was hit. In the middle, I saw a flying sword of Shushan Sword School stopped in the middle.
"accept!" Beside Luo Tengyun, an early Du Jie man returned to his body again with a flying sword.
"Ah ….." Luo Tengyun smiled at Heart Flying. "Heart Flying predecessors are the most famous and top ten outstanding talents of Emei Sect. How can you argue with children? Please forgive me if there is anything inappropriate."
Heart fly eyebrows a wrinkly heart felt a bad feeling for the first time, this guy turned out to be the shushan sword school, what does shushan sword school have with shuxin clinic …? ?
I’m buzzing about the drama. This comfortable clinic is going to be miserable. It’s the most exciting thing. It’s not a mix-up. It’s a struggle.
But when I heard that there was something about the Shushan Sword Sect, I suddenly fell silent. That’s why this Shuxin clinic is so arrogant. It turns out that there is the support of the Shushan Sword Sect behind it.
After arriving in Tianjunxing, he didn’t say much. Just now, he said hello to Wentao. This time, except for the five major arrangements, other sects have come to the three demon families, and they don’t really participate in things outside of Shushan.
However, there are few activities in the hanging mountain in Black Dragon Island, an overseas sect … They did come, but they were also secular agents. They didn’t lose their status and prestige in hanging mountain there, but their attitude was indeed to watch.
"I told you there must be something fishy, right?"
"Don’t be so noisy … you see the blue waves and the sea people are going to talk …"
This time, there was a Kongtong school that didn’t send anyone, but one of the Kongtong schools was relatively low-key, just like Wudang in the three new schools, and everyone was used to it.
Although his strength is worse than his heart’s flying, he is not the same as Luo Zhenfeng. His seniority is much higher than his heart’s flying. Of course, people in Shushan don’t need to be polite regardless of their seniority.
Tianjunxing is directed at all humanity. "This is our little island owner and our only little owner in Bibo Haitian. Although the little owner has officially left Bibo Haitian and entered Shuxin Clinic, everything is his own business. Shuxin Clinic has nothing to do with me, but the family relationship is unbreakable. Shuxin Clinic, such as Bibo Haitian, regardless of these things, but my little owner still hopes that you will give me some meager sensibilities if there is anything."
"Hum …" At last, I took one look at Xin Fei’s disdain and snorted. The feud between Haitian and Emei is not shallow. It is just that the same two sects are not convenient to fight casually.
But there is no need to fly a little face to the heart after the blue waves and the sea.
So instantly let the heart fly into an embarrassing bottom hair … Is to face the Shushan Sword School and Bibo Haitian at the same time, and it is not so simple that the Shushan Sword School and Bibo Haitian are in the Shuxin Clinic … Who is Wen Yi?
"You see, you see, I’ll say that people dare to come with such fanfare, so they must be prepared. Did you see that the Shushan Sword School and Bibo Haitian are quite comfortable clinics at the same time? This comfortable clinic is awesome."
"It’s really a big cow, but do you think it’s true what they ordered?"
"Who cares about that? Anyway, let’s look down on watching the fun."
"Ah ….." Heart fly heart blink several thoughts sneer at a way "since all say so, it’s natural to give this face to the Sword Sect of Shu Mountain, but …"
Heart flew at Luo Tengyun and looked at Luo Diagnosis. "It’s just that children don’t know much. If it’s really adults who are doing things behind, it’s another matter."
In a word, I looked for it, but I also brought myself to that topic just now. Unfortunately, Wentao won’t let him pass it so easily.
"Didn’t you just say to pay for their treatment? Look at Zhang today." Wentao looked at another injured guy and said, "I’ll save both of them directly even if I discount two pills of Ju Ling elixir and a fairy sword."
If it’s your own sect, two pills of gathering spirit elixir will be exchanged with a flying sword for a master in the late stage of cave deficiency and a master in the middle stage of repose, which is really worth it, but now these two people haven’t reached the stage of death, and secondly, it’s Jiugong Mountain, and it’s none of his business in Emei.
However, this sentence of Wentao pushed the heart to an awkward step and still couldn’t get out.
The most conspicuous among the Emei Sect is among the top ten outstanding talents. He still has some money, and he can still resist these things if he takes them out, but the question is … What does he want to take them out?
Just like the underworld now, money is more important.
"Hum …" Heart-to-heart snorted. "Don’t challenge my patience there. It’s not convenient for me to get involved in the fight between Jiugong Mountain and Green Sky. If you really want to have a fight with me, I’ll be waiting at any time."
There are many onlookers and many people who laugh when they hear the words of the heart fly, but they all dare not open their eyes. After all, the heart flies fiercely and is also famous, and not everyone can afford it 2.
Of course, all kinds of whispering are not.
Luo Zhenfeng and Tianjunxing are already very familiar with Wentao. At this time, both of them are wondering what the doctor Wen will do next. Are you just looking at Jiugongshan and Bicuitian?
And Jiugong Mountain and Green Sky are strong enough to be prepared, and someone has rushed over. They have already fought in high school, because if they continue to fight in low places, they will probably wave to residential areas.