If this mysterious secret Raymond Lui Shing Gung burst with enough power to destroy Fiona Fang Shili, he had absolute confidence in this withered bodhi old zu, but in the end, the mysterious secret thunder didn’t explode thousands of Zhu Rong fire crows as he thought, but it would melt all the threats in the bud before the thunder explosion.

At the same time, Zhao Kuo also suddenly took a picture of the axe. Where is the ghost in front of him? Look at him. He still keeps chewing his maw and doesn’t want to know that ghosts have fallen into his stomach for more than five days.
"Kill him" Chu imperial eyes swept face if withered and withered bodhi old zu cold so way
When Zhao Kuo leaps like a mighty mountain, he wields a huge axe to cut the withered bodhi old zu instantly. The latter is difficult to hide because of the mysterious thunder of the former sacrifice, not to mention that even the immortal body such as Tiangui can’t stop Zhao Kuo’s axe. How can the withered bodhi old zu become an international body? At this time, the only thing that the withered bodhi old zu can do is to call his disciples to help him.
"Yu Hongwu quickly sacrificed hundreds of ghosts to help me."
It is said that Yu Hong, who has been watching the war, is more and more frightened. His coldness should have been attacked by his hand. However, the strength shown by Chu Yu was so shocking that he could hardly remember the courage to attack. At this moment, he smelled the withered bodhi old zu calling for help. Yu Hong not only did not sacrifice a magic weapon to save him, but turned into a black light and fled south as quickly as possible.
"Kill the teacher and avenge me. Yu Hong will come to quote me someday …" This is the only word that Yu Hongyi left before he abandoned the teacher and fled alone. He was decisive and never hesitated.
I don’t know what Chu Yu thought in his heart, but he didn’t pursue Yu Honglai. He can kill both the master and the apprentice with the help of a fire pot.
"It was shine on you and better than LAN. You, the apprentice, are much smarter than you …"
Before being chopped into minced meat by Zhao Kuo’s innate magic weapon, the old bodhi old zu came out of his mouth and screamed "What a shine on you …"
It’s hard to escape to know that Zhao Kuo, however, has already eaten the withered bodhi old zu Yuanying with a big gulp, which really saves Chu Yu’s time.
"You should go back and stay, after satiated with food and drink." I heard that Chu Yu, the helicopter engine of foreign troops, chuckled for miles, and took the skeleton ghost king Zhao Kuo back to the lunar yuan god token. After all, this time, the withered bodhi old zu had a fight, and the movement was too big to be found by the secular people. It was strange that the battle was going very quickly, but it didn’t cause some unnecessary trouble. Just drive the military to find out before leaving.
In the end, Chu Yu, the grandson’s manor, was in a mess, but he never showed any pity. "The accomplice base killed the culprit, but it was never found … I believe that someone will lead me to find the evil head soon …"
In my heart, I remembered that at the same time, Chu Yu’s mouth crossed with a smile, which masked the five-color light-escaping primary colors and converged the breath and flew in the direction where Yu Hong had abandoned the teacher and fled.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Gather the demons
Kunlun fix true condition light palace with a black dun light from the sky into the gate then nasty shout a way "no good … no good …"
"Which jerk is so clamoring that he doesn’t know that today is the magic duty!" A green robe shaped like a bamboo pole with a withered face came out of the cold gate and shouted at him.
"Zhushan old magic quickly led me to meet The Hunger real person when it was really a big deal" A full face of surprised color Yu Hong saw people the first time.
This Zhushan old demon is also a devil figure. Although it is difficult to be as severe as the withered bodhi old zu, it is only a few different funds. Now it is the post of guarding the magic palace gate of the stars.
Just because he was sent by The Hunger to guard the gate, he was angry. At the moment, he smelled the honorific words in Yu Hong’s mouth and a pair of The Hunger’s life. He snorted from the old magic nose of Zhushan. "Who am I when I was a dead brother? How is the magic also your uncle’s generation? When I saw the magic, I didn’t even have some math, so I yelled."
Escape all the way to Yu Hong’s heart is already conceived in order. All the rhetoric is blocked by Zhushan old demon at the moment, but it doesn’t let the top go back. "You are just guarding the mountain gate. I am the imperial secretary of the stars. You stop me. It means that I have an urgent matter to report to The Hunger reality. If you don’t make way, be careful. The Hunger reality will take you out."
If Yu Hong casually calls the uncle class I, nothing will happen, but he has just met the biggest backer, withered and withered, and the bodhi old zu has been hanged, and he has escaped from life and death. Where is the time, Zhushan Old Devil, who is not the first person in the starry magic palace, is nonsense.
"Ask me if your ancestors didn’t repair you today. You really don’t know much about it." If Zhushan Laomo had no reason to get angry with Yu Hong at ordinary times, today he was humiliated because he was sent by The Hunger reality to guard the gate. At the moment, he smelled Yu Hong’s shouting. Where did he still sink and suppress for a long time? The internal heat exploded.
"Don’t you dare not follow The Hunger’s deadly people who belong to the magic palace gate of the stars …" Yu Hong believes that the strength of repairing is really slightly inferior to that of Zhushan old devil, so he quickly went into the palace to meet The Hunger’s real person. When this Zhushan old magic wave, he simply took The Hunger’s original rules in the palace and killed the latter army.
I never thought that the old devil in Zhushan, after this speech, excited an old face, and his anger became a pig liver color. He shouted, "The Hunger, he is a fart and let the devil guard the mountain gate. His ancestor, Banban Magic, has never been so angry. Now I will treat you for disrespecting the teacher first, and then I will take you to your master, and you will still have no words."
At the same time, the old devil in Zhushan’s voice fell, and the bamboo pole in his hand was five feet long and evergreen. The five elements of green wood quickly condensed into more than ten light blades and went straight to Yu Hong.
"You’re such a crazy old guard dog." How did Yu Hong think that Zhushan old demon really dared to offer a magic treasure to himself in a hurry, and this wave of offensive was abruptly knocked back by a dozen paces. The defensive magic treasure in his hand was also ruined by a green light blade.
"Little baby knows the magic is terrible, right? Haha." The green bamboo stick in the hands of the old devil in Zhushan is condensed from thousands of years of bamboo pulp. It is very powerful, but it can be very short. It is a magic weapon for Lai to become famous. It is not difficult for him to repair his strength in the early stage of fitting and have such treasures to help deal with Yu Hong.
Unexpectedly, it is impossible to know that Yu Hong was knocked back before the opponent of Zhushan Old Devil. In fact, he smiled in an instant and bowed his head respectfully and shouted, "Yu Hong is a real person in The Hunger!"
A cold and decisive breath came from the neck of Zhushan old demon, and then with a cold hum, he was still full of pride. Zhushan old demon turned out to be shaking all over, and he looked frightened.
"Zhushan Old Devil is really domineering!" Yin is extremely extremely loud, and a figure is shrouded in a hazy blood shadow, and a human figure appears behind the Zhushan old demon.
"Genus … Genus … Koujian … blood … The Hunger reality …"
"It’s not easy for you to recognize the statue as a person." The hazy blood shadow is micro-motion, but it’s instantaneous and proffering flaming in front of the Zhushan old demon.
"It’s nonsense, don’t blame the real person." The old devil of Zhushan, who is so arrogant, was afraid of this hazy blood shadow. It can already be seen how fierce the latter has accumulated in daily life.
"How can I blame you?" There was a faint chill in the blood shadow smile.
Smell The Hunger doesn’t pursue his gaffes. The Zhushan old devil feels relaxed in his heart. He just remembered but didn’t want that bloody shadow to attack the body and pass through the body. The Zhushan old devil didn’t even make a scream, so he was all dead, even without any chance to resist.
The blood shadow penetrated the body of Zhushan old demon, and it was also a clean and faintly visible body of Yuanying. The blood color was rich in a few minutes, and it was even more difficult to distinguish the image of the middleman.
"Zun never blames others for doing things wrong in the magic palace of the stars. There is a result-death."
Still kneeling down to the ground, Yu Hong didn’t expect The Hunger to blink for a second. Although the old devil in the early stage of fitting took up a lot of unprepared ingredients, he was prepared vertically. It was like when The Hunger died, and his hand was hidden with a middle-earth magic to repair a vein. The most powerful person, Jiuyou bodhi old zu, had best said everything.
Yu Hong is a clever little man. He wisely chose to beat up Reservoir Dogs. He did not hesitate to get up and kick the old devil’s skin of Zhushan, which has been drained of blood. He even angrily said, "It’s really cheap for you to die like this because of disrespect to The Hunger."
"Yu Hong, if you don’t honor your master, you will return to the sea."
Now there is The Hunger’s grandson who has just absorbed the bone and blood of Zhushan’s old demon Yuanying. At the moment, he is in an indescribable extreme pleasure. Although he is asking questions, he has eased a lot.
"Real people, you must ask my master for revenge!" Yu Hong cried sadly, and at the same time, two lines of turbid tears had already flowed, and the sadness was moving.
"What happened to Kurong?"