Zhuang not far away said that it is right to not understand, because I don’t understand either! I’m actually talking nonsense!

"I am white!" Suddenly, someone patted his thigh. "Is this the same technology that we eat tomatoes?" Measure tomatoes! After eating it, our body can be temporarily transformed into a quantitative state and rearranged to find a better solution! "
Not far from Zhuang, it means that you have a great imagination to write!
Zhuang is not far from smiling without saying a word.
Just then, Zhao Min got out of the car and wiped his face with blood. "All right, I have supported the doctor!"
The doctor checked before he hurried, and then moved the injured out of the car with the help of everyone, just as the ambulance arrived and a group of people rushed away.
Zhao Min was relieved to see the man leave here, and his face smiled.
"Wow!" I don’t know who applauded, and then everyone applauded wildly. Zhao Min applauded.
Zhao Min’s face suddenly turned red and he was at a loss.
Zhuang raised Zhao Min’s hand like a champion before he left.
"This is the chief gardener of our manor, Zhao Min. All the vegetables we eat are planted by Zhao Min and Master Zhao himself. Today, everyone has seen Master Zhao’s skills and mind! Let’s all give Master Zhao another hand! "
"Hey, hey!" More crazy, louder, and even more car horns.
Not far from Zhuang, he felt Zhao Min’s body shaking. He had never felt such attention and respect. This feeling made his master shine all over.
"Dad …" Zhao Jikun just saw a scene that was beyond his imagination, just like knowing his father for the first time.
What technology is this?
Is this technology really in the world?
And mastering this technology turned out to be the loser dad who couldn’t make a fart with his three sticks?
How is that possible?
He clapped his hands desperately and suddenly burst into tears.
For a long time, Zhao Min’s hand was finally released not far from Zhuang. Zhao Min felt that his hands were sore. Just now, the ultra-high intensity work made him a little tired. He was just about to rub his hands when his arm was caught by another person.
"Brother Zhao!" Deng Yali shook Zhao Min’s hand with excitement. "I can find you!"
Zhao Min "What?"
Chapter 34 African journalist comeback
"Brother Zhao, I’ll hire you as our technical consultant with an annual salary of fifty … not one million!"
Zhao Min "Ah …"
"I’ll add a suite for you! Three bedrooms, two halls and 120 flats! "
Zhao Min "Oh …"
"I’ll give you a special driver. If you don’t work, you can do it when you need it!"
Before Zhao Min could speak, Zhao Jikun cried, "Dad!"