Level 2?

Everyone looked at peeking at dad and hitting mom, and suddenly it was amazing. Even if the goods were rich, it would be so liver.
"Grade promotion is the standard of true qi strength, and it is not necessary to fight monsters to raise the grade. I am not the president. Although I don’t practice frequently, I always play chess with people, but others know it, but he is trying to understand what it is. The amazing grade promotion is naturally getting higher and higher."
Su Wei explained, "This is because I am not the president, and I have a deep foundation in reality. Although I gave martial arts a direct self-derived qi, Gu Wu did not run counter to it, but it was interrelated. After he realized this, the progress was naturally extremely fast, but it was similar to his real strength, but he could not copy it."
"Not the opposite? Gu Wu budo is connected? "
Wind flow can’t help but eyes a bright surprise looked up at Su Wei.
Suddenly, she felt as if she had grasped something …
And she has a question with the owner
It seems that we should think of some way to ask the head for advice.
Peeking at my father’s beating my mother’s smell, I suddenly became depressed and drooped my shoulders.
Is it actually a master in reality?
Then there’s nothing I can do
"All right, go to your own business."
Su Wei ha ha smiled … Everyone can see that he is in a good mood at the moment.
How could it be bad?
While speaking, Su Wei’s authenticity has soared to 6+
There are so many new customers and everyone is a kryptonite major …
He is naturally fruitful.
At this rate, if he goes for two more days, his authenticity will be restored.
But he got two clans for nothing, and he made a fortune.
It’s not surprising to think about it.
Now that Xuan Ci has decided to win over these players, Buddha will naturally not be stingy with them
The level set by Huashan Sect is due to the limited skill of Huashan. If it is bought in one breath, it will be difficult for players to lose their sense of belonging, which will naturally kill two birds with one stone.
However, there are many stunts in Shaolin, so I’m not afraid that players will buy it and add Shaolin and Buddhism blessing. That thing is really attractive.
It is impossible to ask the other party to pay for it and come to Xuan Ci without giving them the achievement method.
The income is naturally much higher.
And Zhou Zhiruo dialect …
Don’t underestimate the spending power of those prodigal women.
Can support 61, double eleven and double twelve shopping festivals at the same time?
This is really making money lying down.
Sue idealism head secretly pleased to think.
Go like this …
The metauniverse is expected, and the real world is expected.
Chapter 141 It’s good to be made to feel.
The fact did not surprise Su Wei.
Many players in Shaolin Temple are busy shaving.
And those players who don’t want to get a haircut are pulling Xuan Ku Xuanbei and other hospitals to ask about the detailed price of seventy-two stunts, and then carefully consider whether they can have this purchasing power. It is sometimes a kind of pain to choose too many.
But many female players in Emei have already bought it.
"Elder sister, can I buy this door with you? It’s so handsome to listen to the name … Sister Zhang, can you give me some advice yourself? In fact, I also have some Gu Wu foundation, but I really can’t do anything here. I want you to teach me alone. "
"We must support the game planning of the head sisters, and directly arrange the male players and the female players into two clans at the same time. The number of male players is four times that of female players. If we can’t eliminate enough, the head sisters will definitely be looked down upon by jokes."
"The master’s sword-killing is so fierce. It turned out to be the master’s sister’s creation. It’s amazing that I can learn the same master’s swordsmanship from the master’s sister …"
"Sister Zhang, I want to learn catkin fencing. Can you show me?"
Female players are more enthusiastic than
Zhou Zhiruo, surrounded by many female players, has already been at a loss.
But I don’t know that this picture of her makes those female players like it more. I think it’s so cute to be shy and gentle and gentle.
Well, well, how can Emei Sect’s never male brothers let their male brothers defile their leader’s sister’s eyelids?
And even if I am at a loss, I don’t know where the excitement of this group of brothers is.
Zhou Zhiruo, however, is still seriously explaining that "if you want to buy the achievement method, you can of course wear a cloud palm because of the palm potential created by Guo Xiang, the founder of Emei Sect. It is just right for our daughter’s family with weak innate constitution to get in and out freely, but you haven’t got the true qi yet. I still suggest that you practice the twelve Zhuang Gong of Emei Sect first, and … Your worship in Emei is considered as the fifth generation brother of Emei, and you should call me a master."
"Okay, I got it, sister Zhang."