Just close to the surface of the water, a shadow suddenly floated overhead.

The white stone emerged and was immediately splashed with water by paddling the paddle next to it.
It’s a long story. He shook his face, shook his hair, held his body in water, and looked sideways.
I don’t know where the police got a small wooden boat and prepared to fish for the body.
Sato and Takagi are both in the boat. In addition, there is a shade cloth with a pair of eyes looming at the bottom of the boat. It seems that some child with low feeling has mixed up with the boat.
Sato Miwa had already seen the shadow of water.
It is still uncertain whether the kidnapper has any other accomplices who escaped from the net. She immediately tensed up and planned to hit the suspicious points with one punch and stun them before tugging.
However, when people float to Sato, they find suspicious. But this man … She knows him!
For a while, Sato silently held out his hand to pull people to the boat first.
In view of her rescue experience, Sato Miwa didn’t think of Song Tian as a robber’s accomplice. She was in a complicated mood. What a coincidence that Song Tian was saving people again.
I hate the police, but I have been doing good deeds … This time I came late and failed to save people. Song Tian must be very sad in his heart. Sato couldn’t help but feel a little tearful and felt that he should send a medal to Song Tian’s brother.
Baishi looked at her outstretched hand and hesitated.
If you think about it, it seems better to give it to the police than to take the body away by yourself-since Sato and them can find it here, they already know that the body was thrown into the river.
It’s hard to explain that I haven’t died after soaking in water for so long.
If you give them your body now, when you wake up, you can say that you have slept and don’t know all the details, so the police can make up for it by themselves.
But if you take the body away and wait until it is repaired and replaced, it will become much more difficult to explain when it reappears.
Baishi soon figured it out.
He groped for the elf ball and secretly took it away, then pushed his body to Sato’s hand.
While the attention of the three people on board was focused on the white stone diving back into the water, it was transformed into a cat shape in the blind corner.
This form really doesn’t need to breathe. The white stone pops up with claws and hooks the bulge on the bottom of the boat like a piece of adhered seaweed hidden in the boat.
Sato consciously hugged the "corpse" and pulled the white stone boat.
When he wanted to bring Song Tian here, she was surprised to find that people were gone.
Sato’s heart thumped. The first reaction was that Song Tian sank back into the water.
However, when she took off her coat and tried to save people in the water, she couldn’t find anyone in the water.
This ship has a narrow hull, and it is unlikely that Tibetans will be hidden at the bottom.
Besides, if Song Tian could catch the boat, he would have crawled here long ago. He had no reason to stay at the bottom of the boat.
But Sato Miwa still don’t trust to confirm one.
It was beside her water that she suddenly exclaimed.
Sato’s vigilance turned around and he saw that there was an extra pupil in the boat. The child was looking down at Baishi to solve his messy rope.
And next to Conan, Takagi turned blue and pointed to the "body" with a full face of shock. "He, he is still breathing!"
“! ?”
Chapter 2 I ji We have a generation gap
Saving lives matters