"A group of Uzbeks!" Seeing them leave, the celestial Taoist disdain snorted. Although the enemy is even weirder this time, the senior brother brought some people with him this time. They are not the same as those Ukrainian people.

"And you …" Road flyover Celestial Pole pointed at Zhangbao and scolded, "What do you do? What have you been doing in the secular world for so many years? Look at what you have done now."
"Please calm down, Elders of Celestial Pole. I’m trying to adjust my power to inquire, and there will be a result soon." This side is also scolding Zhang Bao in my heart. If it’s been hundreds of years since I fixed the truth, it’s your turn now.
In the Emei Sect, both younger and older brothers are somewhat dissatisfied with the celestial pole, because he really has no ability. After a big war, the two of them left Tianshou to become a palm teacher, which is why he has today’s position, otherwise it would not be his turn to get up and Tianshou would not pull him.
Even Zhang Bao, an agent in the secular world, is very angry with him on the surface.
"Adjust the strength … unexpectedly say this bullshit to me immediately, and … find out if anyone except the people of Shushan has made weapons of Shushan or Dan medicine recently." Although the celestial pole is angry, it is urgent, but it can also be resisted.
After all, this is a secular world. He doesn’t do whatever he wants. He does whatever he wants. Actually, it’s not just the Emei family. Recently, the five major sects and some other sects have some regrets. If I had known this, I should have paid attention to the secular world. If there is the Shushan Sword Sect, I wouldn’t be so passive.
It is not so easy for other sects to find out what the Shushan Sword Sect is now, but the Shushan Sword Sect knows their situation like the back of its hand.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-four Let him teach you Go
People who fix the truth have their own way of life in the realm of fixing the truth, in the mountains of Shu and overseas, but it is different in the secular world. They have to adapt to this new game rule.
"Yes …" Zhang Bao wanted to explain it, but another thought … Forget it, the explanation is not white.
However, Zhangbao was still careful to wake up. "Elder Daoyuan and Taoist Fire are so many of them that it is hard to resist the descendant of the transformed beast and he has accomplices. I don’t know if there is anything with the Sword Sect of Shushan, but he killed us Emei Sect and we will meet them sooner or later. Should we inform Zhangjiao to get ready first?"
"Bang …" Celestial pole smashed the table beside him with a palm, saying that the person who fixes the truth is weak because it depends on who is better than ordinary people, and many of them are stronger than ordinary fighters. It is weak in Wentao’s eyes. At this time, the celestial pole smashed the table with a palm, which is also very imposing.
"What do you mean, the elders can’t stop them in town?" In the faction, people’s views and ideas about him are not unknown, and being looked down upon by a secular agent at this time makes him more angry.
Zhang Bao quickly knelt down and said, "Zhang Bao dare not."
"If you dare, I think you just want to die. You haven’t done your own thing well. If someone else had changed, you would have been solved first. There is also a need for the elders to link up with the teachers and brothers of Shushan in the secular world. Everything must be allowed by me."
"Yes, yes …" Road flyover Zhangbao nodded repeatedly, and his head broke out in a sweat. It was the first time that Taoist Zhangbao was so angry, which made it clear that road flyover Zhangbao was a thing. Even if he was worse, he was an Emei Sect elder and a Tianshouzhang teacher’s younger brother. He was just a secular agent. If he killed himself, he would be moving his fingers.
Road flyover celestial pole gave Zhang Bao a reprimand before letting him go out and check immediately.
Road flyover celestial pole vented a few words at Zhangbao and also pondered this matter. Daoyuan’s strength was as good as his own, and there were three other early masters in Du Jie and so many people who had an accident.
When I think of it, people on the celestial pole also feel a little cold in their backs. It seems that things are getting more and more troublesome for the town itself … Can you still sit still?
Maybe … I really should say hello to Mr. Zhang and see if I can …
The scenery of Kongjia is still in the pavilion of artificial lake. Kong Wenhao is playing chess with Oriental Sword.
Kong Jie is sitting there watching.
This time, Wentao fell directly from it, and he didn’t deliberately hide it or speed up. As soon as he fell, Kong Wenhao and Oriental Sword had already seen it.
Both of them quickly got up and stepped out of the pavilion.
"Doctor Wen"
"Well," Wentao nodded with a smile. "Two great grandfathers don’t have to be so polite. Let’s chat inside."
Kong Jie also followed them with a very nai expression. Seeing that Wentao looked at him, he could shrug his shoulders and help stand his hand.
It’s really weird that Wentao and Kong Jie are so casual together, but the two masters are cautious. Finally, they haven’t gone too far, otherwise Wentao really can’t be with the three of them at the same time.
"Doctor Wen, please" Kong Wenhao looks sideways at the Oriental Sword. Please see Wen Tao shaking his head slightly and smiling at Kong Wenhao. "Maybe the two of us are nothing at this age in the field of martial arts, but the two of us are old-fashioned because we have been in the field of martial arts for a long time. Maybe those in the field of martial arts who have lived for thousands of years may not have the same mentality as the two of us. The two stubborn doctors Wen will forgive you and Kong Jie for that, but we have our own rules."
"Since the two masters have said so, I will call them two masters. In fact, this toothpaste is more casual. You can call me anything you like." These forms of things are not so pursued.
Stepping into the pavilion, Kong Wenhao followed the Oriental Sword.
"You, you and I will watch for a while." Seeing that they are going to put away the chess, Wentao is busy preventing the two from coming to the end. This kind of thing is not formal and they get up again.
I have to say that the two players are very good at chess, and they are less likely to lose and win than the average national player. Their style determines their chess path, and the oriental sword chess is like its sword edge, attacking and attacking again.
Kong Wenhao, on the other hand, is just like Tai Chi. He is not in a hurry and has a good schedule.
This is a simple look at chess. Wentao looked up at Kong Jie, and Kong Jie just looked up at him and smiled.
The game ended soon, and Kong Jie immediately helped to liquidate Kong Wenhao and won a little bit. Then Kong Jie commented on the whole game as a teacher.
"Grandfather Dongfang Grandfather, you talked to Wentao first, and I went to the company to have a look." After the comment, Kong Jie put away the chessboard and got up and left him. He knew that Wentao had come to see two grandfathers about their world affairs.
Myself … I don’t belong to that world yet, so I can say it depends on the situation. At present, Kong Jie still doesn’t recognize how attractive that world is to me.
Kong Wenhao asked, "Dr. Wen, do you also play chess?"
Window lightly smiled and nodded "a little"
"Then sometimes you can talk to Kong Jie, who still has a certain talent in chess. If you don’t understand anything, ask him." Although they respect them very much for their kindness and medical skills, they still talk as family from the heart.
"Hua …" Kong Jie just walked out a few steps with the chessboard and just heard Kong Wenhao’s words. An innate level fighter lost his mind and actually dropped the chess box.