Xu tui ignored Laves’ leisurely degeneration into a ball, and added a spiritual explosive formula, and then entrusted Laves with the Xuanyin glass body.

"Is it white?"
Travis shook his head and nodded again.
"What do you understand?"
"I’m too impatient. I should get your permission first …"
"No, you’re not white."
Xu back shook his head, "I just want to let you know that even if you get this XuanYin glass body into your own flesh, it will be restored."
But if I want to, my horse can kick you out of the Xuanyin glass body and directly return you to your original shape!
Is it white? "
Laves, stay put.
After half a day, even if he got the Xuanyin glass body, he was still a second landlord.
"If you don’t speak the vernacular, I’ll take this thing," Xu said.
"I am white! Adults rest assured that you told me to go east and I would never dare to go west. You told me to get shorter and I would never dare to get longer. "Laves quickly promised.
"I hope you are really white and give me a good service. You will be detached that day." Xu retreated with a sneer.
"In vain!" Travis hurriedly agreed.
When he saw Xu’s retreat, he put the weight of Xuanyin glass in front of Laves, but Laves never dared to be impatient again.
"Can I go in, Lord Xu?" Travis asked cautiously
become wiser
"Go in."
A minute later, Laves re-turned into a human shape and carefully said, "Xu tui’s adult can give me some high-purity advanced alloy?" In this way, I can do better. How much you work for depends on your mind. "
I really don’t have much to bring back this thing of advanced alloy.
However, once I got Xuanliu alloy in Fuqiang asteroid, I still threw a few pieces of 50 or 60 kilograms in the dimensional chain, so I threw them to Laves casually.
Because of the lack of alloy, Laves can also maintain his tall image before, and finally he can maintain a height of about 1.6 meters
In today’s blue star Terran is relatively short.
However, the main features of the blue, silver, mysterious and glazed colors of the Daxi people look very obvious, so they were thrown back to Laves for a battle.
After wearing a mask, especially after pulling a mask, Laves is a living blue star Terran.
"What kind of fighting power can you play now?"
"The early strength of Transmutation should be able to compete with your blue star in the middle and even in the late stage with experience and quasi-planetary consciousness."
In fact, the transmutation boundary in the middle and late junior high school is the Daxi nationality, and the FE-level transmutation boundary is the initial DC, the middle BA and then the later.
"If your strength rises to the middle of transmutation, aren’t you able to fight against quasi-planets?" Xu asked back.
"That’s the theory"
"Then how much energy do you need to restore your strength to the middle stage of transmutation?"
"At least 1 gram of source crystal," Laves said.
In an instant, Xu retired and threw it to Laves with a kilogram of source crystal.
A harvest of Jifeng No.7 Resource Star included a reward for Mars’ emergency rescue, and tens of thousands of grams of source crystals were harvested.