Even in the mountain nursing home, everyone got a few taels of silver as a reward, and the total value of silks and satins was no less than twelve taels.

It is said that the mountain rewards more.
The Lins’ servants and nursing homes alone have thousands of gifts of two thousand silver, and people have to marvel at the Lins’ wealth.
"This is not necessarily a good thing."
Liumengyan bottle gourd in hand poured a mouthful into his mouth and shook his head a way
"The Lins’ family has always been a Wulin family and never cared about court affairs. Even if the turmoil in the DPRK is a change of regime, it will not harm the family business."
"But more than ten years ago, when Xian Defei was a child, the householder suddenly turned to the court. At that time, many people opposed it …"
"There are also many people who are worried now."
Zhou Yi knows that it is no wonder that Chen Long looks wrong. It seems that he just doesn’t support people
"It’s not unreasonable for the imperial court to do something, even if the Lins are misplaced, they may not be able to bear their concerns."
"Yes!" Liu Mengyan shrugged.
"Especially the year before last, my family went to Beijing for something. It was thrilling at that time, and the Lins had to follow them."
Speaking of which, he sighed lightly
"It’s too late to say anything now."
Now that the Lins are tied to the virtuous princess, it is no longer possible to get rid of it.
The year before last?
Zhou yi’s eyes are micro-moving
He seems to remember that a red-violet fighter once said that the Lins overreached themselves and intervened in the replacement of the emperor and seasoned their way.
But now it seems
Lin Baizhi’s birthday emperor was sealed, and the virtuous princess said that the Lin family’s main means were not affected by what happened in those days.
Should have gained a lot of benefits.
The year before last …
It seems that the emperor who went out hunting and died unfortunately was also at that time?
"Imperial affairs are too far away from us"
Shook his head Zhou Yi don’t want to talk about changing the subject in this way
"Is it true that Brother Liu has already refined his marrow?"
"Not so fast" Liu Mengyan corners of the mouth with a smile.
"But soon."
Zhou Yi sighed lightly.
He works very hard in practice and is nourished by fairy mushroom soup, but the gap between Liu Mengyan’s practice and practice is getting bigger and bigger.
But he has fairy mushroom soup and Liu Mengyan should have something similar, which is probably better.
Refine your marrow!
In a few days, you can refine the true qi into a first-class expert in the Jianghu, even if the Lins are pregnant with the true qi expert.
"Big Brother Meng Yan"
Sound to Liu Xinran figure appeared not far away.
"Zhou nursing home is also there."