Carl took the opportunity to get close to his hands and clenched his fists.

Loud noise and roaring strength swept through two figures and suddenly retreated at the same time.
But I don’t know when there was a shield in Zhou Jia’s hand. The anti-seismic force of the light shock was also Jeancard’s plan to pursue it.
"What for?"
"Stop it!"
Everything happened so fast that the three men had already met in the blink of an eye until the roar sounded, and other people heard it.
It didn’t ring until now.
Yuwenyede suddenly flashed coldly scanning several people with a sullen face.
"What for?"
Guan Zun-wen handed in his fist.
"I had a little misunderstanding and had a little argument. I hope my predecessors will forgive me for not coming to the stage."
Yu Wenye’s cold noodles are pan-safe. Although several people have tried their best to control the aftermath, they still broke the rules, which made him even more unhappy.
"Is this really a vegetable market?"
"You two"
Visual Zhou Jia, Karta cold mouth
"Don’t come here again for ten years to listen to the Fa Conference."
"get out!"
Said the big sleeve swing.
A gust of wind swept in and blew them out of the square directly.
Standing on the mountain road, Carl’s mouth was slightly warped and his face was chilly. He turned around and looked straight at Zhou Jia.
"Old guy, you should be glad that this is the mountain with your predecessors, otherwise I would have torn you to pieces!"
Zhou Jia looked gloomy.
He doesn’t care about the other side’s provocation, but it is a great loss for him to be unable to attend the Fa Conference for ten years.
A murder came from my heart.
"A dog barks at something!"
Carl’s face changed, his hair was blown all over, and his eyes stared at Zhou Jia intensely.