This area moved hundreds of thousands of guards and prisoners, and all ethnic groups learned the truth in an instant. A pair of eyes lit up and cheered, and the hundreds of thousands of officials camp was deafening and boiling!

And that was surrounded by tens of thousands of sihao puppet officials at the moment are all silly eyes looking at the cheering figure around them-his mother is on the wrong team this time! Damn it, Schoo!
Listening to the cheers outside the ruins of the leading gate, a circle of faces next to this hole finally flashed a little smile.
The hot sun slowly fell from it, but it stumbled slightly.
Everyone was surprised by the scorching sun and looked down at it quickly.
The foot is actually a hand!
Several pairs of eyes looked at the past, and the scorching sun also got a fright. They dodged and carefully looked at the ruins near their feet.
The ruins are just suspended from the platform throne of the semi-Lord Si Haodi, which has been broken into a piece of rubble at the moment, and the hand is stretched out from a broken board.
No one spoke, and the scorching sun took one look, then leaned over and raised my hand to lift the broken board.
Five bodies were lying on the broken board.
Red refining, floating life, blue demon chop and Cirengu, etc. Everyone here is surprised to know that the ruins of the leadership hall have disappeared. Just now, Yang Ye killed the bodies of those domain masters in one breath, either to the best of his ability or to bury the ruins. These people are …
There is a rainbow bucket Thai eyes calm, but his face has closed a few steps and walked to the hot sun. He squatted down and looked at the five bodies and sighed and turned to look behind them and said, "These five are domain twins."
"Twins?" They don’t know anything about twins. This newly differentiated race originated from the Lord Sihao.
"Yes, the twins are alienated from the shadow clan by Si Hao. If they develop, they will be a very powerful clan. They don’t fight each other, but they make up for each other with empathy. Every clan is their own. If tens of millions of twins get together, it will be tens of millions of forces that will merge into one person and become powerful before the meeting." Hong Hua Dou Tai said with a deep voice.
"Such a powerful race? Is sihao differentiated from the film family? Does he want to create trouble and crisis for himself? " Floating life listening to the surprised voice asked.
"Of course, Si Hao doesn’t know how strong the twins will be, and the five twins will be differentiated, and all of them will be the same sex, which will put an end to their reproduction." Hong Hua Dou Tai looked at the floating eyes with some pain. "I killed them and killed the five twins."
"You killed … them?" South glory magic asked
"Yes, I fought with these five twin races in the Millennium. During the fighting, I once told them these things, saying that Sihao would stop them from multiplying and plotting." Hong Hua Dou Tai said, slowly getting up and leaning forward, looking at the bodies of the five twin races. "Obviously, they believed me and came back from the Millennium to question Sihao, but his ambition was extremely inflated. Sihao did not hesitate to kill them for fear that they would become another force to resist his strength."
There was a silence for a while, and Honghuadou bowed his head. "It should be like this."
The field people didn’t speak and looked at each other, and they all turned to the place where the body of Sihao was at the bottom of the hole.
"He’s the one who gives birth, and he’s the one who destroys." He said with a faint look in his eyes.
Yang night hug blue demon chop looked down at also low said "or he personally smashed his throne"
Another moment of silence.
Suddenly, the red smelting rose gently in the original place and slowly moved to the pothole body and slowly sank to the bottom of the pothole.
"What are you doing in Chilian?" Floating aside call way
Chilian slowly looked up and his eyes were blurred and sad. "Anyway, he is still a member of the protoss and my own brother. I want to bury him myself and do what I should do."
When talking, the red trials continue to fall, while the hole is on the edge of everyone, but at this moment, the law discourages the law from saying that the red trials are kind, which sometimes makes people angry and sometimes makes people pity.
Red devil’s feet fell on the bottom of the hole, and Shihao looked down at O, O, but didn’t turn red again. Instead, he gently bent over his hands and held Sihao up slowly like watching a sleeping child.
The edge of the hole stood on the edge of the hole, and everyone was faintly sighing when they saw such a scene.
Suddenly! Suddenly! Instant!
Chilian bosom sihao suddenly turned over and quickly reversed the body and fell behind Chilian, one arm severely bridled Chilian neck, and the other hand did not hesitate to pull out the spiral thorn in his chest to severely aim the thorn tip at Chilian throat!
All this happened in a trance!
No one will be so prepared! From the moment Si Hao hit the ground, everyone was struck by Yang Yeli, and Si Hao was suspicious, and the baby was tempted to fly into his chest after the spiral stab. Was Si Haoshi awake at that time? How can he bear not to react at all?
Everyone was shocked!
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Just as I expected! It will be a big mistake to refine your kindness! " Sihao’s face is ferocious, his eyes are red and the earth is crazy!