For Lin Yu, this picture is more precious than anything else in the ring!

The only unpleasant thing is that the time, place and spar of disposal are more restrictive.
Of course, anyway, this lock array diagram is definitely a good thing.
"I want to overdraw a spar from you," Lin Yu said suddenly behind him.
Lin Yu turned around and looked at her in surprise. "Aren’t you miss Zi Gugui? No money? "
Rare purple rhyme didn’t say much about Lin Yu’s sarcasm "Come with me to the mercenary union"
The two men came to the mercenary union in Yun He City, and Zi Qingyun asked the president of the union to list the friends of the families of the murdered mercenaries, return them the ring and pay them an extra pension.
Looking at the mercenary families and friends leaving with gratitude, Lin Yu has a lot of feelings in his heart.
This little bitch has a good heart, although she is pungent at ordinary times.
There are not many people like her in this law of the jungle world.
"I’ve paid you the reward for the first three months. Can you give us the Lins’ medicine now?" Lin Yu is looking at Ziqingyun as if Ziqingyun is a furnace that can automatically produce Dan medicine.
With purple rhyme, the strength of those brothers in such a fourth-order refined pharmacist family can definitely advance by leaps and bounds, and the Dan medicine business in Lins’ Fang city will certainly grow bigger and bigger.
What are you afraid of when you have money and medicinal materials?
Lin Yu inquired about Zou’s family, but there are only three fourth-order refined pharmacists. Ziqingyun is willing to help his family, and its economic strength and manpower are not necessarily inferior to them.
Purple rhyme white Lin Yu took out dozens of prescriptions and handed them to Lin Yu. "This is all the raw materials I can refine. Which ones do you like to prepare?"
Lin Yu used to pick it up, but when he saw that the first Zhang Dan side wrote impressively "Qing Xie Wan", his face sank
Isn’t that what killed me for two days?
Purple rhyme seemed to realize something. Hehe smiled two times. "You won’t be so stingy if you come here, will you?"
Lin Yu stuffy hum the tiger face with purple rhyme returned home.
When Lin Xiao saw her son return safely, the excitement was indescribable.
Big brother, second brother and little sister also waited for themselves in the hall. Lin Yu was greatly moved. "Big brother, second brother, Cher, I’m back!"
Later, Lin Yu told me what he got from this extermination operation. Of course, he attributed all the credit to Ziqing rhyme.
After all, no one will believe that Lin Yu killed hundreds of magic people by himself. This situation is too shocking to say.
They sighed with emotion and then heard that purple rhyme was willing to stay as the Lins’ refined pharmacist Lin Xiao, whose mouth was simply folded with laughter.
"Yu’ er is good, haha!" Lin Xiao, this is sincerely happy. He looked at the purple rhyme and his eyes became very different from those of a few days ago.
Purple rhyme and Lin Yu don’t know Lin Xiao’s idea is to think Lin Xiao is in a good mood.
"Dad, we Lins want to develop rapidly, and I want to increase my strength rapidly, not only because of Zou’s family, but I always feel that this inferno suddenly appears like a harbinger of something big."
Lin Yu said quietly, but his eyes flashed with pure mans.
This is Lin Yu’s intuition that troubled times are coming.
And it is essential to have family and personal strength in troubled times.
Lin Xiao also nodded with a dignified face. "It’s that Elder Shen has collected some information these days. Although a large number of low-level demons have appeared in the seven family territories, who knows if there will be more advanced demons?"
Lin Yu felt that things were not so simple, just like the trap laid by the red pupil teenager. This time, if it weren’t for Lin Yu’s special silver magic gun demon totem, I don’t know how many people would plant the red pupil teenager.
It’s like brother Zi Qingyun. She’s a Yuan soul. How weak can her brother be?