Gu Jinxi looked at Qin Rui with a slight frown and doubt. "What do you mean?"

"Look out!" Qin Rui holds Gu Jinxi’s hand with one hand, and the palm of his luck is very subtle. After the living things in the bottle are stunned, it is only after this that the bottle stopper is slowly broken and the contents are poured into the palm of his hand that john young feels that his eyes are almost popping out. He swallowed hard and nervously looked at Qin Rui’s white palm with a colorful meat ball. "Ye!"
"multicolored poisonous spiders?" Gu Jinxi stared at the meat ball and could blurt it out without waiting for Qin Rui’s reaction. He grabbed the small white porcelain bottle and quickly put it back, which was less than the size of the little finger fingernail. After capping the cork, it was difficult to swallow the saliva. "How did this happen? Where did this thing come from?"
The multicolored poisonous spider, who is also medicine dust, once saw it by hand. Master once said that this thing does not belong to their continent and it is impossible to appear.
Qin Rui put some "yes" in his heart when he heard Gu Jinxi’s words.
"Did my brother plant it?" Gu Jin sunseeker turned to look at Qin Rui nervously.
"… yes" Qin Rui bowed his head and knew that Gu Jinxi was the most emotional. Although he didn’t understand how she and Huan and Qing pulled this brother and sister together, he still chose to hide some words. After all, if Gu Jinxi knew the truth about Huan poisoning, he was really not sure that they could talk so calmly. "Can you solve this poison?"
Gu Jinxi heard that he was silent. "Where is Brother Huan now?"
"He is a very safe place" Qin Rui bowed his head and "rest assured that his toxicity is well controlled and his life will not be in danger for the time being"
"Everything is born with each other. It is reasonable to have a medicine to solve it, but Master once said that colorful poisonous spiders are not our continent. I don’t know if they can be solved." Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "If you can understand the habits of colorful poisonous spiders, maybe I can find a solution. Chapter 13 If I hurt you, I will feel distressed.
Turning around with gauze flowing, the sunshine outside Xiao Xuan seems to clear all the haze.
Gu Jinxi’s face was somber, and his back was turned to Qin Rui with his hands on the window lattice. "Where on earth did you get this little thing?" Think of the poison of the medicine body, think of the Tiemu family, if it weren’t for the near extinction of the colorful poisonous spider, I’m afraid it would become a poison to control the most vicious method insect. Although there are some things that are uncertain now, she can’t take the risk. Turn a head to deeply coagulate Qin Rui’s hand. The small white porcelain bottle frowned slightly.
"…" Qin Rui smell speech at the bottom of the eyes quickly across a what move elegant and generous put away the white porcelain bottle toward Gu Jin sunseeker gently smiled and raised my hand and rubbed her hair "this little thing is too dangerous for girls to keep"
Gu Jinxi lowered her head and lowered her eyes, but it is absolutely impossible for that thing to study the life habits of multicolored poisonous spiders. Worse, she is a healer, and no matter what Qin Rui wants for the antidote to multicolored poisonous spiders, she can’t let it go without pleasure.
"Lovely, if you really want to study, I’ll let people get you colorful poisonous spider venom. If this little thing doesn’t listen, I’ll feel distressed if it hurts you." Qin Rui’s Yinzhi suddenly swept away and turned her head to coagulate Gu Jinxi with a slight smile, as if she were spoiling and looking forward to it.
Gu Jin sunseeker immediately heart a tight hands Qin Rui chest "you you let me do what you want to do you …"
"shh!" Qin Rui eyes gently closed and made a gesture of silence; Lower your voice and put your lips to her ear.
Although there are two of them in the room, john young already Qin Rui took Gu Jin Sunseeker into his arms when he was very well-advised to quit the room. At the end of the room, he quietly closed the door to find out the situation in the house. Pinellia was naturally acupunctured by him on the spot.
It’s not the first time I’ve been held in my arms by Qin Rui, but Gu Jinxi still feels awkward and gently pushes down the voice path "Qin Rui you you …"
"Don’t move! Let me hold it for a while. "Qin Rui’s voice is low and heavy with an inexplicable magnetism, as if it were thick and tired. The sound is very penetrating, as if it directly sank into Gu Jin’s heart. Gu Jin’s sunseeker actually felt a little sour and distressed at the bottom of his heart, and even unconsciously put Qin Rui’s waist and eyes closed, and gently attached his side face to Qin Rui’s chest. Listening to the calm and rhythmic heartbeat, he actually had a little snack.
I feel that Qin Rui seems to be frozen on the spot. Gu Jinxi carefully raised his head and looked at the bright and clean bar, as if God had carved his side face and raised his nose. As beautiful Rao has always been called beautiful, she can’t help but feel a little ashamed. absolute beauty can never think of him except this word; Even though Qin’s royal men are full of affection, there is no woman in his house today, and even a concubine has no room. If it weren’t for you, she would be proficient in Qihuang herself, just like many people. He is Long Yangjun, or don’t give it up. Is this man a little expectation? If she also hopes to have a shoulder to lean on, she also hopes that God can give her a perfect relationship. Although it is difficult for others to know each other, if the other is Qin Rui, is she a little expectation?
The atmosphere in Heng Wu Garden is weird, and Gu Qian looks ugly, holding a teacup as white water and taking a bite. My eyes are always staring at the direction of the drawing room, and my eyes are heavy and I seem to be smelling strangers. Su Yi also shook his head when he saw it. The three brothers didn’t know about Sunseeker’s love for themselves, but when Sunseeker was old, King Rui looked at it well now. She was not pedantic, so it was always good for them to get along for a while once in a while.
But Xie Jia was not so lucky. When Xie Wei sent off the Song Courtyard, the whole Chien Pavilion was like frying a pot.
"Mom, is my face really helpless?" The whole head was wrapped like a dumpling. Xie Qi took Geng Shi’s hand. Because his lips could move around a little, his words were vague, but Geng Shi heard them very white. She took Xie Qi’s hand and gently comforted "Qi Er, don’t worry, your mother will find a way."
Xie Qi listened to it unconsciously, but raised my hand to raise my hand. The table was just replaced with a new tea set. All the words were not broken, but Xie Qi seemed to be still Japanese. "What else can I do to find a way?" Didn’t you say that the Song Academy had a plan? Didn’t you swear that there was no problem? "
"Who can blame that? Who didn’t let the old doctor treat you yesterday and drove people away?" When Geng Shi came, he felt irritable. At this moment, he was even more angry when he heard Xie Qi’s aggressive words.
"You … you …" Xie Qi’s eyes were wide-eyed and Geng Shi’s eyes were stained with impatience. It was also a light hum. "Don’t forget who caused my face to become like this!"
Taking his word, Geng Shi just sank to the bottom of his heart and suddenly hung up. He turned to look at Xie Qi with burning eyes. His eyes were almost popping out. He looked at it and there was no one else. This just took Xie Qi to the next seat to sit "Qi Er! Didn’t Niang tell you about this and stop it? Your eldest brother, he didn’t mean it. How could you … "
"Did you ruin my generation intentionally or unintentionally?" Xie Qi is already irrational at the moment.
You …’ Geng Shi bowed their heads and lowered their voices.’ Think about it yourself. Your eldest brother treats you like you on weekdays; What’s more, if this matter is really known by your father, do you want to continue to go back to that cold ancestral temple to reflect? "
Xie Qi listened to the pale thin lips slightly Ru but did not speak; Geng Shi looked at this just nodded with satisfaction and took Xie Qi’s hand. "Qi Er is not my mother to maintain your eldest brother. It is really involved in this matter; What’s more, your face is not a good idea. "
"Is this true?" Xie Qi looked up at Geng Shi with burning eyes. It looked like a drowning man caught the last straw. Although he knew there was little hope, he still insisted on not letting go.
"Don’t you forget that there is another Xie Jia who is worse than Yao Lao and Song Yuanzheng?" Geng Shi took Xie Qi’s hand and lowered his eyes with a shallow smile on his face. "Mom wants to know very well that neither your grandfather nor your little uncle is that stupid person who can’t be cheated by Gu Jinxi’s trick."
Xie Qi is puzzled. There are deep doubts in her eyes, nostrils and mouth. Even she can see her frown. "But Niang didn’t you say …"
"Should be we want to bifurcation you want to ah, what was the situation of your little uncle was seriously injured and dying, so we will come back from Licheng, but it happened that we are alive now; You see where he is half seriously injured. "Geng Shi bowed his head and lowered his eyes, and his eyes were flashing, and Xie Qi was shining in the corner of his eyes; Since her face is doomed, it is better to give the last bit of value; To debunk Gu Jin sunseeker let Xie Gu two old completely disappointed in Gu Jin sunseeker when Su Yi even back to Xie Gu, not to hold on to yourself; Hum with my widowed sister-in-law. Can you still challenge her as a decent eldest sister-in-law?
Xie qi nature is don’t know Geng Shi heart idea is simply tempted by Geng Shi "don’t Gu Jin sunseeker really have the living dead meat bones? No, it’s not Niang. Didn’t you say that Gu Jinxi is twelve years old? How can he be older than medicine and more exquisite than Song Yuanzheng? "
Everything is possible’ Geng Shi took Xie Qi’s hand’ Qi Er, you think about it again. If Gu Jinxi is really famous, then what do your grandfather do with anything hidden like this? That Gu Jinxi must be different from ordinary people; Let’s also don’t care how Gu Jinxi’s medical skill came to be able to cure your face injury. "
It is impossible to say that the appearance is not destroyed. No one will ever know that even if there is a chance to restore the appearance, they will go back and try, even if they know it is impossible.
"But is Gu Jinxi willing?" She and Xie Yu made a scene in Heng Wu Garden. Not only that, but also forced Gu Jinxi to send Xie Fu everything back. Will Gu Jinxi give her a diagnosis and treatment if she doesn’t want Xie Jia to give a penny?
Geng Shi smell speech will know that Xie Qi’s attitude has been loosened. How can she not understand her thoughts? "Rest assured that even if Gu Jinxi has a holiday with us, this layer of Xie Gu can’t be broken if she wants to; What’s more, your little uncle has a good personal relationship with her. Since Liu Feng can make moves, aren’t you better than a little Liu Feng? So don’t worry, mom will talk to your dad. "
"Well," Xie Qi nodded at the end and still clung to Geng Shi’s wrist tightly. "You must remember to tell Dad that you can’t forget that." Today, Song Yuanzheng’s sentence of medicine can be saved, which cut her heart like a sword and stabbed her to the deepest part. No one knew that it was painful to faint, but it happened that the feeling was so clear, as if every word was clearly imprinted in his mind.
Xie Wei walked in from the door and just saw the mother and daughter holding hands nodding. She heard Xie Qi’s words, but she couldn’t help frowning slightly and wondering, "What does Qier want to tell me?"
"Dad, I, I …" Looking at Xie Wei’s majestic appearance, Xie Qi suddenly felt guilty and swallowed hard. The whole person involuntarily shrank behind Geng Shi. Although the movement was not obvious, Xie Wei’s sensitive Geng family stayed for so many years and had already trained him to sense motive. A faint irony passed. "If there is no him, you can recover well and I will go back to my room first."