However, Zhang Tao’s heart is also very clear that although this team looks like a waste team, in fact, the potential of this team is greater than that. If there is proper training and a good environment, it may become famous in the mainland and become an unimaginable master in the future.

It’s getting late, and the night comes quietly with the stars. The original dark environment is very disgusting, but when you see the stars shining all over the sky, your heart will become anxious and calm down. Looking at the stars without saying a word, you will smile only occasionally when you see a shooting star. It feels good.
After walking for a long time, the lake looks like a small mirror foot, and the road becomes difficult to walk. It is uncomfortable to walk on some gravel combinations together, and some sharp rocks may hurt your legs if you don’t pay attention. This terrain is not suitable for traveling at night, and it is not suitable for camping and resting. Everyone has to be patient and move on.
Qi Zheng constantly encourages everyone to take a break, but killing an animal consumes a lot of physical strength, but there is a flat land ahead to have a good rest.
Zhang Tao suddenly eyebrows a wrinkly "yi? In the distance, someone came to see that the breath was not weak. "Although I felt it, Zhang Tao did not move. After about a few minutes, Qi Zhengcai’s face sank." Everyone be careful that someone is close. "Mercenaries have a high alertness. When they hear Qi Zhengzheng’s words, almost everyone realizes that they have entered a state of combat.
In fact, Zhang Tao has already discovered each other, and the number of the other party is quite strong. Soon, five figures of the night star fell from the sky. "A second-class Tianshi has four innate peaks." Zhang Tao charted their strength and generally perceived them.
As soon as the second-class Tianshi came, he released a horse’s strength and coercion. Suddenly, there was a dust storm around him, and the tiny stones around him turned into powder. Dozens of meters of stones around his place shook, and the four congenital peaks behind him all looked uncomfortable. Zhang Tao side?
Qi Zheng’s face is ugly, and the strength of the other side is by no means comparable to them. "Do you know if you are blocking our way?" Bite the teeth. Qi Zheng’s head must be in front
Zhang Tao looked at the back carefully, but looked a little surprised. Bai Qiu, who was shrinking behind Wu Moyu, was just imposing but didn’t target Bai Qiu. Obviously, the other party’s goal was her.
It seems that Bai Qiu’s identity is not simple. I didn’t expect that I would encounter such a thing when I joined a team casually. "You and I found her." Otherwise, the second-class Tianshi pointed to Bai Qiu and said.
Although Wu Moyu was pale, he still firmly stood in front of Bai Qiu, while others’ faces changed slightly. They all waited for the commander Qi Zheng to order them, just as Zhang Tao said, they were a team.
Even if the other side is defeated by the powerful method, their goal is to be a team leader, so that even if it is ruined, it will die, and we must never watch our members get hurt.
"Dear predecessors, we are ordinary mercenaries. I don’t know where Bai Qiu offended our predecessors. My head apologized for her. "Qi Zheng said that he was testing whether there was room for manoeuvre.
The second-class Tianshi looked at Qi Zheng, "You should leave quickly or die." Hearing his words, Qi Zheng was livid. He looked at the members behind him and obviously needed everyone’s approval. It was definitely not feasible. Perhaps he had to fight hard to protect Bai Qiu.
"retreat!" Secondary Tianshi eyes a stare huge power spread out and immediately let Qi Zheng and others repeatedly retreat. The gap in their hearts is too big with horror. This person is not only as simple as the Venerable Master, but even if he tries hard, he will throw straws against the wind.
"Don’t!" Bai Qiu suddenly big say
Suddenly the momentum disappears. Qi Zheng and others are surprised to see Bai Qiu. I wonder if she will stop the other party for a while? Bai Qiu went firmly at this time. "Don’t go to Bai Qiu. No one can take you away from me." Wu Moyu said firmly.
Suddenly, the gas around Wu Moyu condensed, and suddenly his body moved. "Do you want to die?" The second-class Tianshi asked coldly, but Wu Moyu’s eyes were firm. "Don’t let me go with you and don’t hurt them." Bai Qiu firmly blocked Wu Moyu.
"Bai Qiu don’t" Lu Fei Xiong also came out. Although Qi Hong didn’t speak, he obviously wouldn’t give up his companion. "It’s okay, Bai Qiu, we are all here. You don’t want to leave, and no one wants to take you away unless we die." Qi Zhengshen’s head naturally wants to express himself.
"Good Bai Qiu, don’t go." Wu Moyu came back.
"Thank you, but Bai Qiu can’t be so selfish. It is Bai Qiu’s happiest day to be with you." Bai Qiu’s eyes are full of tears.
Seeing Bai Qiu still wants to leave Wu Moyu to see one side. Zhang Tao Wu Moyu’s eyes lead everyone’s eyes to the past. "What are you doing?" Qi Hong coldly asked Zhang Tao not to express himself at this time? Is the strong enemy afraid at present?
"Don’t be like this. Bai Qiu doesn’t want you to have something. You are Bai Qiu’s best friends." Bai Qiu’s words once again led everyone’s attention to the past
But at this time, the original arrogant Tianshi and the four peak saints behind him suddenly screamed and covered their ears with their hands.
"What’s the matter?" Qi Zheng and others are all surprised and immediately look at the past.
What the hell is wrong with them? Everyone is covering their ears, and even blood can be seen spilling from their fingers. "We will leave immediately until we know our predecessors." Only the second-class Tianshi can barely say.
"predecessors? What’s the matter? " Qi Zheng and others looked at each other, and no one knew what had happened. Even Bai Qiu looked confused. Soon, the five martial artists left without saying anything, as if the scene had just been a dream, which made people feel unrealistic.
Seeing that Zhang Tao came to them after they left, the fact was just that the way of singing in Kowloon, Zhang Tao put the voice into their ears. The strength of Tianshi level was unbearable. Although Zhang Tao was talking, it was like thunder roaring in their ears.
This is Zhang Tao’s mercy, or their heads will be shattered by this sound. "Leave!" The word "short" keeps repeating, and they can’t bear it.
They also know that there are masters nearby that they can’t resist, and they have to choose to stay away from the shock and wait for people who don’t know what happened.
"Just the honour person said predecessors? Looks like a master saved us. "Lu Fei Xiong patted his forehead and said.
Hearing Lu Fei Xiong’s words, Qi Zheng also felt very reasonable. "Thank you for saving your life. Please show up for your predecessors." It is normal for all the high-ranking people in Dongyue mainland to pass by to help.
However, Qi Zhengzheng seems to be ignored. Finally, Nai Qizheng said, "Since the elder refused to show up, we only have to salute to express the kindness of the elder." Qi Zhengzheng said and motioned for everyone to salute Bai Qiu, which is no exception. She knew that if it weren’t for this elder master, she would be taken away and her partner would be in danger.
Zhang Tao, however, wants to thank himself very much. You don’t need to do this, do you? But Zhang Taoke didn’t want them to be suspicious and chose to salute.
"Who is this elder? That’s amazing. We didn’t feel the respect across the street, and our ears were bleeding. "After everyone saluted, Lu Feixiong said excitedly.
Qi Hong shook his head. "This elder is also a saint."
Lu feixiong looked forward to hearing the word saint. "I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to be like this?"
"Don’t think about it. Practice your medicine well." Qi Hong spoke out against Lu Feixiong and suddenly became decadent.
Chapter 71 Kunta Awakens
The strong enemy was knocked back by the mysterious senior master, and everyone was relieved that many people would make jokes. Qi Zheng said, "Well, we have a chance to be like this if we work hard. Now, although the senior helped us, we must hurry. Just now, people are likely to come back again, so we won’t rest tonight."
No one objected that Wu Moyu’s eyes became colder when he looked at Zhang Tao. Just when Bai Qiu faced danger, Zhang Tao didn’t stand up to her? This timid behavior makes people sick.
"Tao Zhang’s little brother, were you afraid just now?" Wu Moyu spoke out and asked.
In fact, in the scene just now in Zhang Tao, everyone noticed that Qi Zheng, the head of the team, didn’t stop Wu Moyu. Although Zhang Taocai joined the team soon, it was after all that the team saved a coward like Zhang Tao.
"I didn’t," Zhang Tao said seriously.
"oh? Really? " Wu Moyu didn’t say much, but his expression was disdainful.
Zhang Tao wry smile yourself really come to save lives, it is not so easy. The way of singing in Kowloon is the most convenient, because no one can know who shot, even the parties can tell where the sound came from. Zhang Tao also has to thank the black and white double evil spirits.
"Well, let’s not pursue this issue, but Taozhang, I hope you remember that we are in the same boat and don’t give up." Qi Zheng said seriously, apparently warning Zhang Tao.
Zhang Tao nodded heavily. "Brother doesn’t want to know that you are not such a person." Lu Feixiong was very fond of Zhang Tao, and Zhang Tao barely smiled that he was not.
"I’m sorry Bai Qiu did keep something from you." Bai Qiu kept silent when everyone was on their way.
Bai Qiuyin attracted everyone’s attention. Zhang Tao knew that this Bai Qiu and the gang just now must be closely related. Bai Qiu has been outstanding for some reason and concealed the fact.