"I want to save her and come to the top of the cliff."

This is the message in Shenyang’s message.
"Shenyang, if anything happens to Downing, I will insist that your blood arrows break the cliff." Feng Yang looked gloomy and drank a gloomy and cold word. When the mountain stream echoed, it was already like a ghost rushing towards the top of the cliff.
Rush to the top of the cliff, even if Fengyang knew that Shenyang chose this place to let himself live and die, but at the moment, Downing had no choice.
Tang Ning is so confident that he will ask Feng Yang to join her in this big hunt. After Tang Ning finishes, he will hand himself over to Feng Yang, who will hide in the pit, but if anything happens to him, he will feel guilty and uneasy in his life.
The top of the broken soul cliff is impressively Han Yi’s original feeling of the cliff.
The wind is flying at a high speed, but with a feeling of anxiety, the wind feels that time is slower than it seems that every second is a kind of suffering.
Through a forest, but a winding mountain path ran all the way, there were two blind teenagers trying to kill people and steal goods, but they were killed in an instant by the furious wind, and the wind did not stop at the top of the broken soul cliff
Detected the location of Yuan soul imprint in a communication jade note, and when it ran for a moment in the range of five miles, Feng Yang found out that Yuan soul force had been able to detect Shenyang breath, and there were two quite strong Yuan soul breath beside Shenyang.
At this time, the broken soul cliff top has appeared in front of the wind and the mood is urgent and uneasy.
However, at the moment, a dozen people suddenly appeared to block the wind.
"We’ve been waiting for the wind for a long time." A short-haired boy stared at the wind and laughed coldly.
"What did you do to her?" The wind Yang looked gloomy and asked
"You’ll die later. The girl with chest and brain in our brother’s hand is naturally up to us." The short-haired boy smiled with a full face, but his heart was full of admiration for Shenyang. The brave and resourceful Fan Li, without Fan Tong, I’m afraid I don’t know how many times this brother died. If you play well with this future senior operator technician Shenyang, it will definitely be much better than following Fan Li. After that, prosperity and high-level Wushu will have to help Shenyang get rid of the current wind.
"Fuck your mother, if you dare to hurt Downing, I will make you blood up half the sky." Feng Yang’s face is full of Shaqi, and his eyes are dark like snakes. Suddenly, his arms are madly waving and dragging a huge sword with a forward momentum to kill the past
Feng Yang knows that people who can take part in this big hunt are all martial arts masters, and the other side is numerous and can do it quickly by thunder.
Jumping up with a sword in his hand, he raised a burst of crazy wind and roared hard at the short-haired boy’s skin.
"Come on," the short-haired teenager roared without fear, raising his pike in his hand and chopping at the sword in the wind.
Bang! !
The fierce gesture of the sword and the pike hit together, and a bright spark came out. The short-haired boy suddenly felt a fierce impact from the sword. A pair of arms were instantly hit and the pain was backward compared with the body.
"Go to hell for me", the strength of the wind is amazing. The young man was shocked and retired, but he was not affected much. When he shook his body, he immediately rubbed his body.
Wind Yang’s body jerked with a huge sword in his hand, followed by a graceful arc, which not only deceives him, but also forced several people to float backwards and eventually hit the boy with short hair who was previously shaken back.
Short-haired teenagers don’t have a good way to dodge. They raise their spears on their sides in an attempt to block the bombardment of giant swords.
The giant sword crashed into the pike, and the pike in the short-haired boy’s hand was broken. The giant sword broke the pike to resist and severely swept the waist of the short-haired boy.
The waist is a man’s pillar, and the soft waist is carried like a volcanic eruption, and the mighty sword sinks hard, which is enough to cause a devastating blow.
Short hair boy body suddenly flew sideways to one side to kill god. When he was flying in the body, he even vomited a few mouthfuls of blood and fell to the ground. His body was like a pool of mud.
Two attacks killed a four-warrior, and this kind of attack power made intercepting the wind raise more than a dozen people, not in horror.
But they are all martial arts masters, and they are still fierce warriors before they feel the fear brought by death. One by one, they raise their weapons and display their specialty, Wushu, and bombard the past in the middle of the wind
At one time, the sword and shadow flashed in the dark, and all kinds of vigorous gas were scattered and lasered. In the silent mountains and fields, strange winds and shouts of vigorous gas and broken sounds complemented each other like ghosts and complete.
In the face of numerous martial arts attacks, the wind suddenly excited the earth element energy surface of Yuanzhu to form an eggshell-like defense cover.
"Yuan Li protects himself?"