"Director Li, make up your mind."

Li Linglong is calmly smiles to say
Li Linglong is the most beautiful when she laughs. Li Yugang is almost dumbfounded at this fat.
"Today, my birthday is to accompany this dead fat to eat, which is estimated to be the most tragic birthday in history." Li Linglong went to Li Yugang with a deep sigh in his face.
Li Linglong, Li Yugang and Zhang Xixi went out of the provincial television building together.
"Two beautiful women take my car, so you have to get a car. Anyway, we all live in the family area and come back together after dinner." Li Yugang said to Li Linglong and Zhang Xixi politely.
Anyway, Li Linglong, who is not alone in Li Yugang, also agreed.
At this time, a half-new and not-too-old Shanghai Volkswagen car sped to crunch, stopped Li Linglong’s car and came with a handsome boy.
The teenager went straight to Li Linglong with a bunch of flowers in his hand.
"Ah, it’s like chasing the first beauty in our station at such a young age. It’s really overreaching."
At this time, it is the time of class. Many workers from Zhejiang TV Station have arrived to prepare flowers, and the teenagers are laughing at it.
It’s not strange that Li Linglong’s colleagues laughed at the fact that there were too many people who sent flowers to Li Linglong. But Li Linglong didn’t take a serious look at these people. You wanted to save flowers when you were driving a semi-new sea Volkswagen. Isn’t that self-defeating?
"Happy Birthday"
Young people watching holding flowers came to the front of Li Linglong said with a smile.
Li Linglong was surprised first, but then she was pleased to accept the young flowers.
"No, she answered. How is it possible that she answered?"
"Who is this boy Li Linglong?"
"How can my goddess pick up flowers from others?"
At this scene, people were dumbfounded. Many people were in a hurry. They couldn’t catch up with Li Linglong. Naturally, they didn’t want Li Linglong to be chased away by others. Li Linglong never took flowers from men. Once, a minister from Beijing came here to send flowers to Li Linglong. Li Linglong didn’t take a serious look. How can Li Linglong take this young flower now?
The world is out of order, and many people are staring at this flower-sending teenager and want to know who he really is.
To Li Linglong, I picked up this young flower and wanted to eat swan meat. Li Yugang and Li Linglong’s assistant Zhang Xixi were blindsided and speechless for a long time.
When Zhang Xixi comes, even if Li Linglong is in love, he should find a rich man. How can he accept such a young flower with a low-grade car?
Zhang Xixi, a teenager, doesn’t deserve Li Linglong. If she has Li Linglong’s charm, she thinks she must find the richest and handsome man in the world.
"This is a toad eating swan meat. How can this little luck be so good? But if this little boy is Li Linglong’s boyfriend, I must dig him in the corner with a semi-new and old sea, and Volkswagen will take the provincial flowers away. There is no justice."
Li Yugang was shocked, but he thought so. He finally had the opportunity to have dinner with Li Linglong, a provincial flower. He was so happy in his heart that he suddenly appeared this kind of spoil the fun, and his heart was very annoyed.
However, Li Yugang had an idea in the middle of the back when he sent flowers to Li Linglong’s youth car. He felt that there was definitely no money in this young family and Li Linglong would not last long.
It was Li Yugang who didn’t think that he had turned the boy who sent flowers into a swan toad. In fact, he had long been scratched by Li Linglong, a kind of annoying guy, but he didn’t know it and wanted to chase Li Linglong.
Sending flowers to Li Linglong is exactly Zhouyi. He was afraid that Ferrari would send flowers and cause people to pay attention to a semi-new car, but his move caused people around him to pay attention because Li Linglong’s popularity was too high.
"Yi, thank you. I still don’t remember my birthday."
Li Linglong’s eyes were moist, and suddenly she hugged Zhouyi. No one would give her a birthday today, but Zhouyi unexpectedly appeared, which made her feel lost and suddenly improved.
Zhouyi is the mind of Li Linglong’s sister Li Xiuer Li Linglong. When I was a child, I liked to sleep with her in bed. My nephew is her closest relative in the world.
Of course, Li Linglong and Zhou Yi have a little hard feelings, which makes their family relationship more complicated.
Li Linglong hugged Zhouyi, and the people around him were completely shocked. Some people even took out their mobile phones or cameras to take pictures and prepared to send them to the newspaper in Weibo, or directly regarded the flowers of Zhejiang Province as flowers sent by mysterious teenagers and hugged them. What a stunt news!
"How could I not remember my aunt’s birthday?"
Zhou Yi smiled and Li Linglong whispered softly that he felt the hostility and jealousy of the men around him and thought, "Aunt’s charm is really poor. If her eyes can kill people, I can be killed by these people’s eyes for a hundred times. Aunt is really the goddess of Hangzhou men and the whole Zhejiang men."
Li Linglong also noticed that everyone around her loved her and Zhouyi, which made Zhouyisong.
"Linglong today is your birthday? Why didn’t you say so earlier? "
Li Yugang just heard Zhouyi say Happy Birthday to Li Linglong. He was still unwilling to give up, and his mood stabilized a little. He came to Li Linglong’s side and asked him if he was full of hostility to Zhouyi. This dead fat man thought that Zhouyi was a perfect match. Li Linglong didn’t look like a rich man because Zhouyi’s car was too low.
"Director Li, this is my sister’s name is Zhouyi. I always celebrate my birthday alone. Generally, I don’t inform everyone that Zhouyi still remembers my birthday."
Li Linglong gave Li Yugang a brief introduction to Zhouyi and then said to Zhouyi, "Xiao Yi, this is director Li, my new director of live entertainment program."
"Hello, Director Li"
Zhouyi saw that the fat was her aunt’s colleague, so she said politely that although he came out at a glance, the fat was not a good thing.
"Hello, Mr. Zhou, where do you work?"
Li Yugang is relieved to see that Zhouyi is Li Linglong’s nephew, pretending to be a gentleman and shaking hands with Zhouyi. He is not from Hangzhou. He doesn’t know that Li Linglong’s brother-in-law is Zhou Fugui in Zhou Taizu, and he doesn’t know that Zhouyi is a great grandfather of Huanyu Group.
"I still read"