Because of the hasty action, I forgot to disguise myself for a while, and I was recognized as conscious and careless, but I didn’t rest assured about it

I was worried that being recognized would attract the attention of the inflammation experts, but now the inflammation experts have all gone to the oasis. Although Yan Xin was recognized, she didn’t compromise!
Lengling exchanged a look, two people and one person, while not waiting for Ye Han’s consent, forcibly clamped three people as one and suddenly rushed out of the gate.
When the guards in the city saw it, they were frightened. They wanted to inform the Yan family of the news of finding Miss, but they didn’t want to get some rewards. The idea just gave birth to Miss and ran away!
The crowd rushed to prepare the gate, but they didn’t want to. Ye Han and others had already rushed out of the gate and came to the suburban avenue, heading east along the street.
Yan Yang, the family of Yan’s family, learned that his son had been caught and rationally chose to sit tight and leave it alone for the time being, because he felt that the inflammatory alliance had seized his son not because he wanted to threaten himself, and there would be no danger at the moment.
But one thing he never understood was that his father wanted to hide a secret of fate in his family backyard.
Later, he wanted to use this secret to solve his family crisis, but he didn’t think that he didn’t do so, so the family crisis was solved!
Although his son has a ready-made prisoner of the inflammatory alliance, he is confident enough to save his son even if he doesn’t accept the threat of starvation from the inflammatory alliance.
At the moment, Suo Yan Yang’s mind has not been separated from the house in the backyard. Intuition tells him that although the secret is still hidden in the house, it must not be far from the secret coming to light.
The leader of one party’s forces naturally knows very well about the situation in the sky. Now he will naturally know the actions of the Han family in the northern ice yuan empire.
From the cold family, the whole mainland has lost its peace since then. Although it has not been very obvious yet, the peace of the past has not come back
There is going to be chaos in the sky, and my father’s fire has previously said that the secret of the backyard will be revealed, and there will be unrest in that world. These two are two things.
That is to say, it is bound to be chaotic on the day when this secret is paid to the surface. On the other hand, if there are signs of unrest today, it will be difficult to hide this secret!
It is because of this that Yang Yan chose to stay at home, otherwise he would have gone to the oasis to try to save his own son by now.
Since this secret is so important and his father will be buried in his own home, in a sense, this secret must have something to do with the Yan family.
Now that you have a relationship with Yan’s family, it is also possible to let Yan’s family survive the coming disaster. This inflammation Yang knows that he must stay at home and wait for this secret to emerge, and he can know it for the first time.
Yan Yang decided that the family of Yan immediately resumed some bottlenecks. It was once again calm to cover up the family of Yan’s. Everyone in Germany was full of caution, including Yan Yang himself!
Ye Han and his party have been walking along the Yanxian River basin, and Ling Yanxin’s double help has also accelerated the action speed of the party!
At night, the three of them have already arrived at the deserted small village, which is the source of the Yanxian River basin and the end of Yanxian before Ye Han.
After Ye Han’s awakening Lengling, she has already understood the truth. From Ye Chill’s words, she seems to have seen another cold jade shadow!
"No, there are two in this cold jade world, and both of them have already been born and have found their own masters. Will there be no cold jade in this world?"
Inflammation hin soon sensed a little bit is not in the heart suddenly a fiercely can’t help but a face of don’t understand blunt Ye Han asked.
Ye Hanwen suddenly glanced at Yan Xin beside him, and then a wry smile said, "There are two sides to everything. Don’t you even know this?"
"oh! So that’s it. I understand that this is "got Ye Han’s advice, and Lengling immediately turned white. It turned out that it was not cold jade that was about to be born, but jade with opposite properties!
At that time, I was surprised that Lengling was not a little excited. If I was careless, I would tell Ye Han what I thought in my heart. Because I was caught in the body by two women for a while, I cleverly blocked Lengling’s words with my lips.
Suddenly attacked by Ye Han, Leng Ling’s face suddenly blushed. Just when she wanted to break free, she saw Ye Han take the initiative to withdraw her lips, and at that time she wanted to understand the true meaning of Ye Han’s move!
Think about yourself at that time the feeling be nasty unexpectedly almost gave out the original hidden deep secret, LengLing suddenly felt embarrassed and blushed even more.
"ah!" Lengling’s move at the right time also touched her mind. When she was unstable, she suddenly fell towards the side.
Lengling’s fall was good. After all, it was enough to pacify his body quickly, but Ye Han didn’t lose his support. After that, his body suddenly fell and took Yan Xin’s arm.
Even so, Ye Han didn’t feel safe, so Yan Xin’s figure also had some shaking, which was obviously a temporary method to support the weight of two people.
And Ye Han has already thought of Yan Xin’s injury at this time. The original injury has not healed. She wants to make Yuan Ji have some difficulties. Now it is conceivable to add another person.
Turned to look at Ye Han’s heart suddenly moved. At this moment, Yan Xin’s younger generation Yuan Yi has gradually faded and will disappear. This scene not only indicates that Yan Xin’s vitality is too much, but also indicates that the two will fall together.