Of course, Lan Yao chop also saw that more than 10,000 people were killed by Yang Ye, Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun. After that, Lan Yao chop was as good as Yang Ye thought. The capital of the city must be hidden and the Japanese dog thief must be in charge. Maybe those scholars are also hiding.

But Lan Yao is in a hurry to find the destination of Yang Night. Besides worrying about his safety, there are more important news to tell Yang Night. She is afraid that Yang Night, the scorching sun and Nan Rong Magic will be pound-foolish.
"Raise the dead? Become a Promethean? How is it like Resident Evil? " Yang night after listening to the blue demon chop about feel a little surprised stare cried.
Blue demon chop don’t know what Yang night said is nasty rush way "you said Ann city people have been slaughtered, I’m worried that these city people will become a promethean, which in turn threatens Li Ze and his Tang Jun and …"
Yang night nodded and suddenly interrupted blue demon chop words asked "can turn the dead into a Promethean and control what is this ability? Whose ability is it? Long Xiao, the scale family? Or the flower hibiscus? "
Orchid demon chop was anxious to raise my hand and make a fist to hit Yang Ye, and she was angry and let go and said, "Let me finish! I came to you to tell you this! Being able to change and control a Promethean is not a scale clan Long Xiao or a flower clan Lotus, but another senior practitioner of the Black Domain’s main gate, the Eldar Baby Long! "
"Baby?" Yang night one leng suddenly become warped a corners of the mouth raised my hand and touched the bar and said, "well, I knew it was not a good man when you heard the name.
But … How like a woman’s name? "
"It is a female land!" Lan Yao beheaded and said that his fist had been raised and smashed the back of his head all night. "What do you think?"
Yang night was smashed, raised his hand with a grin, touched the back of his head and said with a smile, "Do I really want to agree to the black domain master’s request to go to his door?"
"Ah?" Lan Yao was shocked. "What do you mean?"
"You see! What flower family Furong Eldar baby dragon black domain main door There must be more female practitioners, but you are the only one in the red domain main door … "Yang Ye hey hey smiled and looked at Lan Yao with a wink." What do you think? "
Lan Yao froze and stared. "Damn you, Red Bi!" He suddenly laughed. "Hehe, but there’s a secret for the flower family Furong. I’ll tell you later."
Yang night shrink a neck smile apologetically a way "I’m kidding? What secret? "
Just then, Lan Yao cut and Yang Ye’s expression changed at the same time, and his eyes became cold. Lan Yao cut his hand behind his back and then slammed into Yang Ye’s back. He heard a few screams on the roof of the capital, "Oh, yeah!" Then three ninjas fell straight from the room and fell to Yang Ye and Lan Yao cut their feet.
Yang night looked down at the three ninjas, with one exception, all of them were pierced by the cloud needle, and a small blood spot was still oozing out with blood drops, but his eyes were wide open but he was dead.
"Awesome!" Yang night took two palms with a smile "is the first weapon spectrum! Xiao Li fucking flies a knife! "
Lan Yao took a glance at Yang Ye and raised it with one hand to catch the cloud needle that flew back automatically. Then he rubbed the cloud needle Yang Ye’s body back to his back. Despite Yang Ye’s surprise and anger, he said, "Let’s go in with the red dagger, but be careful. Since Eldar Baby Long is here, I think it’s very likely that it’s not as simple as dealing with Long Xiao of the scale family and Furong of the flower family!"
"They are no match for us." Yang Ye didn’t smile when he said this. There was confidence in his eyes. Indeed, he is now stronger than Lan Yao chop, Nan Rong illusion and the scorching sun.
Blue demon chop also nodded and added "still be careful"
Yang night smiled and turned to raise my hand and smashed the gate of the general office with one punch.
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When Nan Rong Magic Wooden Pile was outside the cage, a gentle voice suddenly came behind him and called him "Night Attack". Don’t look back. Nan Rong Magic already knew that it must be a black-domain main door behind him.
So Nan Ronghuan quickly tightened his arms and fingers a little bit elongated and sharpened. Nan Ronghuan also laughed and went back to his side and said with a smile, "It’s very polite. Didn’t you sneak up on me behind me?"
But when Nan Rong turned his head, he was instantly shocked that it was a woman who landed in front of him! But that didn’t sound like it just now!
And in front of this smiling woman, her skin is fair and her head is twisted with red hair, and her forehead is tied with a white hair band and her face is covered with delicate facial features, which makes her accustomed to the glory illusion of Xi Shi Zheng Dannan.
"Sneak attack? Why should I sneak up on you? " The woman opened her mouth and said gently
I don’t know that the sound of Nan Rong’s auditory hallucination sounds very familiar, and it really doesn’t feel like a woman’s voice is far away, as if it came from thousands of miles away.
Nan Rong Magic secretly breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. His hands behind his back have gradually stretched out a half-foot long osteotome and asked softly, "Excuse me, who is this official …?"
The woman’s face was still smiling, but there was a trace of resentment. She raised her hand and pulled a headband on her forehead and said, "You don’t remember me for the night attack?"
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Li Ze commanded the 200,000 Tang Junzheng marshalling team to prepare for the search for Yang Ye in the city.
Li Ze knows all about the things like the Yang Night Ninja fighting in the east of Anshi City, the South Glory Fantasy Japanese samurai fighting in the west, and the homemade barbecue in the hot sun in the south of the city.
An City has a large area, and some of the sides will not know what happened in its direction at a distance, such as Yang Night, Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun. Three people on the north avenue slaughtered more than 10,000 Japanese dog thieves, but the Japanese martial artists who guarded the Tang Min Promethean in the west square did not know anything.
This is also what Li Ze is worried about. He knows that the area of Ancheng is too large, and it will weaken the strength of each unit to spread out more than 200,000 people to find it. He doesn’t know if there are more hidden hostile forces in Ancheng, but there is no way to find it without spreading out. I’m afraid it won’t have much result before dark, and once it gets dark, it will increase the danger for searchers.
And this war is strange. What about those Prometheans? Could it be that someone in AnShi City can do witchcraft?
However, when Li Ze had just reorganized several teams belonging to 200,000 troops, a figure appeared on the avenue where they were in the same position.
A soldier came to report to Li Ze that "a man appeared not far from the general but did not move"
When Li Ze heard urging the horse to bypass the troops and came to the front, he looked at the distant avenue and people felt puzzled. There were more than 70,000 dogs and thieves stationed in Japan in Anshi City, and the residents of Anshi City were not slaughtered. So this …
Li Ze saw clearly that it was a woman.
About 200 meters away from these Tang Jun soldiers, a grass-green tight dress is full of gossiping patterns, and there is an "S"-shaped face with no expression on her waist. Her eyes have been looking at this side, and a long hair is swaying gently with the breeze. She is not a Japanese, and she is definitely not a resident of Anshi City. She is not excited and surprised. So who is she?
Looked at each other for a while, and the woman in the distance didn’t move at all, even the "S" shape didn’t change, and she still failed, held out her chest and pursed her ass.
Those Tang Jun soldiers are also talking about it.