"Nothing, don’t worry. Isn’t this nothing?" Read the royal said with a smile

Stefanie came in and said, "You scared me to death! These northern natives should not have kept them in those days! "
"Aunt don’t have to worry about nothing" read royal laughed.
"Ok, let him sleep for a while. He has lost a lot of blood and is trapped now. Be obedient." Stefanie coaxed him to sleep.
Burn son nodded and followed her out, but still look back and read the imperial step by step.
It’s really relaxing to look at her with a smile.
She seems to forget that DiYan DiYan was injured and arrested by her uncle …
Outside, Stefanie asked, "What about that man?"
"DiYan? Let him go. He helped drag my uncle here. Otherwise … "Otherwise, maybe they are all dead.
"Let’s talk about it when your uncle comes back … and saved you," Stefanie said.
"Well, I don’t want to see him, but he’s also hurt, right? Or told people not to be hard on him "burn son way.
Stefanie asked someone to arrange it.
After reading Yu’s sleep, I saw Huang’s son guarding him, and her spirit was not good. After all, she was frightened.
"Why don’t you go to sleep? I’m okay "read royal gentle way
"I’m relieved when you wake up. I’m worried that you’re my naughty brother. It’s my nature to come out and defend my brother." Huang bowed his head
"No such thing is not you can expect? Don’t be sad, brother Yu. Isn’t this all right? Before riding a horse and practicing martial arts, you will also be injured. "
"Not the same … Royal brother, I thought it over today. I’m really curious about Di Yan … I’m not happy when he’s injured, but I’ll be so sad when you’re injured. I thought about it. If it’s a choice, I probably won’t hesitate to choose you. Chapter 99, 99, There’s a place to go outside.
"Maybe you’ll think it’s because we have been brothers and sisters for more than ten years. I’ll choose you, right? But I know it’s not. It’s not just that. I won’t regret it after I choose you. Does this mean I’ve figured it out? Does it count that I really like my brother? " Burn son looked up and asked
Nianyu was silent-he didn’t know, but it was really a good thing, wasn’t it?
"Burn son don’t worry, whether it’s brother or sister or something, I will never look at you being wronged, will I? Don’t rush to answer, and don’t rush to decide because of today’s events. There are many times when you are young and your brother is willing to wait for you. Do you know? " Read the imperial touch her head today is scared, she was in a hurry to make sure.
Or just want to repay him by seeing him protect her, so that he can know her heart.
But after the impulse? So they don’t worry.
"I know the royal brother" burn son nodded to also don’t worry together.
"Brother Yu, get up and eat. If you don’t have the strength, I’ll feed you." Huang Er helped read Yu.
"Silly girl, it’s okay. I don’t want to be so rude to my brother that you are tired." His little princess will never have to work hard.
"Then let’s go together. I’m hungry." Huang’s flat mouth was afraid of hungry girls since he was a child.
"Good" read royal smiled eyes is love dearly she is very worried? It’s very touching to keep him like this.
Su Lin took his men to annihilate that group of people in order to capture a few of them alive, but that group of people was hard-headed and committed suicide.
The leading one was one of the young woodworkers who escaped, while Di Yan was just an infant and was taken to the North Plains today.
His brother Muzhuo has been trying to retake the lost land in Beiyuan and kill Yan Gui for revenge.
It’s a pity … Even though the North is tiny now, there are still disputes because Di Yan’s mother is a big slave and she killed the woman when she took him away.
Because of his background, although he has only two generations after wooden surgery, his status is not high, and he has always followed Muzhuo’s instructions.
This time, Muzhuo has died, and Di Yan has become the only person who has undergone the operation.
He was in a trance for a long time after he was released.
I have no feelings for Muzhuo, but I know it is my brother. Now I know that he is dead, and Di Yan is at a loss.
The goal of life suddenly collapsed. He didn’t unify his ambition, but now he’s a little confused …
"Princess … is everything all right?" Di Yan asked the guard
The guard looked at him. It’s not difficult to have an order. He thought for a moment and said, "You should go quickly about the princess."
Di Yan, well, when I look back, I can’t see the backyard outside the general’s dungeon. I don’t know if she is good.
But … Is it okay to have so many people to take care of her? I was shocked. there was …
DiYan wry smile what qualifications does he have to think about her?
Took his machete, put on his waist and got up and went out.
He has a strange feeling of loss, and he doesn’t know where to go when he leaves the cage …
Muzhuo is dead. He deserves revenge, doesn’t he?