Thinking of this other person reminds him of explaining this problem to Jiang Jinxuan.

"Daughter-in-law, do you remember Lin Xinyao?"
"She … how did you suddenly remember her? She was …" Jiang Jinxuan was a little scared. After all, this is the palace. Although they were imprisoned, she was also afraid of being listened to.
Lin Xin Yao is the biggest taboo in the palace!
The Nangong Yi Xian saw Jiang Jinxuan’s eyes panic but didn’t deliberately depress the bass. He looked at it from the time he entered the temple and knew it already.
What did Jiang Jinxuan say that he has the ability to win the position?
Because he is as knowledgeable as Jun Chen, he is the most keen. For example, he observed that the bonsai in the corner was facing the wrong direction but pretended not to notice it.
"She used to be a woman, and your emperor’s cousin was the most trusted person to assist the court and the people. Both the court and the people were very powerful, and there was the influence of the Lin clique. Before the scenery was in full swing, but she was like this?"
The nangongshan picked up his eyebrows and saw that Jiang Jinxuan’s face became extremely ugly. He knew that Jiang Jinxuan didn’t admire other women but was Palin Xin Yao.
All women have the highest image in their hearts because of Lin Xinyao’s integrity and ability.
"But her dead cousin loves her cousin so much that she can’t hurt her …" Jiang Jinxuan argued in a hurry.
The Nangong Yi glanced at the bonsai flower stand behind the bonsai, which seemed a little shaky.
His mouth smile is getting louder and louder, and the sound is also reckless and uncontrolled. "Your cousin loves her, but she is still dead in the end. Your cousin didn’t even check it, right? He didn’t dare to touch the truth today when this generation of celebrities died in the palace. "
"This ….." Although Jiang Jinxuan looked ugly, he had to admit that the Nangong recalled that it was a fact.
Indeed, after the death of Lin Xin Yao, this incident became the secret of the palace. No one dared to start again and no one dared to … touch!
"But what?"
This is a question that Jiang Jinxuan wanted to ask a long time ago. She wanted to ask Jun Chen why she didn’t vindicate Xin Yao and why she wanted Xin Yao to die.
"The reason is very simple because of him! He can’t complain about Lin Xin Yao. He can’t let Lin Xin Yao’s power grow day by day. Lin Xin Yao’s death is a big setback for Lin’s power. It’s a good time for him to stabilize the emperor. But once he turns over the case, Lin Xin Yao is dead in the harem. So he handed the handle to the Lin regiment and let them attack him. "
"Sacrificing a female face can bring stability to the court, and he chose the latter."
After the Nangong recalled the words, Jiang Jinxuan fell to the Nangong Yi and put her arms around her shoulders and gently coaxed, "It’s just that I’m not telling you what to do."
Jun Chen’s face was very ugly when he returned to the imperial house.
Ling Yan, Feng Ling and others all dare not ask Ling Yan to pull Feng Ling to the corner before he accompanied the emperor to Changxin Palace. What did Ling Fenggang spit out a’ Lin Xin Yao’ and Jun Chen immediately called Ling Yuelai.
He told Ling Yue to do an important thing, which is important to the Nangong to remember whether it is true or not.
Ling Yue listened to the order and immediately packed up and set out for a moment without delay. Before leaving, he said seriously to Feng Ling, "The main safety is in your hands."
Glide looked paralyzed and said, "Don’t worry."
What the fuck!
It’s like old paper is weaker than you!
Ling Yue saw through Ling Feng’s eyes at a glance and made his debut. "You are not necessarily weaker than me in martial arts. I think you really haven’t improved here," he said and pointed to his head.
Feng Ling was paralyzed by Ling Yue. At this time, according to his impulsive personality, he should vigorously draw his sword and cut it at him. He was ready to take it. He was not at ease to test a Lingfeng martial arts.
But who knows Feng Ling didn’t make moves on him?
I just didn’t shoot him, and I told him with a paralyzed face, "See the back?"
Ling Yan quietly emerged a head from behind Lingfeng to Lingyue’s face instantly fossilized. Chapter 97 You darling ~ hehe!
Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!
Feng Ling … Feng Ling … Feng Ling, he has a brain!
He knows about Ling Yan, a smart card?
With Ling Yan, he still has nothing to worry about!
These two people are intelligent muscles … No, martial arts are combined with high strength.
Ling month satisfied smile, the silver surface is shining with cold light, which is weird and gentle.
"Xiao Fengfeng, you have a good cooperation with Xiaoyan!" Ling Yue is very batting practice, leaving a joke and drifting away quickly.
Or try your best to fly far with flying skill.
Because if he doesn’t put a sword in Glide quickly, they will have to eat baked moon cakes tonight.
"Report to your majesty, your majesty, and ask for an audience outside the temple."
Jun Chen’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. What’s wrong with Li Xuanxin at this time?
Li Xuanxin entered the temple in a scarlet robe and bowed down to see the emperor.
"Li Qing has something important?" Jun Chen’s fingers tapped on a memorial and looked at Li Xuan Xin.
Li Xuanxin’s official has been in charge of a school for many years. Although Fu Yu has made good friends with them, their positions are completely different. Jun Chen knows that he is not from Lin, and he has relied heavily on Li Xuanxin for so many years.
Is this also separated by a layer of let him have to doubt Li Xuan xin heart.