"ice cloud, hurry up. I’m not worried that my husband’s body will be violated, but Wan Lingshen’s personality is very distorted and my memory and personality are entangled. Her personality is so complicated that she is like a madman. No one expected that she would do something with a sudden idea." Ding Wanyan also said anxiously.

"Soon, soon, my master’s way is very complicated, and I have to integrate one." A surname ice cloud is also anxious to do things. The lush jade hand keeps pinching all kinds of complicated methods, and the whole body is filled with smoke-like magic blue waves, instead of impacting the seal, it penetrates like a hole.
In a special way, all souls will throb this body, which has become hot and hot, and it is difficult to * * spray the dragon bó angrily, and she also suddenly becomes amorous feelings, leisurely cheeks, blushing like a tender feeling * *, and her shirt has fallen down, revealing her goddess-like perfection and extremely proud charming body.
"My husband and concubine will make you have me alone in this generation, regardless of body and mind." When I politely love throb and all souls add up to a strong possessive psychology.
Perfection is like a goddess, riding across her body.
"eh ~"
All souls charming body trembling that charming songs seemed to be a general shiver from the depths of the soul and fascinating. At this moment, two different personalities seemed to be gradually merged after being strongly psychologically stabbed J:.
"Husband, we are finally together. It feels good to be human."
All kinds of amorous feelings, throbbing and touching those sexy lips, gently printed his chest. As she moved more and more violently, her face became as stunning as a goddess.
"It’s so disgusting." Ghost Ji jumped into the lock and tried to attract the attention of all spirits, saying, "Master, are you ready? Er, master, what are you doing?"
She felt that throb consciousness seemed to be trembling and in extreme enjoyment.
"Nonsense" The throbbing consciousness seems to be enjoying a strong pleasure, and it is hard to say angrily, "You don’t know that consciousness is connected with the mind and the mind is connected with the body. Although I can’t direct the body, it doesn’t mean that the body gets the feeling and won’t give back to the mind and my consciousness. Although all souls must have a way to cut off the connection, she obviously doesn’t want to do that. Come on, I feel stronger and stronger, and I can’t control it."
"Well, you are a bitch, not only playing with my master’s body, but also playing with his consciousness." Ghost Ji stabbed herself with a thorn in her consciousness. In theory, it is also the spirit of all souls. At the same time, she kept fluctuating and handed out what she wanted to express
"All souls you bitch, don’t you like throb? His consciousness is now being ravaged by the old niang flogging prostrate in the old niang "
"What person?" Before the fluctuation of all spirits’ consciousness exploded into a rage, she just enjoyed sex and some feelings and fun by repeating her past experience and shaking her heart.
Now she has finally got her long-cherished wish, and she really feels that she has experienced the most dripping fun in nearly three generations.
But suddenly there seems to be a woman in the throb consciousness who keeps saying that she is defiled and bullying the throb consciousness, which makes her proud and "deeply in love" with the throb spirit?
As if she felt the majesty and anger of all souls, Ghost Ji’s consciousness and fear shrank back, but even if she shrank back, how could she avoid it? She had been alert to all souls.
Immediately, the powerful consciousness of all souls invaded into throb’s mind, and slightly unlocked it like tentacles, rolled up the ghost Ji and dragged it out abruptly.
At the same time, throb separated a wisp of consciousness as planned, seized the fleeting opportunity, broke through the lock and flew out directly.
"Let me go, you perverted woman. I will always be me. You old and ugly witch have lived for many years and still want to occupy me?" At the last moment, although Ghost Ji was very scared, she still acted according to the plan. First, now this master does not necessarily have the meaning of revenge for the old master who created her.
"Good spirit is furious with anger." It’s ridiculous that a little conscious life who doesn’t even have a soul dares to come and rob me of a man. I can crush you into dust with one thought. "
"What if you kill me?" Ghost Ji is afraid of shivering, but still aggressive, saying, "I live in a throbbing spirit every day and get along with Leilang day and night. You have deep roots. Even if you kill me, it won’t change me. I am Leilang’s favorite overbearing snake-hearted woman like you. I won’t like your bitch even if Leilang is dead ~ shameless, you deserve to lick me." Ghost Ji’s mouth comes and she dares to face the mother of all souls.
"ah!" A mysterious force invaded her consciousness, and Ghost Ji felt that her consciousness was about to collapse and the pain was extreme.
"You you only consciousness I can’t cure you? I can make you feel extremely painful. "Wan Ling smiled charmingly." Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now. I will keep your life and let you have a good look at your merciful Lei Lang, who has been recruited by me and has been single-minded to me ever since. "
"No way ~" Even in the pain of annihilation, Ghost Ji is still very hard-mouthed, cursing and pouring all the foul language in her generation to the spirits. In her conscious mind, her greatest wish is to help the Pluto who created him. Now the biggest enemy is just around the corner, and Ghost Ji is throwing caution to the wind regardless of anything.
Ghost Ji mocked the firepower and was in the extreme confusion of consciousness. All spirits became dry and angry, but she still wanted this little consciousness to know what is awesome.
Wan Ling set off from all the fire departments to Lei, and a hearty madness seemed to let her fly directly to the clouds, just as she and her willy consciousness were in the time when yu died and yu Xian died.
The ray of consciousness that throbbed extended into her ecstasy and reached the deepest part of her consciousness when Ghost Ji mocked and attracted the attention of all souls.
This kind of thing is not the first time to be familiar with it, and it is not the first time for all souls to come here. At the beginning, she completely seemed to have opened her mind and consciousness to win Thaksin.
After Wan Ling-hao noticed that the situation was branded as her own brand in the deepest part of her consciousness, she kept cheating secretly with her consciousness.
Wan Ling’s attachment to throb is getting deeper and deeper, and her eyes are getting blurred and charming. It’s not just her hands and feet that are throb, but her own consciousness is also undergoing earth-shaking changes. All kinds of experiences of gentle love and affection for throb are also changing Wan Ling’s personality all the time.
In Wan Ling, I don’t know where I learned it, and various means have brought the main consciousness of throb and herself to the clouds again and again, and she is getting deeper and deeper.
Finally, it’s another time when we tremble with each other, and our faces are cold and angry. At last, the master’s way of staying quietly emerged. With the master’s inheritance, the magic of blue waves was more subtle, and the tactic of collecting interest on Sunday sneaked behind the two people who were leading a life of intoxication.
A dignified thick green breath conjured up a firm but gentle and severely hit the back of Wan Ling.
It’s difficult to sneak attack her with the sub-holy strength of a platform ice cloud. However, at this time, Wan Ling is in a state of being on guard against the outside world.
Being hit hard by an ice cloud on a platform can’t move the body, and the green firm but gentle will pass through the chest.
"poof ~" all spirits mouth spewed blood charming body flame was also by j and swing appeared violent shaking.
At the same time, her mind condensed and her mind was locked, showing a little relaxation. Although her main consciousness was in a state of extreme excitement, after all, her consciousness was still clear, and she caught this opportunity, and her consciousness flourished and sent out a shock wave like the tide, which abruptly rushed to lock her mind.
Willy instantly took control of his soul and body, and the powerful mind turned into a stormy wave, madly impacting all souls.
After practicing in the chaotic sea for so long, the dragon emperor finally died. Although it is still a statue, its strength has long been different, even if it is more than it is now.
The contest between the two people still depends on who has the first hand. All kinds of unfavorable factors are obviously against the sudden counterattack of throb.
In the mind, the tsunami hit the soul and it was almost broken and hit hard, which was more fierce and severe than the pain.
Before she could react completely, ray began to pierce her chest and burst her heart.
For Wan Ling and others, the explosion of the heart is not enough to immediately make her lose consciousness, but it is also very traumatic, which will greatly reduce her strength.
Willy, a series of counterattacks haven’t ended yet, and her mind has invaded and condensed into a circle of eyes, attracting her mind.
As soon as the painful feeling appeared, the blood remained in the corners of all souls’ faces. I was unbelievable and disappointed. My eyes stung like needles.
But he had no choice but not to kill Wan Ling, his wife, children and relatives, including himself.
"Wan Ling, you threatened her to do such a painful thing with my respected relatives." An Tai Bing Yun’s expression was cold and there was a carefree meaning. "Have you ever thought about today? It’s true that one good turn deserves another, and one evil turn deserves another. You didn’t expect to fail in the end. Did you figure out how to deal with you before my master died? And if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to sneak up on you. Heaven is indeed a retribution for all souls. You deserve it. "
"And I’m Ghost Ji." Ghost Ji sees that all souls have been moved by willy, and she is being dragged into the eyes of reincarnation a little bit. "Hades created me and I took him as my father. It was your vicious plot that killed my father. Today, I finally avenged him with my own efforts. Haha, master, try harder to kill this bitch."