Xia Yu packed up his purse and his close-fitting clothes. "It’s very difficult for me to go to Blackstone Town when I live in the Lord’s mansion after Mayor Joes. What should we do with the winery?"

Juss said, "I asked you to come back just to discuss this matter with you. Although the mainland pays the most attention to strength, money can’t be ignored. If you have enough money, you can donate a Lord to the empire. Although a baron is not hereditary, no one dares to touch you with a noble title. With money, you can have much more benefits of your own private armed forces. You can’t give up when you go to this winery." Juss constantly described the bright future to tempt Xia Yu.
Although Xia Yu knew that Qiusi wanted to get rich by himself, he was also able to get a large share. Of course, he didn’t want to give up telling the truth that Qiusi described that bright future, which deeply touched him. Xia Yu thought, "Well, Count portela left me to learn mathematics. It’s impossible to keep me away from the workers in Blackstone Town who are already familiar with the basic operation procedures. What I lack is the control of quantity and temperature. I can barely continue to work. By the way, I will train a few technicians to make wineries instead of me. Those technicians can’t let others run away and we will make wine."
After thinking about it, Juss didn’t do anything else. Blackstone Town is too far away from Sunset City. Although it is a dangerous thing to train technicians who can brew fruit wine, it may cause leaks. But after mastering these people, he can also make wine independently from Xia Yu. This is also a good opportunity. Juss said, "Good Mr. Xia Yu, our plan to make a fortune depends on you. I will go back to the Earl of Blackstone Town tomorrow. You should be more careful. There are many talented people around the Earl. If the Earl values you very much, others are likely to be jealous. Seeing more, listening more
Chapter 16 Meet ()
This is the first time that Xia Yu saw the magic armor and blade of the armored soldiers, and he couldn’t help clapping his hands.
The two armoured men heard their palms turned to Xia Yu, who praised them for their martial arts. The tall armoured men looked at Xia Yu. "Shallow martial arts made friends laugh. Are you new here?"
Xia Yu said, "My name is Xia Yu. I just arrived yesterday."
The tall armored soldier is in his thirties, with short purple hair, a beard, a lion’s nose, a wide mouth and a rough face. He is also very refreshing when he talks. "Kaiser multi-level bronze armored soldier is very happy to meet you."
Casedo pointed to the short armoured man and said, "His name is burka and he is also a bronze armoured man."
The short armored Polka is younger than twenty years old, with a white face and long blond hair, but he doesn’t seem to like to associate with strangers. He nodded to Xia Yu, wiped his sweat with a towel and went straight back to his room to dress.
Casedo laughed. "Polka doesn’t like to talk, but it’s like a thermos bottle. After a long time of hot and cold contact, you will become white."
At this time, the servant sent the breakfast. Kaiser said, "Xia Yu, come and have breakfast with us."
Xia Yu didn’t refuse Kasaido’s kindness. He just came here and wanted to make some friends and know more about this place by the way.
The servant sent the breakfast to Casedo’s room. At this time, Polk came with a chair. Three people sat around an oak table and had breakfast. The Earl’s Office had a big breakfast, each with a large glass of fresh milk, two pieces of bread and two fried eggs, and the armored man had an extra steak for breakfast. These things were enough for Xia Yu and Polk, but obviously he could fill Casedo’s belly after strenuous exercise. He ate Xia Yu’s leftover bread and fried eggs and was hungry, so he asked the servant to bring another one.
Xia Yu said, "The manager should deliver breakfast according to everyone’s appetite. It seems that there are not many people in this hospital."
Casedo said angrily, "The manager is a stubborn old bastard. He always thinks that the count has raised us who will spoil food. Grandma doesn’t know how the count is desperate to raise soldiers for a thousand days without enough to eat."
Polka spoke for the first time at this time. His voice was a little foreign. "Say less about Kaiser. It will make things difficult for you in Sturm’s ear."
Xia Yu tentatively asked, "Don’t the count care?"
Kaiser snorted. "How can the count have the energy to manage these little things? Besides, what can you do if you tell the count? Sturm will say that with so many people in the house, how can he care enough to evenly distribute who doesn’t want any more? Besides, he is following the old count. The count won’t. Let’s punish him. It’s just a little troublesome. Every day, there are twenty silver coins to subsidize the day. By the way, Xia Yu, I don’t think you are a magician or an armored badge. How can the count get you to the other hospital? "
Xia Yu sees that Casedo is a straightforward person, and he doesn’t want to hide that "I know math, and the Earl may value me."
"Ha ha ha math? Do you have that thing? You can’t kill people or make money? Do adults want to do business or build houses? It’s funny to have a dwarf in our other hospital. At least dwarves can forge weapons. What do you want as a mathematician? Wandering poets can also sing praises to adults and be a recorder. "Casedo couldn’t help laughing."
Polka is obviously more knowledgeable than Kaiser. "I heard that there are adults who are good at magic circle drawing and mathematical drawing. Maybe this Mr. Xia Yu is related to magic circle."
Casedo stopped laughing. "Yes, the count is a master of the magic circle, saying that he laid a magic circle and trapped a necromancer."
Polka said, "The magic circle can not only trap the enemy, but also increase the absorption of magic elements. It seems that weapons can be carved and magic weapons can be made." Polka said here and looked at Xia Yu. "Maybe this Mr. Xia Yu will become a celebrity of the earl. There are many armoured men and magicians like us, but few mathematicians."
Casedo is not very interested in whether Xia Yu can become a celebrity of the earl. He is very interested in the magic circle to make magic weapons. "Xia Yu, can you make magic weapons?"
Xia Yu said with a wry smile, "Where would I make that thing? Today, it’s the first time I heard Polk talk about the word magic weapon."
Polka said, "Xia Yu is not a magician, even if he draws a magic circle, there is no magic circle. The stronger the magic force, the greater the power of the magic circle, but it seems that there are other conditions. I am an armored soldier. I have heard of some, but it is definitely not enough to draw it, otherwise everyone will make a magic circle."
Xia Yu said, "Polk is right. It seems so. I have also seen a man who knows the magic circle. He is a fire magician."
Casedo was disappointed. "If only I could have a magic weapon, I would be a double major in magic and martial arts. Unfortunately, magic weapons are too expensive, and a low-level one would cost tens of thousands of gold coins, so I can’t afford it."
The magic weapon is so valuable that Xia Yu secretly left his heart after listening to it. Since there is no way to become a magician and armor, Xia Yu’s heart is put into making money.
Kaiser is generous and straightforward. Polk is knowledgeable. Xia Yu talks with them very speculatively. The three of them gradually get familiar with it. At noon, they have dinner together. At noon, the servant comes over and tells Count Xia Yu to look for him.
Xia Yu followed the servant and came to the Earl’s room that day. Xia Yu just came to the yard and heard a silvery smile in the room. "Dad heard that the outer court came again and heard that it was a waste, right? I’ll go and see what kind of waste it is. "
"Don’t commit tomfoolery what waste? Who said Hu was a mathematical genius who was better than your father? Hehe, I heard that he could make wine. Your brother likes brandy best. He made it. How can such a person be a waste? " In the room came the count’s majestic and deep voice, but Xia Yu could just hear it. If he was young, Xia Yu would definitely regard himself as a confidant and render his services to the death. But now he is already familiar with these official tricks, which have not greatly touched him. On the contrary, he is more awed and prepared for Count portela, and of course, he is also mixed with some gratitude.
Chapter 16 Meet ()
Xia Yu and Qiusi are mutually beneficial. There is no friendship between them. Even if Qiusi recommended him to Count portela, it was out of selfishness. These words made Xia Yu have a good impression on him. Although he was a scholar before crossing this world, he was a paraplegic. Bai Qiusi had a deep understanding of human feelings, the world and the world. These words contained philosophy of life. Xia Yu hugged Qiusi and said, "Thank you, Mayor Qiusi. I will be careful."
Qiusi hugged Xia Yu for a long time. "Mr. Xia Yu, there are many hotels in Sunset City to buy our wine in Blackstone Town. If you have anything, let them send me a message that Roque, the owner of the mercenary family, is my friend. He is also a wood magician. If you need any help, you can come to him directly."
"Good" Xia Yudao
Two people walk downstairs together. The magic crystal lamp in the bar has replaced the pine oil lamp. It’s colorful and very beautiful like neon lights. Roque saw Xia Yu holding a parcel and asked, "Don’t you live here tonight, Jussia?" “
Juss said, "I’ll see him off if Xia doesn’t live here."