It’s a pity that the man leaning against the bed didn’t respond at all. He just sat on the bed with his eyes open.

I don’t know what I’m thinking when I’m sitting on the bed, but he always ignores whoever talks.
Ye Ting became more and more frightened and turned around and asked Yu Ge, "What happened to your grandfather? How come this time is more serious than before? What’s wrong with him? "
"By the way, why did I hear the news that Su Wan of Anguo Houfu was married by the emperor to Taidianfei and will get married in a few days? Isn’t that your future princess?"
Ye Tinggang said that he saw people who didn’t respond behind him suddenly interrupted their madness and roared as much.
He waved his hand and swept Ye Ting and Yu Ge. They were so scared that they hurried to the side to see everything in the room, which was swept to the ground by a strong breeze and shattered in succession.
And the man in bed laughed like a madman, but his eyes were red, as if he were possessed, not only mad but also yelling.
"I’m so stupid. I’m so stupid. I’m nice to her, but I forget that she’s too strong-willed. She doesn’t like others, so she’s nice to her. If she doesn’t lie to her."
She told him before, Xiao Huang, don’t lie to me. I’m afraid of being cheated, but I’m willing to trust you again. Don’t let me despair.
If you lie to me, I’m afraid I’ll never trust anyone again.
He ruined her last letter, and now she doesn’t trust anyone anymore.
Don’t trust people anymore
It’s all his fault. He treats her well, but that kind of good is not what she wants.
He regretted that he wanted to tell her everything, but she would never give him such a chance again.
"Ha ha ha"
Xiao Huang laughed and laughed until the chest blood flowed backwards, so there would be no bad injury. Once again, the blood rushed out and the body tilted and passed out directly.
There was a panic in the room, and Yu Ge was scared to death. Call the doctor to come in and diagnose him.
And Ye Ting looked at Xiao Huang in the room and was really worried. He pulled up Yu Ge "What’s going on? What’s going on?"
Yu Ge shook his head. He didn’t know anything about the Lord and Princess Zhaohua, such as talking to him.
"I don’t know what’s wrong with them? Come and have a good time. Later, the Lord inexplicably quarreled with Princess Zhaohua. Princess Zhaohua refused to marry him, and he did not marry him. But I saw that he loved Princess Zhaohua very much, but what did the East China Sea Palace not want to marry? "
Yu Ge had a terrible headache.
Ye Tingyu looked at Yu Ge and looked at Xiao Huang on the bed.
Look at his pale and groggy face.
It’s not the way to go like this. We must find a way to help him.
Ye ting thinks about pacing the room, but he doesn’t even know what happened to them. How can he help them?
In the room, Yu Ge suddenly thought of a person coming and looking at Ye Ting quickly and said, "There is someone who may know what happened. You can go to her."
"Linyang infanta Linyang infanta and Princess Zhaohua are like sisters. She must know that Ye Xiaohou went to the palace to find Linyang infanta and asked what happened to the Lord and Princess Zhaohua. Please help Wang. I’m really afraid that something bad will happen to him. The emperor is staring at Jing Wangfu. If something really happens to the Lord, I’m afraid that it will be in the middle of the old emperor’s abacus and Jing Wangfu will be unlucky. "
Ye Ting also knows this truth more than he suspects that if Jing Wangfu is unlucky, they will be unlucky in Anping Houfu, because he and Xiao Huang have always been closer.
The old emperor has always been a vengeful man. When he has finished cleaning up Xiao Huang, he may not have to clean up what he has saved. Xiao Huang is to keep him safe and waiting for the house.
He can’t just sit back and watch this.
Ye Ting thought and looked at Yu Ge. "You take good care of your family. I’ll go to the palace to find Linyang monarch."
Yu Geli nodded and counted on Ye Tingshen. I hope Ye Ting can really solve the world’s knot and let him recover. Don’t abuse yourself again. It hurts them too much.
Ye ting stopped talking and turned and walked out all the way into the palace to find linyang infanta muqian.
Mu Qianqian is also depressed these days. Although it’s good for Su Wan to marry Taishi, Su Wan wants good friends. She knows that Wan Er likes Xiao Huang, but she finally married Xiao Ye, which makes her unable to express her ease.
Besides, she is still optimistic about Xiao Cousin and Wan Er. She always thinks that they are a match made in heaven.
Yu Xiaoye and Wan Er are full of disharmony from beginning to end. Although she can’t say where the disharmony is, she always doesn’t like them.
But the imperial edict of the Eye Emperor has been fulfilled, and the son has accepted the imperial edict safely. This is going to get married.
She also dare not say anything to Xiao Cousin before Wan’s son.
Xiao Cousin in Wan’s heart is like a taboo, and no one dares to say it.
Don’t say it’s her. Even Phoenix and her adoptive mother dare not go to Cousin Xiao.
Did they really pass by by by mistake? If so,
She believes that Cousin Xiao and her son will not be happy in this life.
Mu Qian came to my heart and was annoyed. I didn’t expect Ye Ting to break into her palace privately. She got angry and fought with Ye Ting.