If we say that we didn’t pay attention to and see how Yang Ye killed this Jin Clan Xiushi at the moment, then these various ethnic xiushi won’t be so scared. The question is not whether we saw it clearly, but whether we didn’t see it at all. That Jin Clan Xiushi has already died! What a shocking fact!

Yang night has reached the front gate of the domain leader’s hall to gather those ethnic groups to cultivate officials in the first row, and many ethnic groups to cultivate officials one by one, squeezing their eyes backwards to reveal fear.
Yang Yewei was about to speak when suddenly there was a howl of "wooshing wooshing" everywhere in Xiushi camp, and several black shadows came out! All straight to Yang night here!
Those shadows are fast, but Yang night seems to be a little slow. Slowly, I looked up and glanced at it lightly. Yang night saw this. Dozens of shadows were all Jin Clan officials.
Do you want revenge when you see your kin being murdered?
Thinking about the moment, these Jin family officials have come straight from around Yang night and in front of them, one by one with long mouths and fierce eyes!
Yang night felt his physical strength rising, as if someone had told him that the gold clan had also participated in the ghost clan and the evil clan war and was sent by the Lord Sihao to kill the ghost clan in the blend!
This Yang night fist clenched in situ motionless to meet those Jin Clan Xiushi looked up and raised his fists slightly with a slight red light, and then suddenly jumped up and ran to the middle of the flash and turned back to everyone who came to Jin Clan Xiushi’s chest and gave him a hard punch. Suddenly, dozens of Jin Clan Xiushi’s body parts were stiff, and even the surprised expression was not made. It has been shocked by Yang Ye’s one punch.
And Yang night after work has firmly fell back to the ground is still just position just posture as if never moved.
That speed has already exceeded the speed. Many ethnic groups have the ability to move their eyes. Most ethnic groups have seen the red light flash, and the body disappeared in the same place at night, and then flashed again.
However, the howling has stopped, and all the ethnic groups have looked up and looked at the dozens of stiff Jin people who have maintained different shapes, just like waiting for the body to react to death, and then suddenly they fell flat together and fell to the ground with a muffled sound, but they were already bleeding to death.
Dead? So dead? These powerful Jin clan officials were solved in a blink of an eye? Who the hell is this ghost clan Red Bi?
Landing Yang night slowly spread his fists, and the red light became thinner.
Take a step forward, and the eyes of the various ethnic groups will become more frightened and unbelievable, and they will give way backwards.
Yang night is no longer before, but in situ, a wisp of curly red and black hair hangs over his eyes, while the other one looks straight at the cold and shocking red light from the army of ethnic scholars in front of him.
"There are also my enemies and ghost enemies among you!" Yang night suddenly mouth big said "but I’m red Bi today is to find the Lord SiHao! Not to kill all the races in the domain! Don’t want to die! I used to have some mutual affection with the ghost family! Read that we are all domain races! Please make way for me! Otherwise, we will see you in the lotus flower! "
The voice fell silent.
It is obvious that some ethnic groups have slightly changed their eyes, but some ethnic groups have moved their feet without moving half an inch.
Yang night in front of these various ethnic groups to repair Shi camp is still in situ desperately blocked Yang night way.
Even if it is intentional, I dare not make a move after sizing up the situation. After all, the current domain is still ruled by the lords, and the past megatron, Cirengu and the sacred male floating life have all been repaired by the lords Sihao with these domain races. Naturally, I don’t believe that the strength of the ghost clan will be stronger than that of those people who said it.
In this situation, it is the wisest choice to choose a wood and live with your back against a big tree. Since they have decided that the final winner must be the Lord Sihao, it is the only way to choose the Lord’s side to oppose the ghost clan at this moment.
God or man, this kind of servility is still so powerful that it makes desperate rulers resist and escape. It is stupid to do what they want and live and hope.
These are the real thoughts in the minds of the public officials in front of Yang Ye at this moment.
Even in the past, there was some mutual affection between the true and ghost families. Some races and officials are also mental activities at the moment. They all want to play it by ear and retreat, but they dare not offend the lords.
However, after a short period of fear, more races and more officials gradually emboldened themselves by dint of numbers, and their eyes became more fierce. They stared at Yang Ye, hoping that they were the heroes and heroes who rushed away after being exhausted.
Look around, and sure enough, no one has given in. Although Yang Ye has seen some people’s eyes flashing, he is also white. In their eyes, they are a ghost orphan, and they are more afraid and jealous of the Lord Sihao in the domain leader behind them!
"In that case!" Yang Ye’s lonely figure held her head high and looked around coldly. More than 100,000 scholars in front of her finally clenched their fists. "Then I’ll be a desperate Saburo today!"
After saying his word, Yang night raised his fists and suddenly tightened his body. A burning aura rose to make Yang night’s * * body with a striped road flower case totem rise like a red light on the skin, which made his totem lines look particularly bright and shiny.
And those eyes suddenly burst out with terrible dark red light, accompanied by messy floating up. The curly red and black hair made Yang Ye’s face look so ferocious and horrible for the first time!
In the middle of the chest, the totem of ghosts and gods rises, and the veins and blood vessels in the chest gradually rise, as if releasing strength and venting anger.
"Shua" a piece of red light flashed around Yang night, and even his feet and ground trembled in his bag for a while.
Across the street, a lot of domain, race, clan, and class all stare big eyes. Even Yang Ye was surprised for a second. Is this the power after ghosts and gods can blend?
However, in a second, some people are eager to make contributions, and some races have been unable to restrain themselves from howling and using their own race abilities and weapons to gallop to Yang night.
The rest of those ethnic groups were also encouraged to move their bodies "boomed" and rushed to Yang Ye’s side.
More than100,000 people rushed to kill one person. This scene is spectacular!
It’s true that all ethnic groups in these domains are really looking forward to being the hero, hero and lucky one who rushed to his life after being exhausted by the ghost family who took turns attacking the sea of people! !
With a sigh of relief, Yang Ye also suddenly moved his body to meet the tide and rushed to his own dark domain to repair Shi.
He knows that there are too many opponents, and they are not as simple as ordinary human beings. Each of them is enough. Each of them is full of different strengths and abilities with different degrees and tricks. This may be a tough battle, which may just test how strong one’s local strength is.
However, Yang Yecai found himself underestimating his own reality after he rushed into the camp of repairing officials of the right race.
Yang Ye, the powerful force, can’t control himself and keeps emerging.
Clench your fists or swing them out like a meat grinder, and they will be swept to pieces, and the clan will be torn apart, and there is no possibility of survival!
Every punch, every kick, and the turbulent surrounding Yang’s night world, the clan, the official and the scholar must have died many times, many people were seriously injured, many people were dying, many people were injured and fell to the ground, but they were trampled into paste by thousands of feet coming from behind!