"Where’s the antidote?"

The man almost gnashed his teeth to squeeze out such three words. The tone of Yin is extremely extreme, which makes Moxi have no doubt that if she doesn’t hand over the antidote, her neck will be immediately broken by this man without hesitation.
However, she smiled and sneered at the corners of her mouth. "Do you still need to ask me for an antidote when you are famous for being less toxic?"
The man pulled up his mouth coldly. "Do you think I dare not kill you?"
"What are you afraid of?"
Moxi closed her eyes, and the oxygen in her throat and chest was almost broken, which made her breath unstable at the moment, but she was still smiling wildly.
"But I’m dying now. Even if you don’t kill me, I’ll be beheaded in the street in three days. I might as well choose to die. You can at least leave a corpse in your hand, right?"
After all, he is an experienced man who immediately understood her meaning.
After a silence for a while, he quickly made a choice, "I’ll take you out and give me the antidote."
Moxi leng leng probably didn’t expect him to be so frank. The corners of his mouth pulled and pulled. "I can’t believe that you have suddenly become so accommodating, young master. What is so good about that slave that she is so worthy of you?"
It’s really not the Japanese style for a eunuch to be threatened.
Just a dog slave who doesn’t even have a complete body.
"Do you want to die or go out with me?"
The man glanced at her in disgust. "Cut the crap if you want to go out!"
When Fu Han returned to the rockery, Gu Xi Xi had fainted in pain, lying on the ground dying like a wounded and abandoned beast, as if he would die in a second.
He went over to help her frown. "If you open your mouth and take the medicine, it will not hurt so much."
But Gu Xi Xi’s knowledge is chaotic, and even if he knows what he said, his teeth are clenched tightly.
It really hurts. It’s like thousands of insects crawling and biting her heart, liver, spleen, lungs and internal organs.
The man touched her face lovingly with the palm of his hand, and immediately forced her to eat the medicine by holding her jaw. Gu Xixi was choked by this posture and coughed repeatedly for a long time, and her face was white and red.
It took a long time for a man to say, "How is it better?"
Gu Xi Xi lay there weakly, and his lips mumbled and he couldn’t make a sound, but it was really much better
It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s cold.
Fu Han nodded and picked her up and bowed her ear. "I’ll take you back to chapter 1537. What are you two doing?
Gu Xi Xi in the mind a surprised hurriedly grabbed his hand "no …"
The man’s face sank. "It’s cold here. If you want to stay here and die of cold, you can stay!"
"But I can’t go back …"
What should she do if she is seen back?
She just came here alone to avoid everyone’s sight. How can she go back?
Fu Han hesitated for a moment. "I’ll take you to a palace. You can’t stand it if it’s too cold here."
Gu Xixi didn’t stop him again this time, and she knew that she couldn’t stop the eunuch. I don’t know when it seemed to be out of control … No, I didn’t control it in the past, but recently she seemed to be subject to him everywhere in turn.
What does a strong and overbearing look like, like a little eunuch?
But Gu Xi Xi didn’t come to think deeply, and the brain cells seemed to be frozen. Where is the leisure to think about others?
Fu Han was going to find the nearest palace and go in, but it’s very nice of this woman to choose a place. Although many palaces around here are located, they are so clever that they can’t even find a stove.
So after holding her for half a column of incense, Fu Han finally decided to find a place to put her casually before going back to make a fire.
"What are you two doing without sleeping in the middle of the night?"
The man’s voice is indifferent but mixed with a few invisible gloom, and suddenly rings behind him.
As soon as the steps of supporting the woman are stiff, the skill of holding the woman is involuntarily tightened.
I was so flustered by this woman that I didn’t even notice that someone appeared behind him.
It was a long time before he slowly turned to face the slim man over there and bowed his head respectfully.
Gu Xixi was a bolt from the blue. She didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, she was lying like a corpse with her eyes closed.
"No long legs to be carried away?"
Jun Yi-han came up to them with a cold expression on his face, and his body was as cold as Gu Xi’s.
Of course, he knew that she must have been held because something was wrong, but this scene was really dazzling-even if Xiaofu was a eunuch, he felt it was more dazzling.
This kind of similar feeling has already happened once when she was taken to Yushuge.
Maybe a man can be alert.
Fu Chu frowned in a few unobservable ways. "I’m so sorry for her …"
"Did the palace ask you?"