Lin’s eyes are full of sarcasm, but it’s very calm and very calm. "It’s even impossible for me to really accept you, or it will take decades to live in peace … I’m willing to try one after my son."

Jun Feng Wen stare big eyes in amazement "Niang …"
What, this attitude has suddenly become so fast?
Don’t you think it’s strange that Lin snorted? Do you think I’m willing to do this if it’s true? But Xuaner told me again and again that he wanted me to be nice to you and that he was sorry for you … Here, she suddenly paused, "I will never care about those big and small things with you again. Just mind your own points."
When Jun Feng was warm, he still felt quite puzzled by Lin’s words. Did the teacher say that he was sorry for her? What’s wrong with her?
The strangeness was explained by the fact that she went back quickly when she came and went strangely.
When I passed Ye Youran’s room, I heard a man and a woman coming out of it.
"Jing Xuan elder brother don’t don’t do this now or during the day ….."
"What about during the day? Don’t you really think the daytime is more interesting? "
"But what if someone hears it?"
"Don’t be afraid that no one will hear you … even if you are, if it’s a big deal, I’ll divorce you and marry you."
"Brother Jing Xuan can’t do this. Let’s wait until your plan is realized slowly and drive her away slowly."
"Good to listen to you …"
Your wind is warm outside, clutching your palms and taking several deep breaths to resist the impulse to break into houses.
If a hug just makes her feel sick and she can’t help but resist it, then this dialogue is enough for all her psychological defense departments to collapse and collapse.
She turned and walked mechanically.
Walking slowly at first, then getting faster and faster, and finally almost ran out of the forest house.
A moment later, the door was slowly beaten by people, and the figure of Ye Youran appeared at the door.
There was a sly smile at the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were staring at the picturesque scenery outside. Her whole body was covered with gloom and cold, and she was full of sinister.
I don’t know how long it took Lin to suddenly appear in front of her and ask, "What’s up?"
"Aunt rest assured that there should be no problem."
I’m sorry I went home after eleven o’clock for the wedding banquet yesterday. These are supplements for yesterday. Chapter 1638 Should she let go before it’s too late?
Jun Fengwen ran out of Lin Fu and then slowly stopped and walked out of the street blankly.
If you must find a reason to swallow it, is love enough?
In order to maintain her humble and pitiful love, she can turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear. Is this enough?
She can, but even those two people may hug together, and she feels sick. No, I have been resisting the touch of a teacher these days, because the dress has been replaced that day, but it seems that I can still vaguely smell the powder.
What about today?
If her body is dirty, how can she continue to endure it?
In the future, even if he comes near her, he will feel sick.
It’s not that I haven’t thought about the possibility of Ye Youran looking for someone to pretend to be him. She also wants to believe him …
However, whether that person today is the one in his garden that day or not, it must be him. Yes, he is exactly the same, and his clothes and appearance are also contaminated with the breath of other women.
It’s definitely him. She can’t admit it.
She asked him more than once, but every time she either didn’t have an answer or lied to her. She had no courage to continue questioning that day and today-of course, she didn’t feel the need to continue asking.