Spring surplus received Lin Yu eyes immediately find a place to hide.

She knows that Lin Yu wants to tell her to protect herself!
Chun Ying is so moved …
Shi Linyu still has half a sentence that she didn’t understand. "If you don’t protect yourself, the official won’t protect you later!"
"Three report please don’t difficult I! Give the prisoner to me. I will surely give the prisoner to you for trial when you please return by decree. "Xu Yan’s resolute appearance has actually moved his hands behind him, so that people around the altar are ready to start work.
In a word, the prisoner can’t let Mu Junze take away 1.
"Xu Yanwang said roll again!" Mu Junze knew and insisted that he would never let Qiu dye and never let her be harmed again!
"Third report, please forgive the official ceremony!" Xu Yan’s face is black and his heart is not red, so he can start work without saying a few words!
At this time, Lin Yuguo, a wise man, broke away and thought of a bloodless method!
"Stop it!"
Lin Yu rushed to Mu Junze and Xu Yan said righteously, "Why don’t you calm down and listen to the official?"
Xu Yan black face don’t want to hear!
Mu Junze coldly spit out a word "Say!"
"It’s not difficult for you not to worry about Xu’s adult."
Lin Yu smiled two times. "Since the sovereign can’t take away criminals, can the official body shun Tianfu Yin take away criminals?"
Xu Yan "Of course not!"
Mu Junze looked down at the person in his arms and then looked at Lin Yu. "Why not?"
"Three report this wrong! This case is tried by the Ministry of Punishment. How can it be handed over to Shuntianfu? This is unreasonable in law! " Xu Yan resolutely opposes it.
Lin Yu knew that he would object to throwing a look at Mu Junze as if asking someone to give it to me or give it to him. It’s up to you!
Mu Junze is not stupid!
Of course, I gave it to Lin Yu!
What Yu Xuyan said is not reasonable and reasonable …
"Wang said there was nothing wrong!"
Xu Yan "…" Petrochemical on the spot.
Lin Yu "! ! !” So domineering!
Lin Yu gave Mu Junze a big compliment.
And then …
Huanhuan will quickly bring the autumn dye back to Shuntianfu 318. Chapter 318 Dig a hole for you.
When he left, Xu Yan still gnashed his teeth and stared at Lin Yu. A pair of eyes couldn’t wait to stare her out of two holes.
Lin Yu’s selectivity depends on Mu Junze anyway, which curses Xu Yan and dares not do anything with her.
Mu Junze has made a 100-degree change to Lin Yu this time. He not only found Shuntianfu people to take the autumn dye away from Chunying, but also rode a horse all the way to accompany Lin Yu in the name of escort.