"awake?" The man smiled and picked up some Su Lingling’s blood, perfunctorily sprinkled a little bit of golden sore medicine, and directly kicked Su Lingling to the corner of the carriage. "I have something to ask when I wake up."

Su ling2 han2 felt the carriage driving again, only to know that it was changed just now.
In just a few minutes, Su Lingling has determined that this person is definitely a mental derangement or a cold-blooded mental derangement. She shakes her body and hugs into a ball and hides in the corner of the carriage.
"You who are you? I have no enmity with you. I don’t blame you for arresting me? " Su Ling’s cold voice trembled inappropriately. "You … it’s not good to let me go?"
"Let you go? It’s not impossible for you to answer my words well. "
"good! Ok! I must answer well if you can let me go. I will say anything. "Now I am a little girl who is afraid of death to the extreme."
"Do you have a piece of black jade at home?"
When I shook Su Lingling, I guessed that I must have been with Mo Yuyou, and I vaguely felt that this man was a group of people who destroyed her grandfather’s grave.
"There is originally there! Later, I broke my grandma and buried her in grandpa’s grave, and then I was taken by the bad guys … "
Before she finished, the man asked, "Mo Yu came here?"
"I … I heard from my grandmother that grandpa saved a girl when there was a flood many years ago, but the girl was infected with the epidemic and gave it to my grandfather before she died. My grandfather always liked to take it with him. My grandmother died …"
The man was too lazy to listen to her. "Is that girl really dead?"
"Yeah, I didn’t lie to you. My family doesn’t have that much money to buy such a good jade …" Afraid he wouldn’t believe Su Lingling’s urgent explanation.
The man didn’t know what to think again and was silent for a while.
"The main place is near the monks of Tai ‘an Temple."
"Idiot", the cold man cursed in a low voice, "hide from them and go to the suburbs as soon as possible!"
So it’s not the suburbs now? Listen carefully to the sound outside. Su Lingling found that she hardly heard anything shouting. It was quite quiet.
It seems it’s getting late, Brother Xu. They must be anxious.
Cold man didn’t ask any more questions, so Su Linghan huddled up and tried to weaken his feelings.
She quietly pressed out a sleeve arrow, and the tip of the arrow cut the rope. Because the car was driving very fast, it was a little bumpy, and her little move did not cause a cold note.
It’s not early, and the man wants the driver to go to the suburbs. She has to think of the worst possibility-this man is going to kill and dump the body! Thinking about her like this, she felt a twinge of pain in her hand, and she could feel that she had been scratched by a cold man, and it was soaked there.
Suddenly Su Lingling’s hand stopped because she heard the rubbing sound of iron. The cold man didn’t know whether it was intentional or not. He drew his sword very slowly, and the rubbing sound of the scabbard caused Su Lingling’s hair to stand up one by one.
"So nervous? What did you hear? " Cold man smiled again so that Su Lingling almost bit his teeth. "You have a lot of guts, girl."
"No, don’t kill me!" Su ling2 han2 shrank back again and directly hit the car wall, taking advantage of this move, she made a hard stroke.
The rope finally broke, but at the same time, she also cut her wrist, which was not found. She could just press her wrist.
As far as she is concerned, when does the cold man want to do it, he actually kicks the car door and then hears the sound of the sword drawn.
At the moment he kicked the door, Su Lingling quickly got up and threw the rope aside to solve the eye cloth and looked outside the car.
I happened to see a masked man, Ling Fei, half facing the driver without a second’s hesitation or reaction. When the tip of the sword moved, the driver’s neck spurted out a stream of blood.
Su Lingling decisively jumped the car. The whole process from her getting up to jumping the car was like flowing water without hesitation for a second.
"It seems that I look down on you." The mask male corners of the mouth gently hook the sword that is not stained with blood and approaches Su Lingling.