Han Daode said bluntly that he believed that Li Cheng should be able to do it, because Li Cheng is the department manager of kv Department in the clubhouse, and it should be a small matter for him to arrange a big box.

"Wait a minute, then. I’ll send someone to check a horse and give you a reply." Li Cheng replied.
"That’s a good old classmate, please, I’ll wait for your words." Then Han Morality hung up with a smile.
"What happened to Minister Han?" As soon as Han Daode hung up, Wu Xiaoli Ma next to her asked Baiyun Entertainment Club kv, which can be said to be the best place in Hangzhou. She didn’t want to change places.
"My friend is the manager of the kv department here. He helped me to find out if there is a box. Call me back later," Han Morality said with confidence. "Even if there is no box, he will help me vacate one."
Soon Li Chenggong replied to Han Daode, and Han Daode’s obedient face suddenly changed. Li Cheng said that there is no big box at present, but there are ten people here who can make a small box. What’s more, he just boasted that he could get a big box. Isn’t that embarrassing himself?
"Old classmates, you must do something for me. I am your statue of V here.
Members say that I have more entertainment and more guests, which can bring you a lot of business every year. "
Korea’s moral hurriedly said to Li Cheng that he really didn’t believe that Li Cheng’s kv department manager couldn’t even arrange a big box. If it weren’t for Kexin Yu and Wu Xiaoli and their gang, he would have almost said,’ When we were together, we had sex with girls and went whoring with prostitutes. It was an iron friendship. Why don’t you turn your back and deny people now?’
"Brother, you things I can not heart? However, the business of the club has always been V.
Members’ homes are reserved boxes. What can I do if you don’t reserve them? I just said that the small boxes are all occupied now, but I asked someone to investigate how many strangers are outsiders. If you want this small box, I will help you call someone to clear this small box and let these outsiders run away to you. "
Li Cheng is still in his office with his horse jiaojiao at this time. He is slightly annoyed when he hears that Korean morality doesn’t believe him.
"You are the manager of the kv department who can’t even spare a big box? I remember once I brought someone here to play, and there was no box. Didn’t you help me solve it if you weren’t a horse? Is it so hard for you to ask you for help this time? You didn’t treat me like an old classmate and brother at all. "
Han Morality asks, now more than a dozen girls are watching him. He doesn’t want to lose face. Worse, he came to show off his money and social connections in front of Zhouyi. If this matter can’t be handled, it would be a real shame.
Li Chengxian caressed Jiao Jiao while answering the phone. Previously, this coquettish college student didn’t want to play a passionate scene with Li Cheng’s office, but now she was teased by Li Cheng, a veteran in love, and she became active. When Li Cheng talked, her hands kept touching Li Cheng’s thin chest, and she was charming enough to blow on Li Cheng’s face from time to time, so that Li Cheng’s heart tickled and she didn’t have the heart to talk to Korean morality.
"Honey, who is this? Why have you been talking for so long? I need you. Hurry up, hurry up. People have been waiting for you for so long."
Li Cheng hasn’t finished talking for half a day. His horse jiaojiao has already made a big move in Chun Qing, so Jiao Lang urged Li Cheng to hang up early.
Li Cheng made a gesture of don’t talk to his horse jiaojiao and then continued to talk to Korean morality.
"Brother, you and I are the boss. Besides, we have a system here, and everything has to be done according to the system. Now the boss is forbidden to seek personal gain. Even if I want to help you, I don’t have this advantage. If you know our big talk, there may be a way to think about it, because we still have two luxury boxes here, but I can tell you that the price of this box is 88,888 yuan, which is specially for receiving VIPs. If you know our new boss, you might as well call and try!"
Li Cheng was being provoked by his horse at this time. He explained to Han Morality that the horse hung up and put his arm around his horse to extinguish the fire.
"His mother just hung up."
Korea’s morality scolded Li Cheng again and again, and Li Cheng didn’t answer his words this time. Li Cheng is preparing to get up with his horse’s jiaojiao office at this time, and it is natural that Korea’s morality will not answer the words again. It is said that a moment is worth a thousand dollars. At this time, he is enjoying himself and doesn’t want to listen to Korea’s morality chatter.
"Minister Han’s box is done?"
Wu Xiaoli Ma asked, "Which box I went with? I haven’t come out for karaoke for a long time. We can get together tonight."
Wu Xiaoli’s moral face changed when he asked questions. He didn’t speak, and he was always sociable. He was also somewhat unnatural.
Although Zhouyi sat beside Kexin Yu at this time, his hearing far exceeded that of ordinary people because of martial arts since childhood. Although he was talking, he still heard Korean morality speak.
When Han Morality’s face changed, I knew that Han Morality had no back door to get the big box. Even if I didn’t hear Han Morality talking, I knew that Han Morality couldn’t do it. Because the management of Baiyun Entertainment Club is very formal now, the box is given priority to the subscribers. If there is no Jinggote approval, no one dares to drive away other guests without authorization and vacate the box.
"How Korea minister box things? So many beautiful women are waiting! "
Zhouyi walked beside Han Morality and said indifferently that Han Morality had previously wanted to show off Zhouyi, and now he would make a fool of himself and be beaten.
At this time, Wu Xiaoli and others were also out of the Korean morality. They looked pale and knew that Korean morality definitely didn’t get a big box. This woman was interested in Korean morality, so she quickly said, "If there is really no big box here, let’s go somewhere else to sing karaoke. Anyway, it’s still early. I heard that the kv in the new’ rich family entertainment club’ is also very good."
"I’m really Korean minister. What way can I get a big box? Now I want us to run."
Zhouyi satirizes Korea’s moral way. He knows that this natural guy will definitely haunt Kexin Yu if he doesn’t destroy Korea’s moral psychological defense line layer by layer today. He has no intention of giving Korea a moral face.
"Zhou, you are really like talking. There is really no big box here. There is a small box. There are many of us. The small box must be staying. I think Wu Xiaoli is right. Let’s consider changing the local karaoke."
Korea’s moral see Zhouyi irony he immediately there is no gentleman poise he sneer at a "aren’t you Kexin Yu minister fiance? You must be a great person. If you have anything to do, why don’t you get me a big box now? If you can’t get a big box, don’t talk sarcastically here. "
"I’m just a student. There’s no big deal, but it’s nothing to get a big box here. Since the Korean minister talks like this, I’ll try it. I don’t think there is really no luxury box here, as the Korean minister said."
Zhouyi didn’t get angry at Han’s moral words, but smiled faintly.
"Well, if you can go to the big box tonight, I’ll pay for whatever you want. If you don’t get to the big box, please don’t talk like that again."
Han Morality frowned and said that he didn’t know what Zhou Yi had the confidence, but he still didn’t believe that Zhou Yi had the ability. How could Zhou Yi get a big box if Li Cheng, the manager of kv Department, couldn’t get one? Maybe Zhouyi knows the boss here? So Korean morality is also ready to wait for Zhouyi jokes.
"That’s a good deal."
Zhouyi smiled and then took out his mobile phone to call Jingge. At this time, Kexin Yu didn’t speak. The moral struggle between Zhouyi and Korea was because she knew that this was the site of Zhouyi, where Korean morality suffered losses and was bullied. She was not worried at all.
Zhouyi’s mobile phone is a semi-new one, and Nokia is only a few hundred dollars. In this respect, Zhouyi and Li Hao are two different styles.
Nokia’s performance is stable and it can be called Xiaoqiang’s place in the mobile phone. Zhou Yi has always been a Nokia mobile phone. Li Hao is different. He was very coquettish at an early age. He and his mother Ruyan Liu entered Zhou Jia’s pocket and had money. Now this small mobile phone is tens of thousands of euros. His clothes add up to hundreds of thousands of RMB. Zhou Yi is different. He is far less grandiose than Li Hao.
To Zhouyi took out such a broken mobile phone, Wu Xiaoli and other people who came to Baiyun Entertainment Club with Korean morality almost laughed. They couldn’t get a big box when they came to Korea’s minister. Can you, an old car and mobile phone student, have this ability? So they think that Zhouyi is out of his mind and looking for humiliation.
But there are still six girls who don’t think so. They are Tang Yiting, Lin Xiaoxue and other girls who came with Zhouyi. They couldn’t remember Zhouyi in their hearts before, but when Zhouyi called two extended limited Lincoln cars to pick them up, they knew that Zhouyi was not the average person, and it was probably the kind of hidden brother who came from a big family. They thought that Zhouyi might really have the ability to get a big box here.
"JingGe kv and big box, right? I brought a dozen friends to sing in a big box. You make a wise head makes a close mouth.
Zhouyi dialed Jingge words and directly said []
"The eldest big box is gone, but the luxurious box is reserved for you." Jing Ge replied in the words.
"Oh, then you are busy. Just ask the kv department manager to come to the hall to find me." Zhouyi ordered Jingge to say.